• Chassis # 9112102274
  • Engine # 6123545
  • Offered With Original Books, Warranty Booklet & COA
  • Numbers Matching and Original Colors
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The Overview

The Porsche 911 is a sports car that is held near and dear to the hearts of many. Porsche’s brand itself holds great racing pedigree and is responsible for some of the most prestigious automobiles in petrol head history. The 550 Spyder, the 356 Speedster, the 911 Carrera RS, the 911 RSR, the 917, the 959, the Carrera GT, all irrefutably impressive cars that have had significant impact on the car world and that is only a handful off of Porsche’s long resume. When you boil all these cars down, each are strongly connected to the 911. If it were not for the coming about of 911, there is a good chance some of these legends would not exist today. So, what exactly is it that makes the 911 so special?

One could argue many points but as the cheeky Brit and presenter of the Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson, once said, “they are just very good sports cars.” What are considered to be the purest 911s are the examples built during the “long hood era”, which comprises of models built from 1965 to 1973. It is these units that most strongly embrace the original 911, uncorrupted and as analog as it could possibly get. These cars served as the foundation for a legacy that still thrives today, over 50 years later. Somehow Porsche has managed to preserve its essence so that even if you walk into a Porsche dealership today, you effortlessly recognize a brand new 911 on the showroom floor. Yes, the new 911 (991) is a fantastic piece of engineering but it is just nothing quite like the original.

The example on offer is a 1972 Porsche 911T chassis number 9112102274, engine number 6123545, a matching numbers example that has incurred approximately 96,000 miles since new, finished in silver over a special order blue leather interior, rarely ordered. Its early history begins when it was purchased new on August 17, 1972 by a Mr. Marcin Cohen from Autohaus Charlotte Inc. of North Carolina. This car is believed to have stayed under its original ownership until January 14, 1992 where the sale of the vehicle was documented, changing hands to its 2nd owner, Mr. Paul Johnson of Wilkesboro, North Carolina. This 911T then came out of long-term ownership for the second time on August 25, 2014 where it has since remained with its current owner in Indiana. The COA confirms the special-order interior, matching numbers status, and that it was equipped with factory air-conditioning.

Having received one respray in its factory assigned silver, this 911T would fall into the category of a driver quality example. It presents adequately but when inspected closely, one will notice some blemishes. The finish of the paint is presentable, the only major inconsistencies being a fairly prominent blend line on the passenger side, rear fender. The panel fitment does not raise any major discrepancies, the hood could fit a bit better as well as the front fenders which were most likely removed during the respray. In this example’s current condition, it is nothing to be concerned about and could be addressed later on in the car’s life. Looking down the edges of the panel seams, there is some typical chipping of the paint scattered throughout. The front nose area has incurred several stone chips from roads use as well as two parallel, vertical scrapes at the very bottom of the bumper. On the roof, near the driver side rain rail and another towards the rear window are two minor scratches, both about 2” in length. Overall presentable but not without a host of acceptable flaws, all falling within the guises of a driver.

The glass on the car has fared well, undamaged and free of any deep scratches or cracks. All of the chrome shows pretty consistently, with no serious pitting but surface scratches and typical signs of aging would be noticed. The rubber seals, trim, window moldings, and bumper guards have faded a bit in addition to some dry rot beginning to develop. Note the passenger side tail lamp lens has cracked, an easy item to source and inexpensive to replace. The correct Fuch wheels are presentable, mounted on a set of new Vredestein Sprint Classic tires. This 911T has its flaws however, in the realm of driver quality long hood 911s and taking the miles into consideration, this example has the core cosmetic elements present. It is still in its factory colors, it maintains all of its original metal which is free of any rust, and structurally unharmed.

Now looking over the original, special ordered, blue interior, this car is truly a time capsule in the cabin. Yes, some of the finishes have dulled, there is a notable break in the driver seat bolster, the dash is cracked, the steering wheel has been swapped for a Nardi unit, and the rug has torn on the passenger side, but nearly everything has been unaltered since 1972. The leather on the seats and door panels, the rugs, gauges, shift knob, seat belts, Boman Astrosonic radio, all preserved in their original condition. Searching further, one will find the door jams still have their correct factory stickers and tags, and if you lift up the rear floor mats, an original factory sticker is still present on the floor pan. The interior is certainly the highlight of this example and nothing short of a pleasure to be in.

The front trunk is in line with the condition of the rest of the car, the liner intact and the metal sound. The chassis number stamping is also present and legible. Lift open the engine deck lid and one is greeted with the matching, 2.4L power plant. Many of the original stickers and stampings have been preserved. There are some incorrect clamps and modern componentry integrated for reliability and improved performance. The factory AC compressor is still equipped however, the belt has been removed since the original system is inoperable and to give the engine back a few horsepower. Inspecting the undercarriage, the area shows similar to the rest of this 911T. Surface finishes are failing but there is no notable rust or evidence of prior damage.

From a mechanical standpoint, this example performs adequately but if one chose to, could execute a general comprehensive service to really dial it in. Upon the current owner’s acquisition of the car, he had the brakes replaced on all four corners and all the fluids changed. Additionally, new tires were installed, alternator rebuilt and fuel system cleaned throughout. The engine does have a slow oil leak, a common issue with air-cooled Porsches that have seen regular use. Turn the ignition, give the gas pedal a tap, and the engine will fire to life. During use, the fuel injection system, which can be a bit quirky on these cars, performs without issue. The engine pulls well, mated to the 5-speed gearbox that functions flawlessly. The gear synchros do not grind, the shifter linkage lacking any excess play, and the clutch operating as it should. The steering feels unburdening during use and does not seem to need any repairs. The disc brakes bring the car to a timely stop, knocking off speed as needed without any unwanted noises or pulling. This car is also equipped with a period Bursch exhaust, a welcomed upgrade given the amazing soundtrack it provides.

From the perspective of an educated car person, there is no better car than one you can get into and drive in whatever manner you please without having to worry about incurring a paint chip or how many miles you put on the odometer. This 911T offers that experience. It is humbled by the marks of use it has sustained over the years while simultaneously adding to this 911’s lovely character. In short, we are left with a presentable, driver quality, numbers-matching example, finished in its original colors, that maintains its wonderfully unrestored interior. Complete with this sale is the spare wheel, jack, tool kit, original maintenance log, manuals, and Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.