• Chassis # WBSAK0300J2195123
  • Engine # 60094093
  • A Highly Original Example With No Significant Modifications
  • 124,890 Miles From New With Clean Carfax
  • All VIN Stickers Match and Accounted For
  • Complete With Tools, Manuals, and Service Records
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The Overview

Touring car racing in Europe has long been a motor sport for the true car people. It brought about some of the most adored sports cars to date, as it pushed auto manufacturers to innovate and reimagine what a race car should be. Entering the 1980’s, this was the era that brought about the most popularity and ingenuity to the sport. As BMW and Mercedes-Benz went head to head on DTM Circuits all over Europe there were two cars that rivaled beyond any others. The Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth and the BMW M3, continually dominated and set the standard. They were both purebred, purpose built machines that only ended up on the streets so that homologation was possible to take them racing. As a result, we have some of the most interesting and fun cars from the 1980’s and early 1990’s possible, that are timeless and pure driver’s cars which have served as the basis for growth in this category for manufacturers and collectors alike.

By the 1980’s BMW had been a contender in motorsport for decades, but the 1980’s put them on the map and started a real evolution to their racing success in the modern day. As Mercedes-Benz launched the 190E Cosworth in 1983, it was evident to BMW that if they wanted to stay competitive they would need a Touring Car Championship contender of their own. In 1985 the BMW M3 was launched and with it the Lineage of the “M” started. By 1988 they started flowing into the North American Market. Enthusiasts and racers alike bought them; even those seeking a peppy daily driver could appreciate the simplistic performance nature of the M3.

The example on offer is a 1988 BMW M3, chassis number WBSAK0300J2195123 having traveled 124,890 miles from new, it remains well preserved in its highly original condition, finished in Diamond Black Metallic over a Cardinal Red interior. According to the clean CARFAX report, this M3 has had no accident history or mileage discrepancies, showing consistent odometer readings. The first entry on the CARFAX begins in 1993 when the car was registered in Kentucky where it remained until May of 2002 when the car moved onto its new caretaker in Connecticut. In October of that same year, the car was sold to a gentleman in Massachusetts where he remained its custodian for 11 years. In May of 2013, the current owner purchased the car and it has since remained in Pennsylvania where he has maintained and enjoyed it.

One will note that the exterior shows extremely well for an M3 that has seen over 120,000 miles, lacking any severe blemishes commonly incurred. The paint shows as well-kept driver quality, with some expected stone chips in the front bumper and nose of the hood. The bottom of the front lip is scuffed and has some paint chips and light scratches from road use. While most of the car shows to be original paint, the roof has seen some clear coat work, which over time has began to show some flaws/inconsistences in the finish. Looking down the rest of the car, the paint has a great shine, showing evenly from panel to panel with no clear indicators of paintwork. There are additional minor chips throughout the body of the car, some which have been neatly touched up, but all minor and in line with a driver quality example. The rear wing has been recently refinished, showing as such with no blemishes to note. Under close inspection, one will notice a shallow ding in the passenger’s side front and rear fender that could be easily remedied by any PDR specialist. All of the exterior trim is intact and presentable, badges and emblems show well, and rubber seals are free of any dry rot or cracks. Each panel has good fitment and all the gaps showing evenly throughout the body. The windows, headlamps and tail lamp lenses have not incurred any cracks, deep scratches, or chips. The snowflake style wheels have also been refinished in the correct factory color and mounted on a brand-new set of Yokohama tires. Overall the car presents extremely well, the right colors, and the right condition as an exampling that is inviting to use and enjoy.

Moving to the interior of this M3, one is greeted with a rare Cardinal Red interior that has clearly been carefully looked after over the years. The door jams are tidy with no nasty paint chips, scuffs, or scratches from entry and exit with VIN stickers still present. Both of the door panels show very well, the leather having no notable flaws in the finish. The seats have sprouted a welcomed patina, managing to have been preserved from any significant faults. The side bolsters are intact, there are no tears, seams unbroken, showing very well per their age and miles. Located on the passenger’s seat there are some white marks which is the only flaw worth noting. The dash is in great shape, absent of any cracks or fading. This example still has its original steering wheel and head unit, two very common items to be altered with these cars. The shift knob and boot have been replaced and are correct for the car. As a pleasant surprise, our inspection has concluded that all of the interior electronic components are fully functional. The window motors are still strong, the sunroof opens and closes without issues, the gauges all read correctly, and interior lighting working fine as well. A fantastic representation of what you want in an E30 M3 between colors and condition.

Looking over the engine bay, no modifications have been made with an overall sense of tidiness throughout. VIN tags are present on the hood and front fenders, many factory stickers present, surfaces clean, no signs of leaks or need for repair, showing as tediously maintained. The trunk is the same with no issues as the gray trunk liner is in good shape with only some subtle discoloration from use. The factory tool kit is complete and in it the VIN sticker for the trunk as well. The spare wheel is also present. Inspecting the undercarriage, it is consistent with the condition of the rest of the car and has no abnormalities to report. Finishes have begun to fail but in tandem with a nice driver quality example. The frame is straight, the correct suspension is present, and there is no evidence of previous damage or significant rust anywhere.

After reviewing the service records and driving the car, this M3 does not need repairs of any sort. This example has receipts dating back to 2002 which show regular oil changes, maintenance of all systems, and proactive diagnostics to ensure core components were up to par. Within the last 26,000 miles the water pump, transmission mounts, timing chain tensioner, brake pads, valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, tie rod end, and gearbox have all been replaced. In August of 2009, a compression test was completed indicated 205psi across all cylinders. These were the major items completed but additional serving was done which can be viewed in the link below titled “Service Receipts”. Currently, the engine starts and runs without any issue, idling comfortably and engine performing well. The steering is tight and communicative through the corners with no notable play or inconsistencies. The new transmission is a peach, smoothly shifting from gear to gear, and the clutch engaging as it should.

The BMW E30 M3 is a true icon, serving as the first of what would spawn generations of beloved sports saloons. They were purpose built machines that due to homologation reasons, were put into production and made available to the public. The E30 M3 is of the most pure and authentic of all of the M3 variants that came after, serving as a genuine driver’s car that showcases all the great qualities of BMW. It is for these reasons that the E30 M3 will undoubtedly be a future classic for the #nextgenerationcarguy. This particular example has been well-kept and preserved in its factory configuration from new and being finished in Diamond Black Metallic with a Cardinal Red interior, makes this example that much more desirable. It is a well-documented and maintained example that is ready to be driven and enjoyed. Offered with the sale are the books, tools, jack, spare wheel, factory cassette tape cleaner, window sticker copy, and document file.