• Chassis #
  • A Highly Original And Unmodified Example
  • Showing Just Over 50,000 Miles From New
  • Finished In Chaste White (Color Code PT) With A Tan Leather Interior
  • Featuring Original Paint And Just 2 Owners From New
  • Clean CARFAX,Freshly Serviced And Ready For Enjoyment
  • Complete With Original Window Sticker, Books, Tools, Spare, Original Purchase Documents, And Available Service Records
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The Overview

In a world of piston-powered gasoline engines, Mazda wanted to be different. They knew that with enough research and ingenuity, they could produce an engine that was more compact, smooth, and lightweight. In 1978, the North American automotive industry was introduced to what would become the most widespread use of a rotary engine in an automobile: the Mazda RX-7. While the first two generations, dubbed the FA and FB, sold in relatively large numbers, it wasn’t until the FC in 1985 that the RX-7 really took off. Inspired by the Nissan 300ZX and the Porsche 928, the FC RX-7 was more of a sports-tourer and quickly became one of the most popular cars of the 1980s.

The FD RX-7 introduced in 1991 further refined the formula and was redesigned to be curvier, in trend with design elements of the era. Power was derived from the 1.3 L 13B-REW, the first mass-produced sequential twin-turbo engine to be exported from Japan. The engine put out 252 hp through a 5-speed manual or an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. In 1994, the interior received a passenger-side airbag along with the introduction of the Popular Equipment Package (PEP) comprised of leather seats, a power steel sunroof, and a rear cargo cover.

The FD became even more popular than the previous FC, largely due to its terrific power and handling capabilities but also because of its inclusion in popular anime shows of the time, including the Initial D series. Its first professional motorsports appearance was at the Miami Grand Prix on February 23, 1992, followed by many podium finishes at IMSA races throughout the mid to late 1990s. It is often regarded as one of the quintessential JDM legends of the 1990s, alongside the Toyota Supra A80 and the various Nissan Skyline generations.

Of the 68,589 FD RX-7s produced worldwide from 1991 to 2002, the US market saw only 13,789 examples from 1993 to 1995. In today’s collector car market, the FD RX-7 has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, with clean, low-mileage, and unmodified examples bringing new record pricing every day. Collector-grade examples of the FD platform are few and far between, with many of these cars having been heavily modified or driven extensively. Prime examples have crested the six-figure barrier, and we see no reason for pricing not to continue climbing. These cars have a cult-like following and for good reason. The timeless and iconic design, combined with fantastic mechanicals and a solid racing pedigree, make the FD RX-7 a prime candidate to rise to the top of the burgeoning JDM collector car market. 

This particular example, Chassis # , was manufactured in May of 1994 and sold through Stokes Mazda of North Charleston, SC in June 1995. It is finished in the rare color combination of Chaste White (Color Code PT) over a contrasting Tan leather interior. Optional equipment included floor mats and the Popular Equipment Package (PEP), also known as the Popular Equipment Group (PEG) comprised of leather seats, a power steel sunroof, and a rear cargo cover. The PEP/PEG also notably did not include the bulky Bose sound system of the earlier Touring package and deleted the rear wiper, making it both lighter and more aesthetically pleasing. According to Rotarywiki, of the 3,403 produced in 1994, only 203 were Chaste White with the PEP/PEG. 

The car was meticulously maintained throughout its ownership, with oil changes performed at regular intervals and any mechanical problems prudently addressed. In October 1996, the brake vacuum hose recall campaign was addressed at Valley Auto World, Inc. in Fayetteville, NC. In 1999, the original owner relocated to Arizona and took the car with them, which now showed 21,165 miles on the odometer. The 30,000-mile service was performed in October 2000 with two more oil changes following in February and August of 2001 at 33,065 and 36,032 miles, respectively. This RX-7 left its original owner in May of 2021 and headed to Alabama with its second owner since 1994. The second owner and current consignor treated the car well, exercising and maintaining it regularly, adding just over 13,000 miles from their time of purchase, bringing the mileage at the time of consignment to just over 50,000. Today, the car remains a highly original, unmodified example worthy of the label “collector grade” after meticulous long-term single ownership in the dry Arizona climate.  

