• Chassis # WDBBA48D3JA087276
  • Engine # 036842
  • 37,668 Miles From New
  • Complete With Comprehensive Delivery Documentation
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The Overview

Introduced in 1971 the R107 class of Mercedes-Benz two-seater automobiles had some incredibly difficult shoes to fill. The R107 series of cars took the place of the much loved W113 class of automobiles and were to lead Mercedes into a new era of automotive design. Crafted from the get-go to be pushed in the North American market, ultimately, almost 2/3 of final production would find its way to the shores of the North American continent. In September of 1985, the 560SL was introduced to the R107 line, sporting it’s 5.6-liter V8 engine and newly introduced Bosch KE Jetronic fuel injection. The 560SL took its place at the top of the range of R107 cars, as the ultimate 2-seater touring roadster. The R107 class of automobiles ultimately was a smash success and would be produced through 1989 making it the second longest-running series of automobiles produced by the German manufacturer, after the G-Class SUV.

This particular 560SL, chassis number WDBBA48D3JA087276 and engine number 036842, is a 1988 model, falling in the second to last year of model production. According to the provided original window sticker, this car was delivered new to and sold through Autobahn Motor Cars, in Upper Darby Pennsylvania. It still wears the same striking colors it left the factory with; Midnight Blue with a Grey leather interior. It is also fitted with a Dark Blue soft top. The suggested retail price of this 560SL when new was $63,410. The odometer currently registers 37,643 miles which is backed up by the included CARFAX as well as the overall excellent condition of the vehicle. There is, unfortunately, no included documentation or service history with the car but the provided clean carfax shows that it has been a lifelong Pennsylvania car, regularly cared for and driven sparingly.

The outside of this 560SL is in fantastic shape. The Midnight Blue paint is deep and dark, clear and consistent throughout the entirety of the body as well as the hard top.There are a few minuscule rock dings in the paint throughout the front of the car, consistent with the believed original paint status of the automobile. The car was paint metered at the time of writing with the results reading consistently between 4.4 and 6.5 mils across the whole of the automobile with slightly higher readings on portions of the trunk lid. The accent pinstripe running down the belt line is smooth and uniform with no peeling. All the lenses of the lights are free from cracking and remain clear. All lights, including the fogs, function and are bright and visible. Rubber trim work on the bumpers is smooth only has slight scuffing in a spot or two. The brightwork on the car remains in fantastic condition with a consistent shine throughout and minimal signs of age or improper care. All the glass, including that in the hardtop, bears its factory markings and the radio anti-theft stickers are still in place, further lending credibility to the originality of this car. The rubber around the door seals etc. is all supple and in decent condition. All body gaps remain tight and straight. All 4 wheels are in reasonably good condition with the finish on the faces presenting well and only some minor rash on the edges of the wheels.

Opening the driver’s side door reveals a clean and well-kept interior, consistent with the quality of the rest of the car. The Grey leather seats are in fabulous condition with no severe creasing, tears, or signs of heavy use. The only real issue to note is some slight fraying on the top of the driver’s side seat where the seat belt rests. The door cards are also smooth and tight with the bottom edge of the driver’s side showing minor signs of entry and egress throughout the years. Data tags in the door jam are in place and are clean and legible. The carpets are in excellent condition and are largely free of any staining or soiling. The back parcel shelf is consistent with the rest of the interior and the storage area under the rear shelf is clean and dry. Looking over the dash, most everything presents as you would expect a car with this mileage. The only notable issue is a small portion of the veneer that has cracked off, easily remedied, and not readily noticeable. The top of the dash, however, is free from cracking or discoloration. The steering wheel is fade-free and has no pulls or tears. All instrumentation functions as it should and the gauge faces are bright, clouding free, and easily read. The “Premium Unleaded Gasoline Only” sticker still adorns the dash. The radio functions marvelously and when switched on, the antenna, mounted on the trunk, slides up in that charmingly 80’s fashion. All buttons and switchgear are in well-kept order and function as they should, including the climate control system. The ashtray is clean and appears to have never been used. The headliner is free of any stains, pulling or sag.

Opening the front hood reveals an engine bay that is again, consistent with the rest of the car. Presenting very clean and with all the appropriate stickers and clamps in place, the engine area appears to have been well maintained. The VIN is stamped on the front rad support, and the stamped options tag is present as well. The VIN Stickers are still located on both fenders indicating their originality. The hood struts work well, holding the hood up and not sagging. There is no evidence of any leaking or malfunctioning components, and all hoses and lines appear to be still supple and in excellent condition. The trunk area is clean and spot free as well. The factory provided first aid kit sits on the right side, looking never used. The underside of the trunk lid is spotless and still presents its VIN sticker. Pulling up the carpet reveals a dry spare wheel well. The spare appears to have never been used and is still adorned with its hang tag as well as the factory sticker. The underside of the car matches the rest of the automobile. Wheels wells are in excellent clean condition, and original paint can still be seen hiding behind the tires. Besides some rock chipping and minor scratching, the front valence is in fine condition. The rear bumper has the VIN sticker on the underside of it still. Floor pans are all blemish free and factory coatings and markings remain on many of the underside components. The underside of the engine, trans and rear end have small amounts of oil residue on them but nothing out of the ordinary.

Inserting the key into the ignition and turning promotes an instant reaction from the starter. The car fires to life with no hesitation and quickly settles into a smooth idle. The engine temperature gauge and the oil level indicator respond as they should. Slide the shifter to the drive position, and with only a slight hesitation, the transmission engages. The throttle response is smooth and immediate, and the car moves through its 4-speed gearbox without any issues. On the open road, the car is delightfully quiet and smooth. The suspension is soft but in all the right ways, providing a comfortable but responsive ride. There are minimal squeaks, rattles or other noises from the car all in line with the low miles indicated. The brakes work very well and bring the car to an adequate and hasty stop. This example is in excellent mechanical shape and is ready to be enjoyed, driven or shown at the new owner’s leisure.

The SL series, in general, has always been about top-down touring prowess. Offering a wide range of engine choices and always provided in a plethora of colors, the SL has always been a favorite of individuals looking for a comfortable, wind in their hair experience. The 560SL certainly does not disappoint in this department, offering plenty of pavement devouring ability from its 5.6 liter V8 while at the same time being quiet and comfortable enough to spend hours on the road. This particular car is perfect for someone looking to put some time in behind the wheel of an appreciating classic. Mechanically sound and finished in rarely seen colors, this 560SL provides an excellent opportunity to add a usable classic to any collection.

This car is provided with tools, spare, factory books and documentation, original window sticker and hang tags.