• Chassis # 3144TM
  • Engine # CC28790HE
  • 1 Of Just 947 Examples Produced
  • Believed To Be Just Over 42,000 Miles From New
  • Featuring An Award Winning Restoration That Presents Remarkably Well
  • Includes Original Steering Wheel, Books And Manuals, Spare, And Available Service Documentation
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This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview

What began as a workshop in Blackpool eventually became one of the UK’s most well-known producers of hand-built and unique sports cars. Following a few stints with one-off race cars and a failed open-top and coupe production model in the late 1950s, TVR introduced the Grantura Mark I. This nimble fastback gave birth to a long line of TVRs that shared the same general design elements. In 1972, following the TVR Vixen, the M-Series lineup of sports cars was born. 

The M-Series cars were named according to their engine displacement, with the lowest 1600M offering a 1.6-liter engine and the 3000M/S offering a 3.0-liter engine. They used the same front mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and body-on-frame construction as their predecessors, with said body being built from glass-reinforced plastic. Despite the nomenclature, the 2500M was the first to hit the market in March 1972.

The 2500M was powered by the 2.5-liter straight-six engine from the Triumph TR6 since it was already certified for US emissions regulations. The TR6’s gearbox, differential, and front suspension uprights were transferred over as well. That combination put out 106 hp and 133 lb-ft of torque with a 4-speed manual transmission with optional overdrive. TVR was forced to end production of the 2500M in 1977 after Triumph discontinued the TR6 engine and their supplies ran out. Of the 2,465 M-Series cars built from 1972 to 1979, only 947 2500Ms were sold.

This particular example, Chassis # 3144TM, is a 1974 model year 2500M finished in silver over a black leather interior and what we believe to be 42,222 original miles on the odometer. While a lot of this TVR’s history has been lost to time, we can speculate that it spent a long portion of its life in California before undergoing a cosmetic restoration by Coachcraft Inc. starting in 2011. At that time, the car received a cosmetic refresh, addressing the exterior and interior. While we believe this car was originally silver, the paint used during the restoration is said to share the same code as a Ferrari 430’s metallic silver paint. Additionally, a new black leather interior, a new dash, a new headliner, a new sunroof, a complete polish and repaint of the ”T-slots” on all five wheels, a new valve cover, new Superflo Air Filters, new chrome bumpers, new water pump, fuel pump, radiator, distributor, and alternator. Following the restoration, it made its way to The Cedar Crossing Collection in Michigan before it was purchased by its current and most recent owner.

Accompanying this car are the numerous service records that show a pristine maintenance history dating back to 2011 where any small issue the car exhibited was addressed properly and with a blank check. Due to this combination of love and restoration, the car has beautifully retained its British flare inside and out over the past 50 years.

In August 2011, Lippincott’s Garage in Sinking Spring, PA, replaced the alternator, ignition points & condenser, spark plugs, repaired the distributor, and rejetted the carburetors. In September, they replaced the brake servo, brake master cylinder, and front brake pads. In January 2012, they installed new needles in the carburetors, repaired the fuel level sending unit, and installed new tailpipe baffles. In May, they replaced the speedometer with a custom-made one for the car. In October, the car was treated to new shocks and springs all around.

Upon the most recent owner’s acquisition, starting in 2013, numerous washers, bolts, seals, clamps, and washers were ordered from Moss Motors Ltd. In January 2014, the cooling system was improved with a new radiator and fans from Wizard Cooling in West Falls, NY. In March 2014, K&T Vintage Sports Cars in Allentown, PA replaced the radiator, fans, accompanying relays, and both hoses. They also replaced the horns and washer pump, adjusted the carburetors, and repaired the choke and throttle cable. The OEM steering wheel was replaced with a 13” Moto-Lita leather-wrapped steering wheel in April of the same year.

The repairs continued in April of that same year with a new temp sensor and fuel line, and miscellaneous repairs to the rear light assemblies. In March 2015, the sunroof was repaired, the carburetor was cleaned and rebuilt, and a number of wiring issues both inside and in the engine bay were addressed. In October 2016, the TVR had its front grill repaired & repainted and received a new clutch slave cylinder. The last service record on file shows a rebuilt starter from Moss Motors in March 2019.

This 2500M also attended the TVR Club’s 2014 “Out of the Woodwork” show in Carlisle, PA – and received First Place in the M-Series class.

