• Chassis # HBJ8L36863
  • Engine # 29KRUH11488
  • Just 7,700 Miles Since Full Restoration By BMC of Philadelphia
  • Desirable Driving Upgrades Including 5-Speed Transmission
  • Finished in Stunning Healey Blue With Cream Coves
  • Offered with BMIHT Certificate & Much Recent Service

The Overview

The Austin Healey is one of the more important cars in British motoring history, leaving a timeless impression in the hearts of the enthusiast who owned them. Donald Healey, the motoring mastermind behind the Big Healeys, originally was known for his spectacular abilities as a racing driver, and his performance in the 1931 Monte Carlo Rally. Racing a 4.5L Invicta with questionable handling, he hit a telegraph pole in Sweden knocking the rear axle out of alignment along with one of his brakes failing further into the rally but still managed to finish first in one of the most challenging motor sport events of the time. This triumph lead to the Healey name gaining momentum on an international scale and eventually Mr. Healey decided to manufacturer his very own sports car, which developed into the Austin Healey we know and admire, today. The 100-4 was introduced in 1952 and the first of the Austin Healey’s which would live on for another 15 years in two other variants known as the 100-6 and 3000. Today we are left with just under 43,000 units produced in total between 1959 and 1967. The most sought after, user friendly, and desired models is the MKIII, also referred to as the BJ8. These final specification examples offered roll up windows, weather tight construction, easy-to-use top, heater, front disc brakes, and a finely crafted wood dash, paired with other little accouterments that make a car enjoyable in nature and user friendly. As such, they remain at the top of the list for any serious British sports car collector or enthusiast looking to rekindle their youth.


Available for purchase is a 1967 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII, chassis number HBJ8L36863, engine number 29KRUH11488, that has been fully restored by the specialists at British Motor Corporation of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The restoration was completed in 2010 and has had 7,700 miles put on the car since. According the British Motor Heritage Trust Certificate, this is a matching numbers example however, it has received a color change from its original Colorado Red and black interior to Healey blue with cream coves, and cream interior. Its date of build is estimated to be between June 15th and 24th in 1966 and dispatched on July 7th of the same year to a dealer in Philadelphia. This example was originally optioned with wire wheels, heater, laminated windscreen, overdrive, adjustable steering column, Roadspeed tires, and tonneau cover.


Its current condition can be summarized as a condition #2 car, still very clean and any major fault absent but has since picked up a few minor flaws that come with 7,700 miles. The paint presents no discrepancies, possessing a nice, consistent finish throughout and still has a great deep finish. A close inspection of the front end will yield some small stone chips but nothing that would warrant any refinishing. On the rear boot lid, one will find about a 1 inch scratch, not severe by any means but worth noting. The panel fitment is right on par, clearances all where they should be with no abnormalities. Glancing over the chrome, it has fared well over the years as the current owner was very mindful of when and where he drove the car. One will find no pitting or deep scratch with the only improvement to be made is that of a thorough polishing. The rubber seals and moldings are supple and undamaged showing well. The glass presents no issues, showing well and having incurred no damage or blemishes. The blue soft top has developed no tears, breaks in the seams, or inconsistencies of the soft rear window. The chrome wire wheels are excellent, having no faults whatsoever and have received the Hendricks Wire Wheel treatment.


Opening the door shows the jams are tidy, with the only item worth mentioning being a small paint chip one the driver’s side door hinge. The seats have held up well overall but do show signs of use and patina but no major issues are noted. Given that it is a cream color interior, it is hard to avoid the slight discoloration that develops however, something to expect with a slightly older restoration. Inspecting the dash, the wood face is impeccable, knobs, switches, and levers all in good order, working, as well as the gauges showing like new. The rubber shifter boot has suffered from a moderate tear but is an inexpensive and simple item to repair. For improved usability, the original steering wheel has been replaced with a 15” wooden, Moto Lita unit that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the interior. The rugs have received no mistreatment and show as such.


Opening up the bonnet, the quality continues. The block/head is finished in the correct Healey green, with no evidence of poor craftmanship or need for repair anywhere in the engine bay. Some of the finishes show early signs of deterioration such as a touch of surface rust on an exposed bolt or slight dulling of polished metal surfaces. There are clear signs of use, and further detailing would improve the engine bay. All minor and in line with a condition 2 car. The trunk area has been nicely kept, the liner in great shape, spare wheel present, with no blemishes to note. The undercarriage of this example shows in tandem with the condition of the rest of the car. Again, not perfect, some paint chips on the frame rails, and minor imperfections associated with road use but still presentable.


Throughout the 7,700 miles this example has traveled since its restoration, any post restoration adjustments have been dialed in and the car maintained accordingly. Referring to the service records, this example saw regular oil changes, brakes tended to as needed, ignition system sorted, as well as a few other small items to make sure this Healey stayed up to par. It currently runs well; the engine starting with a simple pull of the choke and turn of the key. The gauges indicate steady pressures and temperatures during use with no abnormalities to note. The five-speed gearbox that has been fitted remains in great working order and is a very smart upgrade. Allowing for increased usability and performance. The clutch, steering, and brakes all operate as expected with no negative symptoms.


These “Big Healeys” are some of the most nostalgic British sports cars that in period, offered at an affordable and fun option for enthusiasts to enjoy. This example has seen a complete, nut and bolt restoration by the Healey specialist at British Motor Corporation whom have executed hundreds of these restorations. They have tastefully updated the car with modern components and finishes where seen fit, leaving us today with a fantastic example. Over the years, the restoration has held up well and given the car a welcomed patina. It is now ready to provide enjoyment for its next caretaker and custodian. Offered with this sale are the owner’s manual, spare wheel, tools, jack, boot, BMIHT certificate, restoration contract, and service records.