• Chassis # WP0AA2998XS623394
  • Finished In Artic Silver Metallic Over Boxter Red Special Leather Interior
  • Showing Just 42,473 Miles From New
  • Extremely Well Optioned With Many Alluring Features
  • Complete With Highly Desirable Full Aero Kit, Carbon Interior Package, And More
  • Includes Books, Toolkit, Spare Wheel, A Copy Of The Window Sticker, Available Service Records, And Porsche PPS Cert.
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The Overview

When the Porsche 996 was introduced in 1997, it was a major departure from the German marque’s classic formula. Gone was their staple air-cooled engine, now replaced by a water-cooled one instead. The platform was also completely redesigned and provided a fresh start to the iconic 911 as it entered a new era. The 996 shared development with the first-generation Boxster, a move that resulted in a few interchangeable parts between the two and, thus, lower production and maintenance costs. It was initially available only as an RWD coupé or convertible, with a four-wheel drive model arriving later.

Power was derived from a 3.4 L flat-6 engine mated to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed automatic transmission and putting out 296 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. 0 to 62 mph could be achieved in 5.2 seconds, and a top speed of 170 mph. Between 1997 and 2004, Porsche produced 171,250 examples of the naturally aspirated Carrera, with 28,040 produced in 1999.

Throughout the years, the 996 generation of the 911 platform has been largely overlooked by collectors and Porschephiles. Many people lambasted them for both their break from the traditional air-cooled design as well as some of their questionable styling cues. As of recently, though, there has been a surge in desirability for these once unloved examples. This has been driven by two significant factors: the surging price of 911 examples across the board and people looking for cheap entry points into the Porsche community, but also the rediscovery of how fantastic this platform is actually to drive. These 996-generation cars still retain much of the raw and natural feeling of earlier 911s and are also from a time before size bloat and excessive electronics crept into the 911 lineup. While prices have steadily crept up on 996s, with limited production run and well spec’d examples bringing very strong money, they remain a very economical and practical choice for entry in 911 ownership. Purchasing a well-cared-for and properly serviced example with exciting colors or options remains paramount in preserving future gains in value. We see these as an excellent purchase for someone looking for a fun, reliable, and immensely useable sports car with potential growth in both value and collectability.

This particular example, Chassis # WP0AA2998XS623394, is a 1999 model finished in Artic Silver Metallic (X1) over the Boxster Red Special Leather interior package (MA). This 996 was heavily optioned from the factory with the Aerokit Package (XAA), Full Carbon Package, Leather Sport Seats, Sport Chassis, 18” wheels w/Technology Rims, Hi-Fi Sound Package, Porsche Comms Management system, and Supple Leather all around. Exclusive to the Boxster Red Special Leather were Boxster Red Floor Mats, Aluminum Instrument Dials, and a Carbon/Leather Steering Wheel. With over $31,000 in options, the total MSRP for this 996 came out to $98,243 in 1999.

This car was delivered to Porsche Exchange in Highland Park, IL in September of 1998. Its first owner purchased it in November of that year. They would go on to lovingly cherish this 996 over the next 14 years, religiously servicing and maintaining it at certified dealerships. It was offered for sale in November of 2012 with 20,967 miles on the odometer and was purchased by a Michigan resident just a month later. Despite only owning the car for five months, it was serviced three times at Shaheen Chevrolet in Lansing, MI, before being sold in June of 2013 with 23,255 miles.

The third owner brought the 996 to Maine, where they continued the previous owners’ tradition of enjoying it and servicing it when needed for three years. In November of 2016, at around 34,000 miles, its fourth owner was reported. Based out of New York, they owned the car for a year during which time they refurbished the wheels, replaced the front hood struts, drive belt, water pump, air/oil separator, and programmed a new key. They also installed an LN Engineering dual-row IMS bearing and a replacement clutch before passing it on to another New York resident in November of 2017.

Owner number five was the custodian of this low-mileage beauty until around the end of 2019. Under their ownership, the front bumper cover and side skirts were repainted in April of 2019 at Village Auto Body in Greenlawn, NY, and the timing chain tensioner was replaced in December of 2019 at TKX Performance in Huntington Station, NY.

They listed the car for sale on Bring a Trailer in January of 2020 with a little under 40,000 miles on the odometer, where it was subsequently purchased by its sixth and most recent owner and brought home to Iowa. A few significant services carried out by this owner included new engine and transmission mounts in June of 2021 from Pelican Parts in Harbor City, CA, a new coolant expansion tank in August of 2021 from K11 Auto Repair in Omaha, NE, new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires in March of 2022 from Midwest Tire in Omaha, NE, and mufflers in September of 2023 from K11 Auto Repair.

