• Chassis # ZFFXR48A9W0111357
  • Engine # NA
  • Desirable Nart Blue Over Tan Leather Interior
  • Well Cared For With Just Over 12,000 Miles From New
  • Recent Major Mechanical Servicing
  • Includes Books, Tools, Spare, and Records
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The Overview

During the design phase of the F355, heavy emphasis was placed on increasing the overall drivability of the car. Combining the increased ease of use with a beautifully styled Pininfarina body that maintained the iconic wedge shape, the F355 hit home as a real winner for Ferrari in the 90’s. The 3.5 liter DOHC V8 remains one of the best sounding Ferrari V8 engines ever produced, especially when combined with a nice Tubi style exhaust system. Total production for the F355 showcased the consumer demand and love for the car with a little over 11,000 being produced over its 5-year run.

The example on offer here, Chassis number ZFFXR48A9W011357, is a 1998 model year F355 Spider fitted with a 6-speed manual transmission and finished in the stunning color combination of NART Blue over Tan leather interior. The car has been very well maintained throughout its life and has spent the last 7 years as a dry California based vehicle. This 355 benefits from an engine out major service in June of 2018, leaving the car in fantastic mechanical condition. According to the included CarFax, this vehicle has had 6 previous owners and was delivered new to New York where it spent the first 4 years of its life, showing only 3,940 miles in 2002 when it was sold to its second owner, located in Pennsylvania. The car stayed in PA for a year and then was sold to its third owner in Plainfield, Illinois showing 6,100 miles on the odometer. The car stayed in Illinois until 2012 when it was sold to its 4’th owner in California, now with 8,341 miles on the odometer. The car changed hands once more, staying in California before ending up with its current owner who is also located in Southern California as well. As the car sits it is likely one of the best currently available on the market. Given its recent major servicing and careful past ownership, the car currently needs nothing and remains in fantastic condition.

Provided with the sale of this vehicle are the factory books, tools, the spare, one set of keys and available records.

The Details


body and paint

The highlight of the car, other than the excellent condition, is absolutely the stunning NART Blue exterior finish. The paint retains an excellent finish from front to back with a nice deep sheen to it and excellent color with no signs of fading. It is believed that much of the car still wears its original paint, however, the hood does meter a little higher than the rest of the vehicle. There is some minor peppering on the front bumper from normal road usage but other than that no issues of note. The body of the car remains in excellent condition, with smooth and straight panels. Body gaps are tight and consistent throughout. The top is in excellent condition and functions perfectly.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car is all OEM and remains in excellent condition, clean and clear all the way around. Headlight and tail light lenses are free of cracks and show no issues. Black painted trim remains dark and smooth, same with the rear grill below the deck lid.


The painted surfaces of all four wheels are smooth and consistent with good color. The wheels are all in fantastic condition and there are no issues to note. The yellow prancing horse center caps are free of cracks and retain good color as well.

notable flaws

There is some minor stone peppering on the front bumper but nothing that in our opinion requires immediate attention.


seats and surfaces

The tan colored interior is the perfect compliment to the beautiful NART blue exterior. The leather seats remain in great condition with good color and no tears or pulling to speak of. The bolsters are nice and solid on both seats with only a bit of wear forming on the leading edge of the drivers side exterior part. It is suspected that the driver's side seat may have been redone at one point. The door cards are smooth and clean with no pulling or sagging of the leather. The dash is nice and tight with good stitching around the edges, no fading to speak of but a bit of pulling over the top of the central vent area. The carpets show a bit of age in their color but remain in great condition with no staining or heavy wear spots. Currently, there are no sticky buttons or vents to speak of so they must have been corrected at some point in the cars life.

functionality and accessories

All switchgear and buttons on the interior appear to function as they should. There is no evidence of any sticky residue on any of the interior plastic pieces. The radio has been replaced with an aftermarket unit that was tastefully installed in stock dash mounting location.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears clean and tidy, well cared for throughout its lifetime. Painted surface are clean and tidy. All the appropriate stickers remain in place with good color and legible text. Intake boxes, runners, and manifolds are in great shape with nice consistent painted surfaces to them. All hoses, tubes, and wires appear nice and tidy as well.

trunk area

The front trunk, like the rest of the car, remains in well cared for condition with clean and well fitting carpeted paneling. The underside of the hood is nice and clean with properly working struts and the trim around the edges of the trunk is supple and bright.


The underside of the car is reflective of a well cared for car and is perfectly inline with the mileage. Plastic under trays show some wear but are in overall good condition. There is some driveway rash on the underside of the front bumper but it is limited to the “scrape pads” on the left and right.



The engine of the car benefits from a recent major servicing completed in June of 2018. It produces excellent power, rev’s beautifully and sounds fantastic through the currently fitted Tubi cats and mufflers. Mechanically this is a no excuses example and is ready to be thoroughly enjoyed.


This example is fitted with a desirable 6-speed, gated, manually shifted transmission. The transmission system as a whole is in excellent condition with no issues to note. The car shifts smoothly between gears and holds power with ease.

brakes and suspension

Both the Braking and the Suspension systems are in excellent order. The car stops smoothly and without issue. Road manners are fantastic with no noises or oddities to note.


The tires are newer Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport on all four corners and they all retain plenty of tread life on them.

driving experience

The most striking thing about this car is easily the color combination. Ferrari’s classically wear red very well but introducing a nice darker color helps to exaggerate the fantastic lines and shape of the beautifully sculpted Pininfarina body and ensures that this F355 will be a head turner no matter where it goes. The combination of the extremely healthy drivetrain and the fantastic note of the Tubi exhaust mean that this car is sure to provide miles and miles of top down fun and big grins. As it sits this car currently needs nothing is ready to be driven and thoroughly enjoyed.