• Chassis # V8COL15120
  • Engine # V5805210LFM
  • 1 Of Just 192 Examples Produced
  • Retains Its Original Engine & Finished In Factory Correct Colors
  • Benefiting From A Recent Thorough Cosmetic Restoration
  • Mechanically Strong And Ready For Immediate Use And Enjoyment
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This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview

Aston Martin’s “V8” line of grand tourers is one of the longest-lasting nameplates in the marque’s repertoire, manufactured in numerous variations from 1969 to 1989. The first iteration existed from 1969 to 1972 as the “DBS V8” to set it apart from the six-cylinder DBS. That engine was dropped starting with the 1972 model year, and the model was consequently simply known as the Aston Martin V8.

The Series 4 was introduced in October 1978 with a few cosmetic changes to set it apart from the previous Series 2 and 3. Known as the “Oscar India” specification, or “October Introduction” in the phonetic alphabet, it featured a hood bulge in place of the former scoop, an integrated spoiler, and wood trim throughout the interior for a more luxurious feel. The 5.3 L V8’s power dropped to 245 hp in US-market cars, and larger bumpers were added to meet safety standards. The engine could be paired to either a Chrysler “Torqueflite” three-speed automatic transmission or a ZF 5-speed manual all-synchromesh transmission. The tested 0-60 mph time of around 5.2 seconds made the Series 4 V8 one of the fastest-accelerating cars of its era.

The convertible version, known as the “Volante,” was introduced in June of 1978 and overtook the coupé in terms of popularity by 1981. Only 352 “Oscar India” models were built from 1978 through 1985, while only 192 were Volantes.

Over the years, the V8 series Aston Martins have enjoyed strong and steady popularity amongst collectors and enthusiasts alike. Their elegant but muscular appearance combined with the glorious sounding V8 engine provides ample thrills for the eyes and ears alike. Many of these V8s fall prey to being “rough around the edges,” with numerous expensive problems lurking beneath the beautiful exterior. Because of this, it is very important to find a properly cared-for or well-restored example. Pricing trends continue to remain strong for later models as well as limited or special production versions such as the Volante, X-Pack cars, and Prince of Wales Editions. 

This particular 1980 Aston Martin V8 is a US-market Series 4 Volante. While some of the history of this example has been lost to time, the details we do have give this Volante quite the storied background. It was originally sold in Midland, TX, before being purchased by the producer of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom in California sometime later. The current owner purchased it from Park Place LTD in Bellevue, WA, in 2005. It was in original condition at the time of purchase, with around 37,000 miles on the odometer. They have owned it for the past 19 years and frequently maintained it at Treasured Motorcar Services, Ltd. in Reisterstown, MD. It retains its original engine and original color combination as per the original build sheet.

The engine and drivetrain were rebuilt starting in December of 2010 and ending around March of 2011 at Treasured Motor Cars. During the process, the car was also modified with Euro throttle linkage, base plate, airbox, and Weber 45mm carburetors. The entire process totaled around $30,000.

In June of 2019, this Volante was sent off to Automobile Tricolor in Italy to perform a bare metal repaint, reupholstering, new convertible top, new mechanical and cosmetic fittings, chrome, as well as a Euro-spec rear valence and bumper. The exterior was finished in its factory-correct Jubilee silver with blue pinstripes and a gray convertible top.

As it sits, this freshly restored Aston Martin V8 Volante with just over 61,500 miles on the odometer serves as the chance to own one of the rarer examples in the British marque’s lineup of sports cars. With only 352 examples ever produced, one can rest assured knowing that this car will stand out among its fellow British brethren at any event it attends. The rebuilt engine, its accompanying drivetrain, and freshly reupholstered interior also ensure that the future owner of this automobile is able to experience its power in the same luxurious fashion that Aston intended back in the 1980s. If the V8 under the hood was not enough of a thrill, then surely the open-top driving experience that the Volante is known for will satisfy your desires. 

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive its original toolkit and jack, additional keys for the car’s various locks, and all of the service records on file.

The Details


body and paint

The exterior of the car is freshly restored and remains in excellent and well-kept condition. The Jubilee Silver paint throughout the vehicle is the correct factory finish and remains smooth and consistent throughout the entirety of the car. There is excellent color and finish to the paint and it appears that it was a very high quality job when completed. There is a blue pinstripe on the beltline that remains clean and straight and accentuates the remaining color of the car very nicely. It does appear that the car saw minimal or very careful use since the completion of the restoration, as there really are no blemishes in the paintwork to speak of. The body is in likewise fantastic condition with clean, straight metal down the sides, as well as the hood roof and trunk areas. The door and panel gaps are all consistent and look very correct with no issues to speak of.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car appears to be in good condition overall. There are a few small chips on the passenger side window in a 6-inch long section. The black rubber trim throughout the car appears in good condition with a nice supple nature to it as well as good color. Some pieces do show stereotypical white film forming on the rubber. The chrome throughout the car is in good condition, showing a nice shine and a relatively smooth finish. It looks excellent from 5 to 10 feet, but when inspecting closely, there is some light scratching and haziness to the finish, especially in high-traffic areas. The front headlights are clean and clear with no issues or pitting to speak of with headlight buckets that retain good color and finish. The front orange hazard signals have a small hairline crack on the driver side lens, but the right passenger side remains tidy. The tail lights are in good order with some light swirl marks in the plastic, but no cracking of the lenses. The gray vinyl top is in excellent shape with minimal to no signs of wear, and a clean tidy back window. The top is set off nicely by a blue trim piece on the rear edge, under the back window, that compliments the colors of the car nicely.


