The Overview

The Jaguar E-Type is most remembered in its beautiful roadster form, and then second in its curvy coupe’ layout. It isn’t often that the enthusiast or collector comes to recollect or consider the more utilitarian 2+2 as a contender for a collection, show, or even as a great weekend driver. As such the collector car community has been long left with the somewhat unwanted step child, or has it? The E-type, especially a series 1, no matter the layout (coupe’, roadster, or 2+2) from the cowl forward is exactly the same: race bred, and a pure performer. Performance derived, the E-Type has the benefit of D-Type technology for the road, the true application of racing technology in a road car, and as such it is held in high regard and can be considered a true rarity within its time of production.  As such, the 2+2 warrants further consideration, and appreciation for what it represents in a time where other 2+2’s struggled to achieve what the E-Type did with ease.


During the run of 4.2 Litre Series 1 E-Types from 1965-1967 only 3,616 would become 2+2’s, which coincidentally is the lowest production number of the 16,195 examples is built between all three configurations. With 9 Inches added to the wheel base, and slightly altered roof line, the 2+2 gained its name by the addition of two rear seats, of which can easily fit the kids or two small-midsized adults (of the period).  It still retains its spacious boot, and nothing has changed with the cockpit forward of the driver’s seat. As such, the 2+2 is nearly the same experience from behind the wheel as any other E-Type with plentiful power, and brilliant performance all round. A look in the rear view mirror may remind you however that you could be easily enjoying the experience with 2-3 other people.


The example on offer, a 1967 Jaguar E-Type FHC 2+2, Chassis # 1E77301, is finished in its original and proper color combination of British Racing Green with a Black interior. It still retains its original and numbers matching 4.2 Litre Engine, and is a superbly restored example. Early history on this example is not totally known. However, we have come to the conclusion through inspection that the 34,768 miles reported on the odometer are in fact the original miles. A close inspection of the floors as well as the throttle petal show original red primer under black paint that is lightly worn, consistent with a 34K mile example. While no paper documentation exists to support this in its entirety, the straightness and original components throughout certainly give validity to these low original miles.


We do know however that by the late 1980’s the car was in the ownership of a NY owner, a Mr. Martin of Naples, NY. It remained solid, rust free, and very original driver quality example up until the decision was made to embark on a total nut and bolt restoration. The job was carried out through 1995/1996 and was in the capable hands of the professionals at Darryl’s Auto Specialties, a well known restoration facility located in Holcomb, NY. The restoration entailed a total strip and disassembly to start followed by the careful restoration and refurbishment part by part, with careful attention to correctness and detail throughout the processes involved.  The entire exterior was stripped to bare metal, any necessary (and there was very little) metal work that needed to be completed was done properly. The floors are the originals and excellent, as such little metal work was completed and the car is very straight with original metal throughout. The chrome was redone, and the entire car repainted to a very high standard in its original color. The engine, transmission and rear end where all totally rebuilt as were the accompanying systems, running gear, steering and braking components.  The interior received a total restoration as well throughout and has aged nicely with a soft patina that anyone can appreciate without losing its show winning attributes.


Reassembly included all new rubber, properly coated surfaces and close attention to detail with all of the correct clamps, stays, fasteners, and trim pieces throughout. The routing, looping and method of putting the car together in general was done correctly and as such the entire car presents as a concours quality example. Everything from the correct color on the rear differential to the appropriate clamps, and rubber fasteners to hold wiring down, everything was done very well and to a very high standard. The glass appears to be all original throughout and nothing appears out of place other than the driver’s side door striker which could use minor adjusting to perfect the already good lines.


From an overall inspection of the exterior cosmetics we see a straight example down the sides with nice shut lines and gaps throughout. Deep, consistent, and very shiny paint is present over straight panels that are easily show quality with chrome to match. All of the rubber components were replaced during the restoration in 1995 and only a few show the slightest bit of cracking from age, but nothing that warrants replacement.  The wheels and tires are nearly new with no issues of any kind to be noted. The glass, tail lenses and headlight lenses (original Triple X) etc… are all excellent with no issues and in correct working order, including the desirable Lucas Tri-Pod headlamps.  The mouth of the bonnet is nice and thin and the overall use of filler anywhere on the car is not evident.


The interior is no exception to the quality of work that has been carried out. It is quite obviously well restored but has had the benefit of careful use and enjoyment, a good thing for any classic car. As such it shows the lightest of patina throughout and retains a very comfortable and functional presentation.  Everything from the headliner to the gauges was well tended to, and installed are original accessory Jaguar seat belts.  The switches, dash face/top foot wells, rear storage compartments, seats, and door panels are all excellent with no issues noted. The door jams are clean and present nicely, with the only item in question being the 90’s era head unit/radio that is an easy fix If one desired absolutely correctness.


The engine bay is perhaps where this example really shows through in both quality of work and correctness. The wiring harness, heater box, control arms, shocks, brakes, coolant header tank etc… are all in excellent condition. The underside of the bonnet is easily as nice as the top side and the frame rails are of the same consistency. The car does unfortunately carry a chassis number form a roadster stamped into the right front shock mount. We beleive the car may have at some point had the front cross member replaced. The quality of the switch was well done and as such it is straight and the only different is a few digits, otherwise, no evidence.  The engine compartment overall is tidy with close attention to detail and very clean. Many spot welds are present throughout which is testament to this car always having been a rust free and very original example.


The underside, a questionable area on any jag or car from the 1960’s in general is absolutely in order with no issues noted of any kind. It still retains original floors and one can tell that it is only some road dust and grime that could easy cleanup to be concours underneath once again; very solid, straight, and without rust now or previously.


The car starts, runs, and drives exactly as one would expect from a totally restored E-Type, it is excellent, and in order. All of the systems are functioning to the best of our knowledge and the car has excellent road manners with no issues noted. The clutch operation, shifting, braking, steering, and handling all have a very solid feel to them with nothing out of order. The engine holds proper temperature, and the oil pressure is always strong even when warm. Riding on a newer set of wires and tires, this example is easily turn key for its next custodian.


Overall, this is an opportunity to capture a 2+2 that has been treated as a roadster in the course of restoration. Receipts from the 1990’s are totaling $40K+, a job that today would be well over $100K. It is rare to find a 2+2 in concours quality condition such as this. This car is easily a sensible addition to any collection or for the enthusiast with a family or youngsters craving the E-Type experience.  Included in the sale are an original set of tools, jack, spare, hammer, and restoration records. This is no doubt an opportunity worth much consideration. We invite any onlookers to come and briefly enjoy the car or inquire for additional details.


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