In preparation for the sale of this car, it was taken to Leading Edge Autosport in West Chester, PA, where it received a comprehensive multi-point inspection as well as a number of service items. Work completed included an oil change, brake system flush and refill, coolant system flush, drain and fill transmission fluid, as well as mounting and balancing 4 new Continental Extreme Contact Sport 02 tires with an alignment. A compression test was also performed during its inspection, the results of which came back great and are available for viewing on the service receipt in the documents tab. 

As it sits, this is your opportunity to own a rare example of one of the most recognizable Japanese sports cars to be sold in America. With just over 50,000 miles on the odometer, a two-owner history, and meticulous service records to boot, white FDs in such original condition are extremely hard to find on the market and are sure to be the highlight of any JDM-centered show or meetup. Upon purchase, the car will come freshly serviced with a new set of tires, the original booklets, a window sticker, a delivery letter, a sunroof tool, and all service records on file.


The Details


body and paint

This RX-7 is in wonderfully preserved original condition, and the exterior of the car displays as such. The Chaste White paint on the exterior presents very nicely with a smooth and consistent finish throughout the entirety of the car. Applying a paint meter to the exterior of the vehicle displays readings consistent with original paint throughout the car. There are a few very minor rock chips on the nose of the vehicle, but most are hardly noticeable except under close scrutiny. The rockers are in excellent shape, with only some minor rock dings, which is to be expected with the age and mileage. There is a section behind the rear wheel on the rear quarter panel of the driver’s side that shows a bit more rock chipping. All the body panels fit very nicely. The gaps are tight and consistent throughout the vehicle, with no issues to note. Overall a remarkably well-taken care of and original example. It should be noted that the front bumper was replaced by the original owner with a proper OEM unit when a parking block was bumped, cracking the original bumper. This incident is not on the car fax and the replacement OEM bumper fits excellent and has a well-matched color when comparing it to the rest of the vehicle.

glass and trim

The black trim throughout the vehicle retains excellent color and fitment. There is some scuffing in high traffic areas, such as on the driver-side door handle, from normal ingress and egress. All rubber retains a nice supple nature to it, and shows no issues. The glass appears to be all original in the vehicle, with Nippon Safety stamped on each of the windows. There is some fantastic period correct stickers, including ones for the antitheft system, as well as an old parking permit on the rear window. Tail lights are in good order with a few minor scuffs and scratches, but overall no cracking or fading to be seen. The headlights are in similarly good condition with some fading to the black plastic surrounds but nice clear lenses with minimal imperfections to speak of.


The wheels all appear in excellent original condition. The driver-side rear wheel has a bit of scuffing on one of the spokes. Overall, they present very nicely with a great finish, clean mounting hardware, and solid center caps.

notable flaws

Overall, this is a highly original and well-kept example, and the exterior condition displays as such with some minor signs of use that any original example should display. There are some minor rock chips in high-wear areas, such as the nose of the vehicle and on the lower sections of the rear quarter panels behind the wheels. There is also some scratching to plastic components, such as the black door handles, but nothing that you wouldn't expect to see.


seats and surfaces

The interior of the car is presented in a very nice and original fashion. The tan leather seats complement the exterior of the car wonderfully. They remain in good condition with minimal creasing as well as solid bolsters and no tearing or major discoloration. The driver’s side door panel shows good fitment and nice color to the black plastic. There is a bit of creakiness to the plastic components as you pull it open and closed, which is common among FD RX-7s. The Carpets retain great weave and color while showing minimal wear throughout the vehicle. Under the passenger and driver-side floor mats, there is noticeable black discoloration from the underside of the mats rubbing up against the carpeting. The gauges are all clean, clear, and tidy and appear to read their requisite functions as they should. The steering wheel has nice tight stitching, although it does have a scratch in the leather between the 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions. The radio shows a bit of yellowing to the buttons, as well as a scratch above the tape insert, but overall remains in good original condition. The shifter and boot show tight leather and nice fitment. Overall, the buttons, switches, and all other components throughout the interior retain good color and graphics. The headliner of the vehicle remains nice and tight with no pulling or staining to speak of.

