• Chassis # ZFFSA17A360066919
  • Engine # 00450
  • Showing Only 12,892 Miles From New
  • Offered With Books, Tools, Jack, Spare & Factory Luggage
  • Comprehensive Major Service Recently Completed
  • Desirable & Early Flying Mirror Center-Lock Wheel Example
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The Overview

Pininfarina design, gated manual 5-speed gearbox, and a robust, naturally aspirated 12-cylinder engine. This is Ferrari’s signature recipe that has created some of the most iconic and sought after road cars to date. As we entered the 1980’s, it was a truly exciting time in the automotive world as the dawn of the supercar era had arrived. Manufacturers were conjuring up exotic body designs and super powerful engines for their road cars, to a degree that had never been explored. Lamborghini had come out with the Countach which was unlike anything the car world had seen before, between its massive rear wing, vertically hinged doors, and stunning ascetics. It was pure eye candy that had raw, uncensored power however, Ferrari had an answer for the flashy Lambo.


The Testarossa name had not been used since the LeMans winning 250TR. This name represents a significant time for Ferrari as well as significant racing pedigree, so the expectations for the car were very high. In 1984, the stage was set at the Paris Auto Show, as enthusiasts awaited the unveiling of the new, highly anticipated Testarossa and it did not disappoint. It was an immediate success, as Ferrari went onto produce over 10,000 units. Today the most desirable of these cars are arguably the earlier examples equipped with center lock wheels and a “flying mirror” which refers to the high mounted single mirror mounted on the driver’s side. These examples were only built in 1985 and 1986 making them a rarity amongst the thousands manufactured and tend to hold the greatest market value.


This brings us to the example on offer, a 1986 Ferrari Testarossa chassis #ZFFSA17A3G0066919, having traveled just 12,872 miles from new, finished in black over a black leather interior; a refreshing change from the typical red, tan combination. The early history of this example begins with the original purchase documents, sold new in sunny California. It was purchased by a Mr. Shigenomi of Piedmont, California on December 3, 1986, from Walnut Creek Ferrari Inc. This example remained under its original ownership until December of 2001, according to the Carfax report. It was then sold to a gentleman in Liverpool, New York where he kept the car until 2003 when he moved to Florida. The car stayed under his ownership for another decade with the car changing hands a third time to its current custodian.


Upon approach, the black paint presents beautifully, retaining a glossy shine and a consistent finish throughout. The panel gaps and seams are all spot on, showing evenly with no abnormalities to make mention of. An inspection of the front end will yield a few small stone chips from necessary road use and little else. The front spoiler has recently been refinished to a high standard and along with any previous blemishes that have been incurred. On the driver’s side rear fender, there is a pin sized nick in the paint that is very subtle but worth noting. The rubber seals and moldings are still supple, free of any dry rot or blemishes. Each piece of glass is in excellent original condition with no damage or serious faults. The 5-spoke center lock wheels have also been well cared for, having no curb rash and free of scratches. This Testarossa is simply a nicely preserved example with little to critique.


The black leather trimmed interior maintains its original finishes and does not disappoint in quality. The door jams are presentable, still obtaining its original VIN plate on the driver’s side and rubber entry guards in good shape. The paint in the jams have incurred several small chips and light scratches from use but an even trade off considering it is believed to be the original paint. Both seats have developed a welcomed patina but lack any harsh blemishes. There is some light wear on the bolsters however, the seams are intact and there are no tears in the leather. The side of the driver’s seat has worn from engaging and disengaging the emergency brake. The dash has fared well with no inconsistencies to report, housing the fully operational and original gauges. The rugs, rear bulkhead, and door panels will raise no disputes, showing consistently with the remainder of the interior. Lift up the radio cover and one will find the original Alpine head unit still intact. The interior lighting and electronics are all in working order, in need of no repairs whatsoever. The only overall inconsistency is that of very light fade which is typical of black leather of this era. The interior/leather would ultimately benefit from further moisturizing of the leather, but remains acceptable as-is.


Pop open the front trunk and one will find an added bonus. This example when ordered new from the factory was also equipped with a full luggage set that is currently still in the dust covers it came in. Few cars came with luggage and even fewer still have the entire set intact. The trunk liner is in pristine condition with absolutely no flaws. The spare wheel is present, still having the factory stickers untouched on the rim and tire. Moving to the engine bay, the fabulous condition of this car continues through to this area as well. There is no shortage of factory markings on various clamps, bolts, and hoses in addition to scattered hints of factory applied cosmoline. The engine bay is an excellent example of correctness and tidiness for a Testarossa. Looking over the undercarriage, there are no real arguments that arise. Almost anywhere you look, there is bound to be a factory marking of some sort. The frame is straight and true, with no indicators of this example having ever incurred any damage of any kind. The suspension is in good order and there are no signs of leaks or needs for repair.


The term “turn key” is a phrase too often used to describe the mechanical condition of a car but when it comes to this example, it could not be a more accurate description. In the last three years alone, precisely $26,764.65 worth of service items was spent on this example to make it mechanically perfect. The work was executed by the marque specialist at Classic Coach Repair of Elizabeth, New Jersey. The recent and extensive service comprised of tending to the timing belts, water pump, main engine seal, fuel filter, air filter, fluids, and a laundry list of maintenance items to make this Testarossa completely sound in every respect. This massive investment made has resulted in one of the most authentic Testarossa experiences one can find. Turn the key and the 4.9L, flat 12-cylinder engine promptly fires to life and idles smoothly. The gauges communicate adequate oil pressure, steady temperatures, with all systems preforming as they should. Put your foot down and the raw power is immediate, the engine pulling strong, and extremely responsive. The 5-speed manual transmission shifts beautifully, accompanied by the satisfying ‘click’ of the gated shifter. The steering has no play or abnormalities, making the driver feel very connected to the road and chassis. Apply the brakes and they smoothly knock off speed without issue. This is simply a thoroughly sorted example that can be driven as hard as one dares to.


The Ferrari Testarossa is a genuine 80’s icon whose extravagant design made it worthy of the youth’s bedroom wall and the performance to satisfy any enthusiast. This low miles, well equipped example poses as a serious contender for anyone in the market for a Testarossa. Its desirable, single mirror, center lock configuration makes it one of the more valuable examples available, and in combination with the full luggage set, extensive service history, as well as uncommon color combination, makes this Testarossa difficult to pass up. Offered with this sale are the factory books, tool kit, spare wheel, luggage, map light, and extensive records.