The Overview

The Jaguar E-Type is perhaps well known by its curvaceous lines, covered headlamps and racing inspired pedigree.  But it’s also become the symbol of the 1960’s and an important remembrance of what automotive engineering could be when race proven success was applied to mass production road going sports cars. The Jaguar D-Type on the race track was easily a preview of what was to become for William Lyons’ newly created Jaguar E-Type. The introduction of which were only a few years later and the two cars had much to share. As production began a few factory lightweight cars were created in an effort to stay competitive on circuits around the world. Keeping up with the win on Sunday sell on Monday was paramount to the E-types success as a sports car.  The lightweight factory race cars sported very unique features, and were just that, very light weight. Amongst the modifications one could find much aluminum, fuel injection, and a 5-speed gear box. These quick, nimble and ferocious coupes became the basis for development, testing, and ultimately the most extreme variant of the E-Type as we know it today.


The example on offer here, a 1968 Jaguar E-Type Roadster, Series 1.5, Chassis # 1E17567 started life as a Sable Brown over Saddle roadster. It was manufactured on April 8th, 1968, and dispatched exactly one month later destined for its new home here in the US. It’s first owner was a Tank Mechanic for the US Army, located in Washington State.  It remained here for many years until the son of the original owner acquired the vehicle and embarked on a restoration/freshening of the car. Towards the middle of 1998 however, the decision was made to simply sell the car. It was then that the new owner, with many interesting plans in mind, came across the car in the news paper (included in the sale) and offered to purchase the Jaguar. His intent at the time was to save it, but as the car grew on him quickly, it was the fuel injected lightweight cars that grabbed his attention, and it was soon to become something very interesting.


After the cars sale on 8/16/1998 to a Mr. Kitson also of Washington State, it was quickly sent to the marque specialists at Classic Jaguar of Austin, Texas; with the intent to turn the car into a full blown track car with all of the right modifications and alternations to turn this into a car that could go fast, handle, stop and perform like that of the lightweight of the 1960’s. It wasn’t far into the build that the owner had a change of plans, and the decision was made to keep on the path of a race car, but without putting numbers on the side and replacing the slicks for a set of Pirelli road tires. In short, this Jaguar E-Type is like none other extant. It has been correctly, thoroughly, and painstakingly modified and engineered to perform with precision while staying as true as possible to its lightweight roots, and of course, road legal.


The theme of this car is really modification, not correctness or following a JCNA judging book. It’s about power, precision, and an interesting combination of factors that offer a thrill and experience like no other crumpet catcher can. The car was totally stripped and taken apart upon receiving it in Texas, parts were inventoried, and a long dialogue between the owner and folks at Classic Jaguar began to quote out and plan for the build (documented). The cosmetic alternations include bumper deletes, as well as a carbon-kevlar lightweight replica bonnet with a specialized air intake and brake cooling ducts. A hardtop was acquired as well, and the entirety of the car was properly prepped for the dark opalescent blue that was about to be applied. Afer a few coats and much wet sanding and buffing the finish was near flawless and easily show quality.  While the rear end was out of the car it was completely stripped, powder coated and reassembled with polyurethane bushings throughout. In Addition the rear brakes were enlarged and wildwood calibers were utilized along with steel braded lines. The front end received the same treatment and all 4 corners received adjustable high performance shocks. All riding on a set of center laced Dayton wire wheels that are 205 wide.  The engine bay is perhaps where this car shines, it is totally rebuilt, balanced, blue printed, and modified with cams, light weight pistons, electronic ignition, spin on oil filter and last but not least custom programmable Jenvy fuel injection flowing through a Redline intake manifold that has been ported and polished. All of which are compliments of the experts at Team CJ, a Jaguar only engine Development Company specializing in the 3.8 and 4.2 Motors. All things considered this car is producing 320HP on pump gas, and is properly tuned to perform.


Power to the ground is put through an aluminum flywheel, new clutch, and totally rebuilt transmission with these modifications in mind. Totally new U-Joints throughout as well as a Limited Slip Differential means the right combination of clutch and throttle can put a smile on the users face in an instant. Cooling the car is all aluminum radiator with series 2 fans.


The car handles just as well as it looks, HD torsion bars, adjustable height reaction plates, and HD sway bars ensure this cat can get around corners with minimal body roll. The exhaust note is also pleasant through the Jet Hot Coated aluminum headers and stainless steel big bore exhaust system.


The interior was hardly put to the side during the build as well. It included a totally redone interior to proper specifications with only minor subtle changes. New saddle hides and total interior kit were installed along with a stereo system that has been tastefully integrated. The dash was refurbished as necessary as were all of the chrome items on the car. Overall nicely done, and finished off with a slightly smaller but stock appearing steering wheel.


The list and receipts for this car continue all the way up to nearly $145,000 between the work completed and initial purchase price from the second ownership. It was treated as if it were being restored for the concours circuit and the race track. As such the craftsmanship, quality of work, and overall presentation of this example are impeccable with nothing skipped and only the best products and people utilized to create was is  one of the more incredible road going E-Types we have ever driven.  As it has been driven and enjoyed, it has also been well serviced and cared for with plenty of post restoration receipts. It also has a few minor blemishes to be noted here and there. Nothing of significance that warrants refinishing but still present. Such items as a touched up scratch on the bonnet on the front right, and two scratches on the hardtop that have been touched up as well. The interior shows a few signs of use, but again, nothing to worry about.


Offered with every receipt possible, books, tools, jack, EFI Programmer, and a very nice hardtop; This E-Type has been dialed in and is completely turn key for its next enthusiastic and brave owner. Built by professional and dreamt up from passion this example would be hard-pressed to be copied and is truly a one-off high performance opportunity.


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