The wheels, while in overall good condition, appear to show their originality a bit more than the rest of the vehicle. The polished lips have a bit of haziness and water spotting on them, and most of the center caps show chipping and spidering in the finish, with the front being the worst, however the rear passenger side does appear to be new and possibly replaced at some point. The white-painted faces of the wheels are in relatively good order, showing nice color and no real issues. Although the remain in great serviceable condition, In our opinion, if a future owner wanted to take this car to the next level, refinishing the wheels would do wonders for the exterior of the vehicle.

notable flaws

Overall the exterior of the car remains in fantastic condition and reflects the freshly restored nature well. The one area that could receive some attention and make a big difference would be redoing the wheels which have some haziness and water spotting on the chrome lips as well as chipped and cracked center caps.


seats and surfaces

The interior of the car is, essentially, fresh out of restoration and remains in excellent condition. The seats show minimal to no wear at all, although they do appear to be a bit overstuffed, an issue that may rectify itself with use over time. The door cards fit very nicely, and the wood trim on the doors and the dash have excellent color and finish to it, with only a little bit of wear appearing around the edges of the wood on the clock insert in the center of the dash. The gauges on the dash all appear in good order with nice bright white lettering. Some of the indicator lights appear to show a bit more originality with some fading to the color, but all appear in good working order. Additionally, some buttons and switches in the interior definitely show a bit more patina and originality than the rest of the vehicle, such as the HVAC insert in the center of the dash, which has some peppering to the paint but retains a nice overall color. The carpets all appear is new and fit very nicely with good color, proper weave, and a nice tight finish. The shifter has a well-fitting, proper, boot surrounding it, but the shift knob does show some more originality than the rest of the car, with some fading of the paint in the gear indicator icon. The steering wheel is in good order with nice tight stitching and a solid clean center button. The headliner remains nice and tight, with no staining or issues to speak of. It does appear that the knob for the choke lever has gone missing.

functionality and accessories

All mechanical components on the interior appear to be functioning in good order. The power windows roll up and down as they should, and the power mirrors function, although they are a bit finicky in their operation, and you have to kind of tap the button rather than holding it. The radio functions as it should, although it appears there are a few dead pixels on the LCD screen. The HVAC system appears to function as it should, although we have not tested the ability of the system to push cold air. The clock located in the center of the dash functions as it should. The power top operates as one would expect, and the footwell illumination works on the passenger side but not on the driver side. The multifunction horn works as it should, with two different pitches being emitted by pressing the button located at the bottom of the center stack. The gauges alll appear to read their requisite functions as they should. The light in the glove box illuminates when the glove box is opened, and the shifter moves easily through its range of motion

notable flaws

Overall the interior presents very nicely. The only area's of not would be that the knob for the choke lever has gone missing and that some of the buttons and face plates show more patina than the rest of the interior.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine was completely gone through around 13 years ago now, but remains in excellent order with correct finishes throughout and an overall well-kept and tidy nature to it. The correct hoses, lines, clamps, etc., are displayed nicely and appear in good condition. Some of the plastic components appear original and have begun to show a bit of yellow. The large hose for the HVAC system has some fraying to it. In general though the engine bay presents very nicely.

trunk area

The trunk area remains in good order with properly fitting black carpet that retains good color and weave. Visible metal retains nice paint and finish. Lifting the carpet reveals a clean factory spare, stowed in a trouble-free spare tire well.


The underside is very nicely finished and shows as well kept and maintained. Suspension components all appear relatively new, with no road dirt or grime to speak of. Painted surfaces retain excellent color and finish. The metal is all smooth and straight with no signs of any issues past or present. Much like the exterior of the car, it appears this Volante saw minimal usage since restoration as the underside is in fantastic condition. There are no signs of any leaks or issues to speak of.



From cold, the big V8 fires to life with relative ease and a bit of assistance from the choke lever. Once up to temperature, it settles into a smooth and melodic idle. Out on the road, the engine makes excellent power with no stumbles or flat spots in acceleration and produces a fantastic exhaust note emanating from the rear of the car. The only thing of note is that under heavy acceleration, there is a belt in the engine bay that is a bit squeaky. Likely an easy fix.


The 5-speed ZF manual transmission shifts smoothly between gears with no issues to note. The clutch has proper takeup and feedback and holds power as it should.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension feels compliant and solid while also having a comfortable nature to it. There are no odd noises or road behaviors to speak of.


Currently, the car wears a set of off-brand tires that retain solid side walls and ample tread.

driving experience

Many people have acquainted the Aston Martin V8 series to the British version of an American muscle car. This statement holds generally true, it has the noise and the power and a slightly raw feel to it. But in true British fashion, the driving experience and cabin comfort are absolutely more refined than their American counterparts. The overall driving experience is certainly of a “grand touring” nature (it is and Aston Martin after all) but with a bit more noise and ruckus emanating from the rear of the car. The addition of open-air motoring ability on the Volante certainly takes a well-rounded and enjoyable driving experience and makes even better. This particular V8 Volante, given its well-restored nature, drives very nicely. It shifts smoothly between gears and makes plenty of power and noise out on the road. Its cabin is comfortable and a fantastic place to cover miles in. It shows no real needs at this time and should provide an excellent basis for immediate enjoyment and touring.

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