• Chassis # ZFF65LJA6A0169740
  • Engine # N/A
  • Complete With Books, Tender, and Factory Car Covers
  • 6,239 Miles From New
  • Clean CARFAX Report
  • Recently Serviced & Fitted With Exterior Protective Film
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The Overview

Launched at the Paris Motor Show in 2008, the modern iteration of the Ferrari California as we know it is a homage to an all-time great. It takes simple sports car DNA borrowed from the 1950’s/1960’s of a Front engine, rear drive, and the flowing lines of a roaster with a low raked windscreen. Intended to attract new clientele to the brand the California did receive alternations not found in most Ferrari’s such as adjusting the ride height upward for ease of getting in and out. Perhaps the biggest stand out item is that this is the first time a front-engine Ferrari has featured a V8. Beyond this many firsts were implemented into the mechanical design, such as direct injection, 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, and multi-link rear suspension amongst other items.

The example on offer is a 2010 Ferrari California that was delivered new by Wide World Ferrari to its first owner in October of 2009. In February of 2012, the second owner acquired the car with about 3,600 miles. Finally, in September of 2015, the third and current owner acquired the car as a Certified Pre Owned example from Miller Motorcars of Greenwich, CT. At the time the car showed 4,655 miles. Today a mere 6,239 miles show on the odometer and the car reflects that of a barely used example. Service has always been conducted at Authorized Ferrari Dealerships and the most recent service was performed in May of 2018 by Algar Ferrari of Rosemont, PA. An annual service was performed along with an airbag recall, all completed at 6,037 Miles. Additionally, the car has been treated to a Clear Bra and also has the front license plate adapter through the grill for those in states that require a front license plate. The Clean CARFAX shows consistent mileage, service and shows no issues of any kind as the car reflects as well.

Included in the sale are the original books, battery tender, Car Covers, and 2-Keys.

The Details


body and paint

Much of the exterior of the car is wrapped in a clear bra, leaving the Grigio Silverstone exterior paint in excellent condition. There is a small area of scratching on the lower part of the rear quarter panel, most likely occurring from kicked up road debris. The body is smooth and straight with consistently tight gaps all the way around.

glass and trim

The glass is clean and clear all around, including the headlights and taillights. The painted surfaces of the grills are smooth and consistent throughout.


The finish of all four wheels is smooth and brights. Center caps are colorful and free of cracking.

notable flaws

There is an area of minor scratching on the lower valence behind the passenger side rear wheel, most likely caused by road debris. It is not highly noticeable without detailed inspection but is worthy of note.


seats and surfaces

The interior of the car is in excellent condition. The quilted style leather seats are smooth and have tight stitching. There is some minor creasing of the leather forming on the outer edge of the bolster. The carpets are clean with good color and minimal wear. The rest of the leather-trimmed surfaces are tight and smooth with good stitching including the quilted style leather on the door cards.

functionality and accessories

All switches, buttons, and dials appear in excellent cosmetic condition and all function just as they should. The faces of the gauges and screens are bright and clear with excellent readability. Windows and doors function just as they should. The power folding top moves up and down with ease utilizing the centrally located button in the interior of the car.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is clean and tidy like the rest of the car. Plastic covers are smooth and clean with a good finish to them. Painted surfaces such as the intake manifold are bright and show no cracking or chipping in the paint.

trunk area

The carpeting of the trunk is smooth and consistent with properly fitting panels. The divider for the power folding top moves with ease and the safety function to prevent the top from folding when not in place works as it should.


The underside is consistent with the rest of the car and the mileage showing some road wear to the plastics but good fitment though out and an overall clean appearance. There is some driveway rash on the underside of the front bumper from normal usage. It does not show except for when specifically looking for it on the underside of the vehicle but it should be noted.



The engine fires right to life and settles into a smooth idle. It revs freely and makes excellent power, sounding strong and healthy.


The paddle shifted 7-speed dual clutch transmission moves beautifully through gears pulling off lightning-quick shifts at acceleration speeds and feeling fairly compliant and smooth when moving slowly.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension is comfortable and complaint with excellent road manners and again, no issues to note.


The tires are a newer set of Bridgestone Pontenza RE 050A’s on all four corners and show plenty of tread life both front and rear.

driving experience

Although Ferrari has become known for their mid-mounted supercars, they have always almost always produced stunning front-engine grand touring cars as well and the Ferrari California is no exception. Sliding into the car leaves you seated very comfortably behind the finely sculpted wheel, the shifting paddle falling right to your fingers reach. The suspension on the car is delightful, providing a comfortable and relaxed ride while still having plenty of road holding ability. The V-12 engine is obviously the center piece of it all, producing superb power and an intoxicating exhaust note emanating from the rear of the car. Between its understated colors, easy power folding top, and its level of comfort, this Ferrari California is the perfect car to cover long distances in or possibly even an excellent alternative to some of the harsher riding cars in the Ferrari line-up.