• Chassis # JF1GD70615L500521
  • Showing 2 Owners And Just Over 19,000 Miles From New
  • A Highly Original And Unmodified Example
  • Finished In Factory Original Alpine White Paint
  • Detailed Service History From New Including A Recent Thorough Servicing
  • Includes Factory Books, Tools, Jack, Spare, 2 Sets Of Keys, Available Service Documents, And A Clean CARFAX
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This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview


The Subaru Impreza is, at its core, a compact car historically offered in a number of body configurations ranging from sedan to coupe and even station wagons. What makes the model special, however, is its WRX STI variant. Subaru created Subaru Tecnica International (STI) In 1988 as their motorsport division to compete in the FIA World Rally Championship. Their first generation STI arrived in 1994 as a Japan exclusive with numerous versions and special editions to follow.

The second generation of the STI came in 2000 and was produced until 2008. The model received three facelifts, with each one receiving a nickname based on the headlights:  2001–2003 were named “bug eyes”, 2004–2005 were named “blob eyes”, and 2006–2007 were named “hawk eyes.”

Compared to the first generation, the chassis was stiffened, the wheels got bigger, and the 5-speed manual was swapped for a 6-speed manual transmission. The engine was the same EJ207 from the Japanese Version 6 STI with Variable Valve Timing (AVCS) added for better low-end torque production. The brakes were also upgraded to Brembo 4-piston front and 2-piston rear brakes. The interior received an STI logo on the gauge and a red shift light on the tachometer. On the exterior, the STIs had large hood scoops with logo-embossed foglight covers.

The second-generation STI was also the first to hit the North American markets as well, starting with the “blob eyes” Rev. D in 2004. In an effort to compete with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution each US-spec WRX STI is essentially the same as the respective Japanese STI Spec C. The key difference is that the US version received the EJ257, a 2.5-liter version of the EJ207 with hypereutectic cast pistons in place of forged pistons. The steering rack is also the one from the standard STI rather than the Spec C’s. 

For 2005, the Rev. E brought additional rear fender flaring for even bigger wheels, stronger wheel hubs, a 5 x 114.3 P.C.D, and a helical front LSD. On the inside, the radio became standard and the badges were revised along with the steering wheel, shift knob, HVAC controls, and center console. 7,747 examples of the WRX STI were produced for the 2005 model year.


Given their unofficial designation of the WRX STI as a “tuner car,” most of these were heavily modified and driven hard. In today’s landscape, it is extremely difficult to find a well-kept, stock example with low miles. With the overall rise in pricing of iconic JDM cars from the 90s and early 2000s, the WRX STI has likewise seen a healthy bump in the value of collector-grade examples. If considering future value potential, stock nature, good service history, and low miles are the key factors that need to be assesed. We admittedly have a soft spot for these cars as, like many, we grew up lusting after them. Having said that, we do see ample room for increases in the value of collector grade examples from an unobjective viewpoint, bolstered by both their scarcity as well as the rising value of similar cars in the JDM realm. 

This Car

This particular example, Chassis # JF1GD70615L500521, was sold in June of 2004 by Cochran Subaru of Monroeville, in Monroeville, PA as a 2005 model year car. It was finished in Aspen White over a black interior with Subaru blue inserts and 17-inch BBS silver wheels. Upon delivery at 15 miles, the dealer swapped them out for the signature gold wheels often seen on Subarus. According to the numbers released by Subaru of America, only 605 cars were specced this way. Optional equipment included a short throw shifter for the 6-speed manual transmission, a security system upgrade kit, and a set of wheel locks, The dealership also installed an auto-dimming rearview mirror, floor mats, and subwoofers. Around this time, accessory fog lights were also installed in place of the covers, which are included in the sale.

Throughout the first owner’s 19-year ownership, this STI was always serviced at the dealer it was purchased from. In April 2009 at 11,501 miles, they had a new SPT High Flow intake and exhaust installed in place of the stock STI ones. The stock units have since been reinstalled prior to our acquisition of the car. In April 2011 at 14,397 miles, the dealership performed a comprehensive fluid flush and service that included the transmission, coolant system, front differential, rear differential, and brake fluid. In April 2012 at 15,392 miles, the clutch fluid was flushed to round out the fluid services. In April 2016 at 18,554 miles, the front differential received new oil, and the 30,000-mile service was performed. The last service on record under the first owner was on June 2020 at 18,963 miles when the Takata passenger-side airbag inflator recall was done on this STI.

