• Chassis # WDBBA48D2KA098674
  • Engine # 11796712045017
  • Just Over 37,000 Miles From New
  • A Highly Original Example Finished In Attractive Silver Over Dark Blue
  • Turn-Key And Ready For Spirited Driving
  • Complete With Two Tops, Books, Tools, Jack, And Spare
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The Overview

The Mercedes-Benz SL class has been a grand touring car manufactured by Mercedes-Benz since 1954. The designation SL derives from the German word, Sportlich-Leicht, Meaning Lightweight. The SL design was first applied to the 300 SL, often referred to as the “Gullwing” due to its Gullwing or upward opening doors. The SL generation has gone through 7 different body changes since the introduction of the 300 SL. When the car was introduced, Mercedes-Benz did not announce what the abbreviation “SL” meant right away. It is often assumed that the letters stand for the Sport Leicht. In 1986 Mercedes-Benz shipped its most powerful SL of the decade to the U.S. in the 560SL. At the time, the car was also the heaviest. Don’t let its weight fool you the 560SL was equipped with its new 5.5-liter engine delivering 227 horse power and a top speed of 130 Miles Per Hour. Compared to the 380SL, the 560SL had a much quicker 0 to 60 Mile Per Hour by about 4 full seconds. The engine was much torquier, too, which greatly improved the cars’ dynamics.

The Mercedes-Benz that we have on offer today is part of the 3rd generation code named R107 which was in production from 1971-1989. This particular Mercedes-Benz is the 560 SL which was made from 1986-1989. The 560 SL was only sold in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia to compensate the reduced output of the 5.0-literes due to the stricter emission laws in these markets. This was the final year for the 560 SL.

The example on offer can be considered the most desirable year as a 1989 model that only reports 37,000 miles from new. Delivered new to the wife of a Mercedes Benz dealer in Florida, the car remained the primary car for Golf Outings and careful occasional use accruing only 36,228 miles by 2015 under the original ownership per the clean CARFAX report. Throughout this time service was completed as needed at a specialty shop as well as the dealer. Shortly after in 2016 the car changed hands to a dealer/collector in the MI area, and only 2 years later to its current owner, also a MI based collector. Upon his acquisition the car received a thorough servicing, which covered a complete cooling system refurbishment, drive belts, general tune up and comprehensive detailing and polishing as needed. Bringing this example both completely up-to-date and show worthy. Finished in complimenting colors, complete with all of its original books and tools, properly serviced and original in all respects this is indeed the right 107 SL to add to any discerning collection.

The Details


body and paint

The car meters and presents as original paint with all VIN stickers in place from the factory. No evidence of any rust or accidents ever and presenting as it was delivered. Minor imperfections can be found upon extreme close inspection, but are nothing of concern or warrant any further consideration.

glass and trim

The glass and rubber/chrome trim shows as totally original. Original glass throughout, rubber trim appears supple overall and well conditioned over the years. Indicative of proper storage and care. The car is complete with nothing missing.


The wheels show very well with no imperfections of concern with only one or two little items here or there, but reflective of the mileage, signs of use perhaps.


seats and surfaces

The interior overall reflects much less mileage than indicated. No rips, tears or major imperfections noted. The leather shows signs of use and light creasing as expected however no dash cracks or wood cracks, which is very common. A clean and well cared for interior overall.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay shows like the rest of the car, correct, with factory markings present in many places including stickers and stampings. Additionally the presence of VIN stickers on the hood and fenders shows that the car has always remained as presented. Recent servicing shows many aspects of the engine bay as clean, serviced and appearing new and correct. An up-to-date environment worthy for the concours field.

trunk area

Consistent with the rest of the car the trunk is completely original and relatively unused with correct spare that still shows factory markings/stampings, never used or even touched for that matter.



The engine starts easily and idles smoothly holding good oil pressure and temperature with no concerning noises, no smoke or issues otherwise.


The transmission shifts firmly as all SL's do, a good sign of being in order, with no slipping or issues of any kind noted.

brakes and suspension

The car stops straight and true under heavy braking with no pedal feedback. The suspension while supple does not bounce or react negatively and operates as intended.

driving experience

The experience in any SL, from almost any era, is very similar. On demand power, coupled with comfort and reliability make for the perfect GT car, though with the option of no top. This particular example wafts about providing comfort and performing as intended. Powerful with not a single instance of an issue noted in any aspect of its performance or presentation. A wonderful and capable example.