The Overview

The direct translation for “testarossa”, in Italian, is Red Head. Used within the context of the classic car world, it is immediately synonymous with the 1980’s, Miami Vice, and Ferrari’s last mass-produced mid-engine 12-Cylinder road car. However, the fabled 80’s icon wasn’t the first to use the name Testarossa. The Red Head first made a debut on the 1957-1958 250 Testarossa, referring to the Red Cylinder Heads fitted to only the most potent race cars Ferrari produced. The 250TR, as it was commonly known, went on to claim many Sports Car Championships and even a victory at LeMans, etching it and the word “Testarossa” into the history books. When the F110 (internal designation for the Testarossa) was debuted at the 1984 Paris Auto Show it was a huge hit. So much, that by the end of the production in 1996, 4 variants totaling nearly 10,000 examples were produced.


Within the production run there are two models that embody the extremes of the Testarossa, the early single mirror cars, and the very late, very rare 512M. The early examples, featured a high-mounted singular mirror on the driver’s side and center lock wheels, and were only produced from 1985 through 1986 before the car received two mirrors and then later, by 1988, 5 lug wheels. The early cars have a certain Italian flare and A-symmetry with the singular, high mounted mirror and have been ever more appreciated during the rise in value of these cars. As such they are rare, and can be considered “the one to own”.


The example on offer, a 1986 Ferrari Testarossa, Chassis Number ZFFSA17A1G0061217 was delivered new to its first owner on March 3rd, 1986. A Mr. Theodore Zorbas of Bayside, NY was the first owner until about 1997 when the car was sold to a local friend, a Mr. Triantafilis, of Merrick, NY. Mr. Triantafilis drove the car seldom attributing only 10,000 miles over the course of about 15 years. During this time Ferrari of Long Island regularly serviced the car. Receipts are present for basic annual inspections and fluid changes as well as a major serviced which was completed in 2007 at about 13,000 miles. Beyond this normal services were completed and nothing went unattended, as Mr. Triantafilis was a careful caretaker. By the summer of 2014 the car was available for sale again and this time sold to its’ third and current enthusiast owner of Nazareth, PA. Upon the third owners acquisition the car was immediately sent to well known Ferrari Specialists Pocono Sports Car of Shohola, PA. There it received a 30K major service which included timing belts, cam seals, total fluids change etc… All totaling a bout $6,000, and the reported mileage at the time was 16,676. Today the car shows about 17,647 miles, so only 1,000 miles and 1.5 years have passed since the major service. The CARFAX is also clean and consistent with no issues.


Cosmetically, this example is in near concours condition with only the faintest of imperfections that are consistent with light use and the mileage on the clock. The car benefits from bing extremely well cared for and as such it meters as original paint throughout and is consistent in both sheen and texture throughout the paint. There are one or two small chips on the front bumper and hood, but nothing that would ever warrant refinishing. The car has straight panels with no dents or other imperfections. All of the glass is in good condition and is correct along with nice supple rubber seals throughout. The tires are newer and are the correct XWX type, while the wheels shows little-to-no imperfections. The absolute only item that is perhaps cause for concern is a scratch that has been touched up on the right rear fender, extreme bottom directly behind the passenger rear wheel. It could easily be left and the car enjoyed. Overall the car is easily show worthy and would be a fine contender at any FCNA event and in our opinion should be considered a potential Platinum award contender.


The interior is much like the exterior in its consistency per the mileage of the car. Signs of careful use are evident but overall the theme is that of well preserved and nearly new. The door jams are clean with very few of the common scuffs that are seen. The drivers bolster has light wear and is generally acceptable while the center console and dash are free from any warping or pulling as is common with these cars; they are in excellent original condition. The headliner, door cards, carpets, and surround interior trim is all in superb original condition free of any blemishes or items of concern. Every button, accessory, gauge and use item is in correct working order without faults to report; a truly fantastic vantage point of correctness and originality, from the drivers seat.


The front trunk, again, is clean and consistent holding the original pouch and books, complete and nicely detailed factory tool kit, restored hammer, and jack kit with related accessories. Opening the engine compartment shows a nicely detailed engine bay with a variety of factory marking preserved throughout and little instances of untidiness. With a nearly concours presentation the engine bay needs nothing, appears freshly serviced, well tended too and better than most Testarossa’s that we have seen.


As is important on any Ferrari, the reality of this cars stature, excitement and condition lies within its ability to perform. As an example that has received proper servicing over the years and never neglected, this Testarossa, simply put, is a turn key performer with absolutely no needs at all. The car starts instantly, idles smoothly, holds even temperature and has steadily building oil pressure under load. The power is abundant from the flat-12, the clutch feels exactly as it should and the brakes work exactly as brakes on a 1980’s Ferrari should; a truly exceptional and spot on Testarossa experience.


The market has seen some ups, downs, and the coming/going of many trends and cars within the market place. The Testarossa has been a long undervalued stallion in Ferrari’s line-up. It is an icon of an era, and is the go-to Ferrari for a generation. A superb Flying-Mirror Testarossa in excellent condition such as this one is not a common occurrence. Thus this is a fantastic opportunity for any collection, first time Ferrari buyer, or show goer to own a great Italian Supercar.


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