In June 2023, at 19,126 miles, the STI was sold to its second owner since new, a fellow PA resident. When we acquired it in February 2024, we entrusted R/T Tuning in Montgomeryville, PA with performing some needed service on this beautiful JDM legend. They performed the timing belt service along with the water pump and thermostat, installed new tires, changed the oil and filter, tightened the rear wing, and installed a new OEM battery. 

As it sits, this is an extremely low-mileage WRX STI with a pristine maintenance history. The relatively low production numbers, especially in this spec, further complement it, making it an absolute must-have for any Subaru or JDM enthusiast. As a first-generation US car, these de facto rally icons are becoming harder and harder to find in this condition as STIs like this are typically seen with either high mileage, extensive modifications, or both.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the original manuals, the original jack, spare and tool kit, the original fog light covers, the window sticker, period-correct brochures, the CARFAX report, and all of the service records on file.

The Details


body and paint

As a well-preserved, low-mileage example, this STI shows original paint throughout both by visual inspection and with a meter, ranging from 2.8 to 4.4 throughout the vehicle. It is straight down the sides and has never seen any accidents or body work beyond a minor front bumper touchup completed by us to bring it 100%. The underside of the rear bumper was even 3M'd from new to make sure the bumper did not incur any peppering.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be the original factory units, retaining their original stickers in places. The trim is all present, including the 05-specific trim pieces and all of the correct decals and emblems are still present.


While this car was originally ordered as a Gold Wheel car, it appears on the window sticker that it is originally a Silver Wheel car. Thus the selling dealer installed Gold Wheels before the car was delivered to the original owner. They are still in excellent original condition with a few minor pencil point sized flaws with clean/clear BBS center caps.

notable flaws

A small, barely noticeable dent was just found prior to listing that would easily benefit from PDR. As well as some pencil-point-sized chips in the windshield, which are very minor and do not warrant replacement.


seats and surfaces

The interior is in fantastic condition with only very minor signs of careful use. Everything is factory, as delivered and without any issues to be found. With the exception of some very light scratches to the ashtray door (hardly noticeable).

functionality and accessories

All of the knobs, switches, and lighting are in correct working order, with no items out of place or inoperable that we could find.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is impressive. It is not often you open the hood on one of these and find a totally stock and correct engine bay, right down to a Subaru Battery. The only exception is a SureGuard battery tender that is hooked up to the battery. Otherwise, all of the fit, finish, coatings, clamps, and all of the right elements are untouched from the factory. Even factory markings are still present on various components from the assembly line.

trunk area

The trunk area is stock, untouched, and tidy, with the original jack, tool kit, and spare still in their spots.


The underside shows as a 19K mile example should, being very clean with no issues beyond minor indications of use and service. The hardware is still properly coated from the factory, with markings present, and overall, it is very clean.

notable flaws

The one item that does stand out to us is the undercoating in a few places. For whatever reason the original owner had the wheel wells and some underside items undercoated when new. Rather than try to remove it, we left it as is. It poses no issue other than being unsightly, and it is possible that dry ice blasting could remedy this.



The car starts instantly, settles down to a nice idle, and shows no issues throughout the rev range. It makes great power and performs as designed. There are no flat spots or stumbles in acceleration. Overall the engine feels extremely healthy and well maintained.


The transmission is also in excellent order. It shifts through all gears without issue, has a healthy clutch and synchros, and is in excellent condition, with the ubiquitous electronic differential splitter working correctly.

brakes and suspension

The factory Brembo Brakes are in excellent condition and show no signs of needing replacement anytime soon. They operate as intended, with no feedback in the pedal, no rotor warping, or other issues present. The suspension feels tight and compliant, holding the road very well. There are no odd noises or road behaviors to speak of.


The tires are newly installed Bridgestone Potenza RE71R 225/45/R17 on all 4 corners with date codes for 2019.

driving experience

This first-generation US-Spec STI is incredible to drive. Light, nimble, steer-with-the-throttle kind of experience that, for some, will be nostalgic. These capable AWD sedans will indeed become legendary as time goes on, especially with the production of the EJ25 power plant coming to an end. This car, with its one-owner history, comprehensive service history, and recent open checkbook servicing, is a no-excuses low mileage example that will be sure to climb in value and offer “smiles for miles”.

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