When we received this 996, we entrusted Woodlawn Garage in Philadelphia, PA, with giving this beauty the minor servicing it needed to perform at its fullest. They performed a full oil change, replaced the alternator bracket and accessory belt, replaced one of the horns, and did the overall inspection, state inspection, and emissions.

For many years, the 996 platform was unjustly looked down upon when compared to other models of its time, but as of recently, it has begun to find its foothold in the collector market. The factory Aero Kit paired with the Boxster Red Special Leather interior and a plethora of options make this one stand out from its brethren. Showing a little over 42,000 miles and always serviced by its owners with an open checkbook, this is surely one of the most extraordinary examples of the 996 platform on the market. Porsches of this generation can frequently be found with more than double or triple the mileage, indicating the kind of reliability one can get with this level of meticulous care and maintenance.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive all of the original owner’s manuals, toolkit, spare wheel, a copy of the window sticker, service records from 2016-2023, a copy of the CARFAX, and the Porsche Production Specifications certificate.


The Details


body and paint

The factory Artic Silver Metallic paint has an excellent and consistent shine, indicative of a car that has been well cared for and kept out of the elements. The paint is believed to be all original, though the front bumper and side skirts have been resprayed. There are no signs of overspray anywhere, all the decals, stickers, and emblems look excellent and untouched. There are some small imperfections in the paint, as one would expect from a 25-year-old car, but the overall condition is impressive. The panel gaps are consistent, and there is nothing to indicate that the body was ever repaired.

glass and trim

All the windows appear clean and scratch-free, with the proper Porsche markings. There is not much trim on the Porsche 996, and what little there is, is straight, secure, and retains the factory black color. The factory gaskets around the doors, windows, lights, and front trunk are all pliable and fully intact. Again, indicative of a well-cared-for and properly stored vehicle.


The optional 18” two-piece sport classic wheels are straight and free of curb damage or scratches. The center caps look good, and the lug bolts are all stainless steel and in excellent condition.

notable flaws

The passenger side lower aero side skirt is not completely flush with the body, as the plastic has probably shrunk a bit over time. The corner of the engine cover has some slight imperfections that one can see on close examination. There are some other very small imperfections around the vehicle, but one has to look very closely. Overall, the car is in impressive condition and looks like a car with far less mileage than indicated on the odometer.


seats and surfaces

The Boxster red interior shows well, and the overall condition exemplifies the car’s pampered life. The interior smells of leather and has obviously always been clean and well cared for. The headliner is fully intact, clean, and tight, and the same can be said for the carpets. The door panels, center console, and kick panels are free of noticeable imperfections. The front and rear seat leather is clean and stain-free. The leather has the feel and smell of a higher-quality grain. The seats show no sign of fatigue, though there is some webbing of the leather and some slight wear on the driver’s seat. Overall, the red interior is attractive and in excellent condition, and like the exterior, it presents like a lower mileage example.

functionality and accessories

All the handles, locks, windows, stalks, lights etc. work properly. The HVAC works in all its setting, and the same is true for the stereo.

notable flaws

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is original and looks to be unaltered, and well maintained. All the hardware and black plastic is clean and free of imperfections. The decals and stickers under the hood are complete and clear. All the hoses and clamps look correct.

trunk area

The front trunk is clean, and all the carpet pieces are secure and accounted for. The black plastic that covers the battery and cowl are in excellent condition, and there are no missing clips or screws. The original spare tire and tool kit are present and complete.


The underside has been dry ice blasted, and everything looks amazing. The suspension pieces and the wheel wells are impressive.

notable flaws

The hardbacks of the sport seats have some minor scuffs, as does some of the black plastic around the driver’s sill. If you look closely at some of the carbon fiber, there are noticeable imperfections. But overall, everything looks, feels, and smells, top-notch.



The motor starts quickly, with the classic Porsche sound, and settles to a steady idle. On the road, it feels and sounds healthy, with plenty of power and a real willingness to rev. There are no odd noises or anything to indicate an issue.


The 6-speed transmission shifts nicely into all the gears, and the clutch grabs properly with a nice and low pedal.

brakes and suspension

The large brakes stop the car quickly and easily, with no pulsating or pulling. The sport suspension is surprisingly compliant but extremely well controlled on windy roads and stable on the highway. There is nothing that feels out of sorts


The Michelin Pilot Sports tires have plenty of tread and a 2022 date code. They feel balanced and smooth on the highway.

driving experience

After spending a few days driving this gem, it is obvious why these cars are gaining such a following. The 996 has enough power to be exciting, but not too much to be ludicrous, plus they are small with excellent visibility. The options on this car make for a more gratifying car behind the wheel, while also improving it visually. The ‘98 and ‘99 996 have a more analog feel than the later cars, and you feel more of the lineage to the 993. The car performed well in traffic, on windy roads, and on the interstate. It was truly a pleasure.