• Chassis # UE1S26005BW
  • Engine # 7S15401LA (Re-Stamped)
  • Recent Comprehensive Service Completed
  • Appropriately Upgraded to a 5-Speed Transmission
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The Overview

The Jaguar E-Type is regarded as one of the prettiest and most enticing British road cars of all time. From its long front bonnet to its elegant body lines, it checked all the boxes it the styling department. The E-Type was not only a work of art aesthetically but it was mechanically engineered to perform, reaching speeds up to 150mph in 1961. In period, that made the Jag the fastest production car on the market. It was an automotive marvel and achieved well beyond what was thought to be the limits of a road car.

Making its debut in 1961 and production concluding in 1975, the E-Type saw 3 main iterations, which are segmented into what are known as the Series 1 (1961-1968), Series 2 (1968-1971), and Series 3 (1971-1975). Each era of E-Type has its own set of alterations and upgrades that were made but we are going to focus on the last variant, the Series 3.

The Series 3 E-Types received a 5.3L V12 engine as compared to the 4.2L or 3.8L six-cylinder engines the previous models were equipped with. These examples also received upgraded brakes, flared wheel arches, quad-exhaust tips, standard power steering, and air-conditioning became an available option.

The example on offer is a 1974 Jaguar E-Type Roadster, chassis number UE1S26005BW, engine number 7S15401, with 51,913 miles on the odometer. We know that the car was originally delivered as a US car per its equipment and was originally white with a Red interior, and also an Automatic. Documentation present with the car shows that in 2003, we see that this example changed hands from a Ms. Carol Artman of St. Louis Missouri to a Mr. Daniel Breen of Foristell, Missouri on November 9, 2003. Mr. Breen executed a complete restoration of the vehicle in 2003 as documented by photos and some receipts. In 2010, with it’s most recent owner, the car received a $15,000+ sorting and freshening by marque specialist Ragtops & Roadster of Perkasie, PA.

The ivory paint shows nicely having few acceptable flaws from use, but nothing major. This E-Type has excellent panel fitment, showing proper clearness form panel to panel. Looking closely at the at the edges of the front bonnet, one will note the paint is chipped in a few areas as well as having developed several small cracks. This is a common occurrence with older restorations and is not nearly severe enough to warrant any refinishing.

All the metal is free of any notable dents or dings, the chrome presents well, and all the rubber items appear supple and unharmed. In the center of the front windscreen is a minor stone chip, which is subtle and requires no repairs. The tan convertible top is flawless in both presentation and fitment. The chrome wire wheels are well kept, mounted on a fresh set of Dunlop tires.

The interior of this E-Type is upholstered in tan leather and lacks any major blemishes. Either of the door jams are free of significant inconsistencies, with the factory stickers still preserved. Inspecting the seats, the bolsters are still in good shape, as is the rest of the interior.

The dash is flawless, the gauges are fully operable, and door panels show nicely. An aftermarket wooden Nardi steering wheel has replaced the original unit, which is a relief to most and much easier to live with in a driver. Glancing down at the tan rugs, they are in line with an older restoration but are a bit dingy in the driver side foot-well from use. This could be remedied with a professional cleaning.

Open the front bonnet and one is presented with a very tidy engine bay. All finishes are in good and correct condition and related engine components appearing in like new condition. The engine bay shows signs of recent sorting and servicing, all items in order and done so within the guises of correctness. The factory stampings and data tags are also present and accounted for. The trunk area is incredibly original with original glue still holding the sound deadening in the spare wheel compartment; correct clamps and overall rust/accident free presentation and as one would hope for.

The undercarriage shows no severe inconsistencies but more so typical attributes of use. Some of the exposed metal surfaces and bolt head have a light layer of corrosion and certain finishes have begun to fade here and there. Structurally, the frame shows straight down the body of the car, suspension components are in order, and all the metal is solid. Factory or dealer undercoating is still in place likely from new, but everything appears to be solid and factory welds noted throughout.

The maintenance records for this example outline extensive mechanical servicing and sorting. Between June 2010 and December 2013; a new camshaft was installed, valves adjusted, carbs removed-reinstalled and tuned, rear exhaust replaced, fuel system serviced, front and rear shocks replaced, front sway bar links replaced, and windscreen wiper motor repaired. Additionally, a new modern 5-Speed transmission was installed and done to a very high standard. This has resulted in a mechanically sound example that is turn-key.

The 12-cylinder power plant starts from cold with little effort and idles smoothly. During hard use, the engine performs flawlessly, pulling strong. The steering feels tight, brakes provide sufficient stopping power, and clutch functioning, as it should. When coming to a stop, the right rear brake pads intermediately make a soft humming noise. It requires no immediate attention but perhaps something to note for the next routine service.

The 1974 Jaguar E-Type Roadster on offer is a well-rounded and honest car that has seen comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical refreshing. This is an excellent opportunity to take a sound, entry level E-Type into ownership that is ready to be driven, toured, and enjoyed. Offered with this sale is the books, tools, jack, spare wheel, soft top boot, and knock off hammer.