• Chassis # WVWZZZ1GZMW384304
  • Finished In Rare And Desirable Montana Green
  • Showing 108,753 km (~67,575 mi) From New
  • Very Well Cared For Throughout Its Life
  • A Highly Original Example Ready For Enjoyment
  • Includes Factory Manuals, Spare, First Aid Kit, And 2 Keys

This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview

The first generation of the VW Golf was released in 1974 and was a stark departure from the cars that the German marque had been producing up until that point. In place of the rear-wheel drive, rear-mounted air-cooled engines of the preceding VW Beetle and Bus, the Golf used a front-wheel drive configuration with a front-mounted, water-cooled engine. This first iteration of the Golf quickly became one of Europe’s most successful cars, pulling VW out of the rut that it had been in since the late 1960s.

In September of 1983, the second generation (Mk2) Golf took over. With a larger wheelbase and overall dimensions, the new Golf was slightly more rounded than its Giugiaro-designed predecessor but retained its general shape. The base engine in the Mk2 Golf was the same 1.3 L I4 used in the first generation. Higher output 1.6 and 1.8 L engines could also be had along with a 1.6 L naturally aspirated or turbocharged diesel. North American market models, on the other hand, could only be equipped with the 1.8 L gasoline engine or the 1.6 L diesel engine.

Among the various special editions of the Mk2 was the Europe-exclusive “Golf Country,” an off-road variant designed by Austrian conglomerate Steyr-Daimler-Puch and limited to 7,735 units. It sported more suspension travel, Syncro four-wheel drive, higher ground clearance, front and rear bullbars, a skid plate, a rear differential sub-frame, and a spare wheel mounted on a swing-away frame at the back. The Country was powered by the 1.8 L gasoline engine and put out around 96 hp through a 4-speed manual transmission.

This particular example, Chassis # WVWZZZ1GZMW384304, was purchased from a dealer in the Netherlands where it was placed on consignment. It is finished in Montana Green, one of the most desirable colors for the Golf Country, and shows just 108,753 km (~67,575 mi) on the odometer.

While on consignment, this Country was reportedly treated to a comprehensive service that included new brakes and lines all around, a new master cylinder, a new rear passenger side half-shaft, a new fuel pump and filter, a new driver’s side ball joint and tie rod, new steering rack boots, a new timing belt and tensioner, new tires, and new spark plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. The oil was also changed with full 15W-40 synthetic and a Mahle oil filter.

This Golf Country is in tremendous condition thanks to its extremely low mileage and fantastic maintenance throughout its life. Everything on this car, from the “Country” graphics on the side to the upholstery and the various controls on the uncracked dashboard are in pristine condition and function as intended. While not the original radio for this car, the early 2000s Blaupunkt Travelpilot RNS 149 head unit is a period-correct accessory with a fantastic example of early car navigation. With less than 8,000 of these being made, VW’s unconventional off-roader from the 90s is a rare breed to find on the market.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the original owner’s manuals, the original spare tire, a new spare tire cover and NOS auxiliary lights already installed, as well as an extra key.

The Details


body and paint

The Montana Green paint has a deep and consistent luster, the paint is believed to be original, and the overall condition is indicative of a car that has been well cared for. All the decals, stickers, and emblems look excellent and untouched, including the “Country” decals on the doors and below the taillight. The body itself is straight, with consistent lines and panel gaps. There is no overspray or tape lines to be found or anything to indicate that there has ever been accident damage or major repairs. There are some small imperfections and dings in the paint, as one would expect from a 33-year-old car, but the overall condition tells of its low mileage.

glass and trim

All the Golf trim, rub strips, window surrounds, door handles, bumpers, and other black plastic are in excellent condition. The VW Country-specific wheel arches and side skirts also look original and superb. The front brush bar looks great, though there are some small imperfections upon close examination. The rear bumper extensions have small scrapes on the corners, but again, this is only evident upon close examination. The spare tire cover is a reproduction that was just installed and is new. The spare tire mounting arm and hinges are in excellent condition and swing easily. The roof racks look great, and the mounting gaskets are pliable and complete. The large gaskets inside the doors are in excellent condition, though the driver-side gasket does have some small cracks from ingress and egress over the years. The door handle gasket, windshield gaskets, rear window gasket, roof antenna gasket, trunk gaskets, etc. are all pliable and complete. Headlights, auxiliary lights, fog lights, tail lights, side lights, rear fog lights, and front turn signals are all free of defects and function well. The auxiliary lights were just installed, as LBI was able to source NOS Bosch lights new in the box. These are unobtanium, and we had to persuade a Golf Country collector to sell them. All the glass is clean and clear and looks to have factory markings. We did replace the windshield with an OEM equivalent that was imported from England.