functionality and accessories

Everything on the interior of the car appears well-kept and looks to function as it should. The doors open and close with ease, the sunroof slides nicely back and forth, and the radio functions. The power windows and power mirrors both function as they should. The headlights move up and down with ease and the high and low beams both work. The four-way hazards function as they should and the horn buttons work as intended. The HVAC system appears to function as it should, blowing cold air when prompted.

notable flaws

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay shows as remarkably original and extremely well kept. There are no signs of any modifications past or present. Clamps, wires, and lines all appear in excellent and well-kept order with great color, nice fitment and showing no signs of issues. Strut towers are clean and tidy and show no signs of any modifications. The fenders line up very nicely, indicating no previous accidents or issues. Factory stickers are all present under the hood. The fire mat located on the underside of the hood is clean and tidy, with minimal to no dirt or dust to speak of.

trunk area

The trunk area shows in excellent original condition and remains very clean and tidy with well-fitting carpet, clean plastics, and tight supple rubber. There are properly fitting plastic covers on the side, which when pulled, reveal the jack stored nicely on the passenger side as well as the tool kit on the driver side which appears to be largely complete. Lifting the mat reveals a very clean and very tidy area where the spare tire is stored. The spare appears to have seen minimal to no use, with the factory lines still present on the rubber. The sheet metal in this area is incredibly clean and tidy, showing no signs of any issues past or present, and is likely one of the nicest trunk areas on these cars that we have seen.


The underside, once again, displays as very nice and original while being well-kept and clean. This car spent a good portion of its life in the south as well as in Arizona and it shows in the dry and clean presentation of the underside. Factory surfaces are all clean and tidy, with great color, no signs of corrosion or issues past or present. The suspension components all appear in good order and well cared for. There is a small area of scratching on the lower portion of the black front lip which is really only visible when on the ground or under the car. There are no signs of leaks or mechanical issues present.



The car fires to life with ease, and although the idle can sound a bit rough upon cold morning starts, it quickly settles into a smooth and consistent nature. Out on the road, the car feels extremely strong, making fantastic power and pulling very strongly through the entirety of the rev range. There are no flat spots or stumbles in acceleration, and overall the car feels very healthy mechanically.


The transmission shifts smoothly between gears and holds power very nicely throughout the rev range. The clutch provides nice firm feedback with proper takeup.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with shimmy, or odd noises to speak of. The suspension feels firm and compliant with no odd road behaviors. There is a bit of extra noise coming from the rear of the car over certain bumps which could possibly be some dry bushings but nothing that affects the road behavior of the car. Overall this RX7 responds and stops fantastically.


The tires are a new set of Continental Extreme Contact Sport, with 2023 date codes, on all four corners.

driving experience

Over the years, the FD Mazda RX-7 has gained a cult-like following from people who grew up with JDM cars flashing through their minds, and for good reason. The FD platform provides a timeless and beautiful exterior design, coupled with a spartan and driver-centered interior and, most importantly, a fantastic and original driving experience. The 1.3-liter rotary-powered engine provides a subtly different power band. You have to pay close attention when driving, but it does not feel like your traditional inline or V-platforms when behind the wheel. It loves to rev out all the way up to its 7500 rpm redline, and there is plenty of power along the way. The chassis of the car is fantastic as well, light and nimble, a perfect compliment to the power train. Overall, there is certainly a reason these cars are so highly sought after and glorified. Mazda knocked it out of the park with these!