• Chassis # ZFFRG36A6P0095017
  • Engine # 32351
  • Complete With Original Books, Tools, & Car Cover
  • Comprehensive Service File & Clean CARFAX Report
  • Number 52 of 100 SS Variants Produced
  • Investment Grade Platinum Winning Example
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The Overview

1993 Ferrari 348TS Serie Speciale

The Ferrari 348 ‘Serie Speciale’ was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 1992, and was noticeably different from the other 348 Model Ferrari’s, drawing the attention of true enthusiasts. Production was very limited with only 100 cars leaving the factory delivered solely to the American market. As Ferrari looked for new ways to attract American buyers, the ‘Speciale’ provided for a revised version of a current platform, improving on issues highlighted by automotive magazine reviews and customers. The 348 ‘Speciale’ was quite possibly the beginning of Ferrari’s offerings of special edition variants and set the stage for such cars as the 355 Fiorano, 360 Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia, and 458 Speciale.

 The ‘Speciale’ had various improvements over the standard 348 model. Technically speaking, these upgrades include a more free-flowing exhaust, a shorter final drive ratio, a slightly wider (50mm) rear stance, and higher speed-rated Pirelli P Zero (Z-rated) tires. Moving to the exterior, the improvements include a new front spoiler to improve aerodynamics, the removal of the grill around the taillights (making them more flush to the body), the addition of the prancing horse to the front grill, and for the first time, the bumpers, rocker panels, and engine cover were painted to match the body color. The interior received numerous upgrades as well, including F40 style Kevlar carbon fiber leather wrapped seats (original seats were still optional), leather-wrapped door panels, and special interior badging. The overall end result of these improvements was just a 12 horsepower increase from 300bhp to 312bhp, however, combined with the all of the other improvements, it was a much more refined variant of the standard 348 Model.

The example on offer here, chassis number ZFFRG36A6P0095017 and engine 32351, is a 1993 Ferrari 348TS Serie Speciale. It is the 52nd car built out of the total 100 SS variants produced. According to the included clean CarFax, the car has had 2 previous owners. It was delivered new to Texas in 1993 and spent a good portion of its life there with the first owner keeping the car till 2015 and accruing a total of 14,850 miles during their ownership. The car was then sold to its second owner in Florida who kept the car only for a year and added just over 230 miles to the car before we acquired the vehicle for its third and current owner who resides in Pennsylvania. As the car sits it has been maintained very well and remains in fantastic condition. Included service records for the car date back to 2007 and show detailed servicing done at qualified shops. The car received a major service in 2015 with 14,936 miles showing on the odometer. When we acquired the car for the current client, it was sent to Scuderia Performante in Malvern, PA, where they went over the car thoroughly to check for any issues and performed a comprehensive minor servicing including an oil change. The car was then taken to RB collection in Breinigsville, PA who performed over $2000 of Concours prep to the car after which it was shown at the Reading Ferrari Concours, an FCA event, in which it won a Platinum award, showcasing the outstanding current quality of this 348. Since then it has been driven sparingly and carefully, only on nice weather days and stored in a climate controlled garage. This 348TS Serie Speciale is a fantastic example of a low production run Ferrari fitted with unique and truly interesting components from the factory. They have seen a healthy rise in their value already and are sure to continue to climb in the pantheon of collectible vehicles from Maranello.

Included with the sale of this car are the original books, tools, car cover, clean CarFax, and available service records.

The Details


body and paint

The bright red Rosso Corsa exterior paint is nice and smooth with excellent color and luster throughout. Per our inspection, it is believed that the car still wears its original paint from the factory as detailed by the consistent finish and meter readings. There is some slight peppering to the front bumper area but nothing that requires immediate attention or that couldn’t ultimately be touched up very easily. The body remains smooth and straight throughout with excellent gaps and body lines.

glass and trim

All the glass on the car appears to be OEM with the correct stamping still in place on all windows. There is some slight delaminating occurring around the edge of the passenger side of the windshield as well as around the edges of the rear glass but other than that, all the glass appears nice and clean. Headlights and taillights are likewise clean and clear and free of any cracking etc. All the trim on the car appears in good condition with supple rubber and smooth and clean painted pieces.


The classic five spoke star-shaped wheels are in great condition with smooth and consistent painted surfaces to them, shiny lug nuts and bright and clean center caps. There is some very minor spider cracking occurring on the passenger side rear wheel center cap but this is a common problem with the caps and can easily be remedied.

notable flaws

There is some minor stone peppering in the front bumper area. Not enough to warrant further attention but worth noting. There is also some delimitation occurring around the outer edges of the windshield and the rear glass, a very common problem that does not warrant further attention but again, is worth noting.


seats and surfaces

The tan leather interior remains in outstanding condition. The leather-trimmed F40 style bucket seats look untouched with smooth and consistent leather across the entirety of the seating surface and back. There are really no issues to note with the seats. The carpets are in equally good condition with excellent color and extremely minimal signs of wear or use. The dash is nice and tight with good color and no pulling to speak of. All the plastics on the center console retain good color and show no signs of any sticky residue. The rest of the leather trim retains excellent finish and good stitching throughout.

functionality and accessories

The interior of the car has been very well maintained and it appears that all switches and buttons function well remain in excellent cosmetic condition. The gauges have nice clean faces with good coloring to them and clean and clear glass. The windows operate normally and door handles work as they should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

Thanks to its Concours prep and careful usage the engine bay is in a very clean and tidy state. All painted surfaces are smooth and consistent. Hoses, tubes, and wiring all appear in great shape and there are no signs of any leaks or issues to note. All the appropriate stickers, tags, and stampings are in place.

trunk area

The front trunk of the car has smooth and well fitting carpeted panels with good color and minimal wear to speak of. The tools are held in place with their appropriate leather tie down straps. The hood struts work as they should and the underside of the hood has smooth and consistent painted surfaces. The trim around the trunk area is supple and bright.


The underside of the car shows exactly as you would expect from a well cared for example with the indicated mileage. Factory finishes adorn most of the underside with some slight wear to the finish of painted surfaces. Overall though, the underside is clean and dry with no real issues to note.



The mechanicals of the car have been well looked after throughout its life and as such the car runs beautifully. It fires right to life with a strong starter and settles into a smooth idle. The engine revs freely, makes excellent power, and sounds strong and healthy.


The gated gear selector moves easily through its range of motion. The clutch feels responsive with good take up and great hold. The transmission itself moves smoothly through the RPM range and transitions easily between gears.

brakes and suspension

The brake peddle feels solid with good consistent pressure throughout the range of motion. The braking system brings the car to a smooth and controlled stop, free of any issues. The suspension feels beautifully compliant with excellent road manners. Turn in is smooth and easy and the car handles bumps and undulations with ease.


The tires are a newer set of Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval’s on all four corners and retain ample tread life with solid looking sidewalls.

driving experience

Opening the door and revealing the deeply buckets leather-trimmed seats immediately reveals that this car is something special. They hug you very tightly but place you in a perfect driving position behind the wheel. The 3.4-Liter V8 makes plenty of power to propel you down the road at speed and leaves a fantastic exhaust note emanating from the rear of the car. Low production Ferrari’s have historically always come to their own in the collector car realm and the Serie Speciale is no exception. With only 100 produced and unique features such as the leather-trimmed F40 style bucket seats, these cars are a sure bet to continue to climb in value as they gracefully age into their own as true collector vehicles.