The Overview

The Porsche 930, just another instance of evolution for the 911, or so it may seem; the reality however is that it was a necessary creation to support Porsche’s racing career. As a homologation effort, the 930 was to be as close as possible to becoming the production variant of the successful 917. With pressure from Ferrari and Lamborghini it was evident that this new 930 would be necessary for both road and track purposes. It would supply the perfect base for what was to become the most winning racing platform of all time, but also challenge their competitors for market share on the road. The debut of the 930 in 1974 was well received, and it ran its course until 1989 when the 964 took what it could from the successful car and continued onward and upward. Today we are left with the ultimate and original Porsche Turbo. These tricky to drive, but very fast whale tail cars will always be the epitome of Porsche Turbo Power. Whether it is the road, or more importantly, the track, these 930′s present a timeless experience and a very sensible investment.


A few months back LBI had the honor to represent a very special example of the 930. An 86’ Slant Nose that had received the careful attention of its owner and was turned into the ultimate track machine. Upon its sale, our client called us up and said “now, can you sell the sister car for a friend of mine”? Having placed the last one with a very happy client who will be enjoying the car at Sebring, we didn’t hesitate. Since the last example was impeccable, and both cars were built at the same time, in the same garage by the same two talented enthusiasts, we essentially have the same car beyond one or two minor technical details. However, the build quality and craftsmanship is as good if not better than that of any factory backed race car. Its long time owner since 1988, a jet engine mechanic by trade is highly skilled, and with his background leaves zero margin for error per the nature of his occupation. As such the sister car to our other 930 (which can be found here) is literally a turnkey race car, with very low hours on a total rebuild.  Since the two cars were created side by side, this example a 1986 930 will carry a nearly identical description in many ways with only the most minute of changes.


The 1986 Porsche 930 on offer is the product of the perfect combination of performance engineering and the vision of its owner. It was sold new in 1986 as a standard 930 Coupe out of Plaza Motor Company in Creve Coeur, MO. During this first ownership the car was carefully cared for and often enjoyed with no accidents or issues to be known. Service stamps show consistent care and servicing up until 10/10 1988 and 25K miles.  It was at this time that its current custodian purchased the 930, and took it back home to the east coast. During his ownership it was enjoyed as a street car for about 10,000 miles before him and a friend with another 930 street car (a black slant nose) began going to track days together. As their interests progressed their cars seems to lack the power and performance to keep them intrigued as talent and ability increased. It was at this time the long road to a full on track car was embarked on. Smaller modifications here and there were only the beginning. Over time additional changes were made, and eventually the decision was made to fully convert the car.


This was how the love-affair and constant endeavor to develop the ultimate track going 930 started. The current custodian, a long time PCA member and seasoned racer with much track experience; new precisely what was needed to turn this into an example that could go around such tracks as Pocono North, Watkins Glen, Summit Point, and NJ Motor Sports Park in a competitive fashion. All while still able to keep a low cost season but leave such competitors as GT3 Cup Cars, C5R’s, and the rest of the field in the rear view mirror. This example was truly built with every aspect in mind, and incorporates nearly 10 years of sorting & critiquing to produce the turn key track day machine it is today.


The build specifications on this car are indeed lengthy, but more importantly were done in stages and well documented. This 930 was professionally altered only after extensive testing, trial, error, in the pursuit of obtaining the perfect lap time at whichever track its Firestone Slicks decided to grace. Accurate calculations, exotic materials, state of the art techniques and products by well known specialists all contribute to the final product as offered today.


The minutest of items such as nuts and bolts have all been replaced with titanium, while plenty of one-off items have been fabricated such as the cold air intakes for brake cooling. Larger and more important items were created to specific requirements, such as the Turbo; which is a K29 Unit. The transmission utilizes totally rebuilt internals that have been strengthened and professionally built to exacting standards.  The differential is the factory limited slip and is newly rebuilt along with the rest of the transmission and is very bullet proof. Power from the engine is by way of a 4-puck by Sachs, all fed by a very well built 3.4L Flat 6 that is original to the car, but completely modified to perform without fault while generating loads of power. The lists of engine components are lengthy, and many of which are custom to this build.  The pistons are JE 8:1, connected to Carillo Rods, all sitting beneath a set of ported heads with CMW Valves, springs, and TI Keepers. All held in place by ARP Head Studs. The SC Cams, billet injector blocks, modified euro fuel head, ported manifolds, and most importantly the K29 Turbo with Kokeln intercooler keep the engine well fed. The amount of fuel needed to keep this engine running requires a rework of the fuel system which still includes the original tank, but has a micro fueler to ensure enough fuel is delivered at all power ranges. The exhaust note is incredible, many of it custom after it exits the B+B Headers. A truly spectacular build, all with only 8 hours on it and dyno tuned to perfection making nearly 470HP to the wheels, while weighing in at only 2,800 pounds.


All of this well engineered power is hardly useful without the geometry of well developed suspension. Every aspect of this cars being has been carefully constructed and tested to perfection of the course of many years. As such the suspension is perfectly dialed in, cambers and castors set, toe-ins reviewed, and overall the equation works perfectly in its current set up. The suspension is comprised of: TRG Bilstein RSR Coil Over shocks with drop spindle struts. Smart racing sway bars, bump steer kit and mono balls all help the extended A arms, raised spring plate pickup (with -3Deg of Camber) come together as the ultimate set up for this example. Power is put the road on a set of Black Fikse FM5 3-piece wheels (17X9-Front and 17X11.5-Rear). Overall, an exacting formula that has proven this car successful and very responsive.


The exterior received a plethora of attention as well, including flush mounted Lexan throughout with all titanium hardware, RS Decklid with adjustable 60IN Carbon Evo Wing, as well as a front splitter. Behind the front bumper is also a center mounted oil cooler and aeroquip lines going back to the engine. The interior is fitted with only the best, most importantly is the K-Fab roll cage which has a OMP custom fit seat directly bolted to it. There were no compromises in this build and as such safety was just as paramount as speed; a very well rounded example that could easily be SCCA Race ready.


Ultimately the list is long, very long, and as such we ask those in serious consideration of this opportunity to contact us for the exact list of modifications and parts used in the build. We are happy to report however that today the car is in excellent track worthy condition, in need of nothing to be enjoyed immediately. Cosmetically the car is totally in order and has never seen any accidents or dramatic events to warrant any body work. It retains all of its stock metal, very straight with good gaps and spot welds present throughout. The paint shows that of a car that has been driven and enjoyed on various east coast tracks, imperfect but appropriate for the application and in no need of attention. The car overall, in every crevasse inside and out, is extraordinarily clean and orderly.


There are many ways to go about describing this 930, but to capture the entire scope of this car as a track car and the build itself is very difficult on paper. Cars such as this are all about specifications, lists of what has been done and how. Its success can be defined by its lap times and the thrill it delivers to those brave enough to take on a 930 in a performance environment, let alone a track going version. In short this 930 is capable, correctly engineered, and that it is really down to the talent behind the wheel to put all of the extensive work to use.


In conclusion and comparatively speaking, if one was seeking all of the excitement and ability that an ex-factory backed racer can provide, this is as close as one can come without the $500,000 price tag; a true marvel of engineering and the vision of its owner. The cost to reproduce what is being offered would well exceed $100,000, not to mention hours of testing, trial, and error. This is indeed the ultimate opportunity for any serious enthusiast looking to hone their skills, test their abilities and have a blast while doing so. This 1986 Porsche 930 is an opportunity not to be missed.


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