TVRs have always been relatively scarce, with the highest production model, the Chimaera, showing only 5,256 units produced. Earlier cars are even more desirable, as production numbers never rose above three digits. The 2500M, in particular, is among the rarer M-Series cars, given its premature discontinuation due to the end of the TR6 engine production. This example has benefitted from meticulous maintenance throughout its lifetime and remains in largely pristine and original condition.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the original steering wheel, the original booklets and manuals, all of the service records on file, as well as the car’s original spare wheel.

The Details


body and paint

As a 15+ year old cosmetic restoration, this car shows very well overall. Fiberglass can be hard to get straight and look even, but a glance down the sides and up close inspection shows straight panels and good (for a TVR) panel alignment and fitment. There are a few minor blemishes to note. The first is near the inner radius of the headlight bucket, where it intersects the hood. There is a crack on each side, which is common for M series cars as this is a flex point. The next is on the driver's side of the cowl, where it appears a tool may have been dropped. It is not worth refinishing, but there is a blemish (as photographed). The lower section of the nose, closest to the ground, does show some peppering and minor scrapes as well. There is a small pencil point-sized mark on the rear deck. Otherwise any other inconsistencies would be so minor they are not worth mentioning. This is a car that has been driven regularly and does so reliably while also winning shows.

glass and trim

All of the trim, brightwork, and rubber components are free of any major issues; some are show-worthy and appear to be restored others are likely original with some patina. Overall, no attention is required. All of the glass appears to be the original units showing “Triplex” markings. The windshield, however may be a period replacement or NOS replacement showing “Royal Daulton Vinylex.”


This car sports the factory-correct T-Slot wheels that have been nicely restored some years ago. It should be mentioned that on the passenger front wheel, the finish is starting to show signs of lifting on the inside of the rim. At a glance you will not notice but upon close inspection it is evident. The spare is in the same condition. So the new owner could have these two wheels restored or use as-is as the current owner has for many years.


seats and surfaces

The interior has been treated to a refresh by Sabatini Coachworks. Which included restuffing the seats and a complete refresh on the entirety of the carpets throughout the cabin. It is both highly correct and clean/new. The door panels, dash top, and fascia, as well as the headliner, are all in excellent condition. The only two standout items are an aftermarket Moto-Lita steering wheel and battery cut-off switch in the passenger side footwell under the dash. A smart upgrade. The underside of the dash is how every TVR looks: functional but not exactly as tidy as a modern vehicle. It should also be noted that the Webasto style sunroof was refinished in canvas at the same time as the interior and shows to have no issues.

functionality and accessories

The major items are all in proper working order, all lighting inside and out, hi and low beams, as well as turn signals etc… The windshield wipers and heater blower motor did not function at the time of testing, but we believe this to be a minor issue as this car has won at concours events and these items were likely working at that time.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is overall very correct and show worthy in its presentation. There has been attention to detail given to most aspects including a carefully reproduced TVR “Recommended Lubricants” placard. Various wire-type clamps and hoses are correct, and the coatings and finishes on various surfaces are as they should be. The engine bay shows a vehicle that was well serviced but carefully preserved as we can see a newer primary brake and clutch cylinders but, at the same time, factory markings from the assembly line. The closer you look, the more evident the care and attention. The only obvious aftermarket item, though well hidden, is an upgraded aluminum radiator to assist with more effective cooling.

trunk area

This 2500M does not have a rear hatch as such the rear trunk area is basically a nicely finished parcel shelf matching the quality of the rest of the interior.


The underside does not deviate from the quality of the rest of the car. It is straight, tidy, but shows signs of use. No rust issues, no evidence of any prior accident damage. A good original underside that has seen servicing and careful use is all that is reflected. Please see photos for details.



Just as a good TR6 would do, this car starts easily on choke, calms to a steady idle and with some heat the choke can be put all the way in with the vehicle maintaining a smooth idle. Oil pressure is within the proper ranges when cold and when warm and the car holds a steady temperature thanks to the upgraded aluminum radiator. There are no unwanted mechanical noises nor does the car smoke.


The transmission shifts well overall once warm with no indications of any failing synchros or the like. Again, it operates just as a good TR6 might.

brakes and suspension

The brakes work well as this car is very light, and the suspension is firm with short travel but soft enough to be used at length comfortably. There are no obvious noises that suggest there are any issues etc… A well maintained vehicle that feels planted and poised while driving.


The tires are Pirelli P4 Four Season P195/70 R14 on all 4 corners with 2011 date codes. We recommend that the tires be changed before any spirited use of this vehicle.

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