The Golf Country-specific Speedline wheels are straight and free of any curb damage or scratches. The polished lips have a deep and smooth shine. The VW center caps look good, and all the plastic wheel lug covers are accounted for.

notable flaws

There are a few small dings on the roof that one can see at certain angles and some very small imperfections in the clear coat. There is a small bit of touch-up paint evident on the passenger side upper windshield corner and behind the brush bar on the passenger front fender (see photos). The passenger wheel arch extension has a small scratch, as does the passenger side view mirror, and as mentioned earlier, there are some small imperfections on the front and back brush guards. But overall, the car’s exterior looks very close to the way it did when it left the factory.


seats and surfaces

The Golf Country-specific interior presents extremely well, and the overall condition is exemplary of a pampered life. The black headliner is fully intact, clean, and tight, and the same can be said for the carpets. The door panels, center console, dashboard, and kick panels are free of noticeable imperfections. The parking brake boot is loose where it meets the carpet, and the sunroof cover on the headliner does have some very small scrapes from use. The front and rear seats are clean and stain free. The seats show no sign of fatigue, though there some very slight wear on the driver’s seat. Overall, the interior is attractive, and in excellent condition, and like the exterior, is indicative of its low mileage and a pampered life.

functionality and accessories

All the handles, locks, windows, stalks, lights etc. work properly. The HVAC works in all its settings, and the same is true for the aftermarket stereo. There is a VDO gauge that was added but its display appears to have bled and now is largely unuseable. We did not want to remove it as it is a period-correct accessory that the new owner might want to repair and utilize.

notable flaws

The driver seat has the slightest bit of wear, and the VDO accessory gauge does not function. But overall, everything looks, feels, and smells like a Volkswagen did in 1991.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is original and looks to be unaltered; always maintained by talented technicians. All the hardware and black plastic is clean and free of imperfections. The windshield washer reservoir and coolant reservoir are clean and clear, both testaments to the car’s pristine condition. The factory decals and stickers are accounted for; complete and clear. The valve cover is clean, and all the factory timing belt covers are present. The motor looks free of any leaks or issues.

trunk area

The trunk’s carpet pieces are secure and accounted for, though there are some small stains from use. The parcel shelf is clean and unaltered. All the plastic covers, trim, and taillight backings are in excellent condition with no missing clips or screws.


The underside is very complete and defect-free. There is evidence of recent repairs to the suspension and brake system leaving them in excellent functioning order.

notable flaws

The trunk area has some very minor staining but overall remains in good and original order.



The motor starts easily, and quickly settles to a nice relaxed idle. The motor has a lively and direct feel, and on the road, it feels faster than it is. The engine sounds healthy with no odd noises, or anything to indicate an issue.


The 5-speed transmission shifts nicely into all the gears, and the clutch grabs properly with a nice pedal.

brakes and suspension

The car stops easily, with no pulsating or pulling. The suspension is compliant, but extremely well controlled on windy roads, and stable on the highway. There is nothing that feels out of sorts. The increased ride height of the Golf Country does not seem to have altered the classic German and sporty feel of the Volkswagen Golf.


The Vredestein tires have plenty of tread, a 2022 date code, and the production hairs on the sides. They feel balanced and smooth on the road.

driving experience

After spending a few days driving this Golf Country on all sorts of roads, I came away very impressed. The increased ride height and suspension travel make it perfect for the urban terrain where potholes and construction are the norm. On the highway, the car relished the high speed of modern traffic. A Sunday of spirited drives put a smile on my face, and whenever I stopped for gas or on an errand, there was always someone interested in the car. This era of Volkswagens is well built, exciting, and refreshing to enjoy, especially this rare gem that is quickly becoming a sought-after collectible.

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