• Chassis # JM1FD3335R0303424
  • Engine # N/A
  • Offered With Original Books, Window Sticker, & Records
  • Only 31,410 Miles From New
  • Limited Ownership & Very Well Preserved
  • One of Just 84 R2's in Silver (3L)
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The Overview

What makes a good sports car? How much power should it have? Should it be front wheel, rear wheel, or all-wheel drive? What gearbox should it have? How many cylinders? These are all variables that are ultimately up to the manufactures interpretation, as there is no one undoubtedly correct answer but no matter which configuration one chooses, it ultimately boils down to balance. A sports car that can achieve homeostasis between its chassis, engine, and drivetrain are ultimately the most satisfying. Mazda was able to do just that with the RX7. It was not a typical sports car by any means with the largest differentiator being its bi-turbocharged, 1.3L rotary power plant. The RX7 began production in 1978 and by 1992, Mazda introduced the third generation of RX7’s. This latest version sported a completely new body design with much more curves that made it total eye candy. It was also fitted with sequential twin turbocharging, that made for a visceral experience like no other. Its compact rotary engine sat completely behind the front axle, making the RX7 front mid-engine. It was also very light, giving the car great agility in the corners. It was engaging no matter how drove and it was clear that the engineers made the driving experience a priority.

Available for purchase is a 1994 Mazda RX7 R2 chassis number JM1FD3335R0303424, with a mere 31,410 miles since new. This example still wears its original Silver Stone Metallic paint and black interior upholstery, with no major mechanical or cosmetic modifications of any sort. The Carfax report indicates this car was purchased new in Charlotte, North Carolina, later with two more caretakers in Florida until it was welcomed into the LBI Stable in Philadelphia this past April of 2017. In addition, the Carfax shows no prior accident damage and regular servicing of the vehicle since new. The car has been left untouched and in its factory configuration and is very well preserved. Its silver exterior makes it 1 of just 84 R2’s finished it this color, the majority of them being red. R2’s are the rarest of North American Specification examples, boasting less weight, different options, stiffer suspension and slightly more power. Also, given that it is original paint, it makes it one of fewer as these cars saw much enjoyment and often have paintwork or modifications to some degree.

Upon review, this RX7 presents beautifully, its factory paint showing no serious imperfections. There are no severe scratches, scuffs, or abnormalities in the finish. Some light specking has developed on the front bumper from necessary road use but very subtle in nature. On the driver side door mirror, there are some moderate chips that reveal the pale-yellow primer underneath. It is also to be noted that there is a moderate scratch about 1” in length on the passenger side fender and a less severe scratch of about the same size on the driver side door. These blemishes do not hinder this example’s current presentation as they rather serve as marks of integrity. Regarding the finish of the paint, one will notice the bumpers are a slightly different shade than the body. Note, this is not due to refinishing but the aging tendencies of the different materials used in their construction. The plastic bumpers are much more sensitive to direct sunlight and moisture causing a variation in the paint finish. This is common not only among RX7’s but Japanese sports cars in general. Continuing with our inspection; the rubber seals are supple, painted wheels are in great shape with only a hint of curb rash on one of the rear wheels, glass in near perfect condition, and the front lip, flawless.

The cabin of this example has been well preserved and remains in its factory format. The door jams have maintained their appropriate factory stickers and paint with absolutely no signs of tapelines or paintwork. On the driver side, there are a few scratches and small scuffs from getting in and out of the car but do not warrant any refinishing. The seats are in like new condition, with the driver seat having no pesky side bolster ware. The soft touch dash displays no notable imperfections, this being the case with the center console, door panels, rugs, and headliner as well. All of the gauge faces are in excellent condition, fully functional, and reading accurately. It is to be noted that the factory radio has been replaced with an aftermarket unit that does not seem out of place but incorrect for the car (Note: The original head unit will be offered with the sale). The RX7’s cabin is very simple with no exotic finishes or many buttons and switches that perform various tasks. It has exactly what you need and nothing more, well-kept in its original condition.

Giving the engine compartment a look, again we find no significant abnormalities and is consistent with the original condition of this RX7 as delivered. A close look will yield numerous factory markings scattered throughout the area, stock equipment, and no indicators of need for repair. One will also find correct stampings and stickers in their respective locations per factory specification. All components are tidy and finishes exhibiting nicely. The trunk area possesses the same desirable qualities, unmolested, and very original. Inspecting the undercarriage finds clean metal, an undamaged chassis, correct finishes, many factory markings and stickers, just as one would expect with a low mileage example.

One concern regarding these RX7s are the 1.3L rotary engines as they require a specialist to complete more invasive repairs. However, after reviewing the extensive service records, it is clear this example has seen routine maintenance and regular oil changes from new. This R2 has received an intake manifold gasket, turbo studs and accompanying hardware, brakes, spark plug wires, fuel filter, 3” exhaust downpipe, EGR valve, and center speaker over the course of its life. The only modification is the dealer installed aftermarket exhausts due to the common exhaust overheat these cars experience with stock exhaust. Currently, the car runs and drives without issue, performing flawlessly even under hard use. The engine starts with ease, idles smooth, and is responsive when out on the road. The sequential turbo chargers provide adequate boost and make the RX7 one heck of a car to drive. Once the second turbo charger kicks in at around 4500rpm, the experience is impressive. In addition, the engine sits behind the front axle, making this a front mid-engine car which hugely benefits the RX7’s handling capabilities. The gear changes are smooth, steering precise, clutch is solid, and brakes able to knock of speed with no symptoms of need for repair. This particular example is an absolute peach in every mechanical facet.

The Mazda RX7 R2 is a Japanese sports car fable that is well revered by young enthusiasts. Its performance, unique driving experience, and gorgeous body work make it a fantastic automobile to drive and admire. This example has been left unmodified and carefully preserved in its original finishes. Among the few units that were built, many fell victim to intrusive modifications, obnoxious wings, and hard use. This RX7 is a rare exception, with only 31,410 miles on the odometer. Offered with this sale are the books, jack, spare wheel, original head unit, service records, and window sticker.