• Chassis # AR247703
  • Engine #AR0035612922
  • Incredibly Well Preserved CA Car With Original Interior
  • Comprehensive Major Servicing Recently Completed
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The Overview

Despite its ups and downs as company, to a true car enthusiast, its hard to deny the appeal of the Alfa Romeo name. One may bring up the many years where Alfa strayed from its roots after being bought out by Fiat and was building cars that were lack luster to say the least. However, one cannot forget the many years where Alfa Romeo was Alfa Romeo, producing dominant racing cars and some of the most gorgeous road cars in automotive history. Enzo Ferrari himself, got his start as a racing driver for Alfa which inspired him to build the Ferrari brand we know today. They have the racing pedigree, beautiful Italian styling, engines that seem to rev for an eternity, and chassis that make driving a true pleasure.

In 1963, Alfa introduced the Giulia Sprint GT, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The design features of the Giulia were unlike anything the car world had seen before in a road car. The overall shape heavily emulated the 2000 GT and 2600 GT while being perfectly portioned between the overall dimensions as well as the ratio of glass and metal. It was simplistically perfect. In 1966 the platform saw slight revisions with the introduction of the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, receiving a 1600cc engine to replace the previous 1300cc power plant. Additional alternations included a revised front grille, the now iconic 4-clover badge on the C-pillar, new bucket style seats, and wood look insert on the dash face. It essentially maintained all the design elements of its predecessor but had more horsepower and torque.

The example on offer is a 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, chassis number AR247703, engine number AR0053612922. With 69,000 original miles, one-respray in its factory assigned red color,  1600cc engine and pristine original interior, this step-nose is an extremely rare and correct example. The history of this car begins on March 8, 1967 with its date of manufacture. It was sold one week later; March, 17, to Alfa Romeo Inc., in Newark. Aside from that item, there is little else known about the early history of this example. An email correspondence between two of the prior owners, Chris Billings and Donald Schwartzkopf, notes this example being under the ownership of a Mr. Dave Rugh in Vancouver, Washington from the early 1980’s to about 1998. Beginning in 2010, we see that the car was being registered to a Mr. Lauber Martin of Mill Valley, California. According to Mr. Schwartzkopf, this Alfa spent the majority of its life in California. Given the car’s superb condition, lack of rust, and supporting documentation, it is quite possible that it very well did. This example has now made its way to the east coast, currently for sale out of the LBI Stable in Philadelphia.

The previous owner also claims this step-nose was resprayed in the late 1980’s which currently shows beautifully. There is a lack of overspray, even in the typical areas, with the overall finish having aged well. The red paint still possesses a nice shine and is free of any deep scratching. Inspecting the front end closely, one will notice some minor stone chips and light specking from road use but nothing severe enough that would require refinishing. All the metal is believed to be original to the car. One may notice a few very shallow dings in the body when observed at the correct angle, again nothing serious but worth noting. This Giulia has fantastic panel fitment, displaying to indications of even being damaged or modified.

The glass appears to be original, the factory cold start and information stickers still on the front windshield, a convincing element of overall originality. All of the chrome shows nicely with no pitting, dents, or notable scratches having been incurred. The rubber components are free of any dry rot or damage, remaining supple and presenting well. The factory steel wheels have been refinished at some point with the correct “Fergat” stickers on each. The polished hubcaps do have some blemishes such as a light scuff, dulling of the finish, and clouding of the circular black insert.

The interior of this Alfa Romeo is a real gem as it has been preserved in its factory finishes. Even the paint on the door jams is believed to be original. The Black Skai leather bucket seats, appearing more so gray than black, are in great shape and lack any tears or significant side bolster wear. The rear seats show just as well, most likely having been rarely used given their condition. Inspecting the leather dash, no pulling has developed nor significant fading from sunlight exposure. The imitation wood dash insert presents without any issues, as well as all of the gauge faces. Both door panels, headliner, and floor mats are free of significant faults. The red rugs have developed some mild discoloration and a portion has torn at the edge of the driver side foot well. While the tear is noticeable, it would not be worth sacrificing the originality by replacing the rugs. Given the small nature of the blemishing, they should be left as is for the time being. The remaining interior components and trim pieces are correct and are near flawless.

Open up the bonnet and one is greeted with a factory correct engine bay, that shows to be very tidy and well sorted. The believed to be matching 1600cc power plant possesses the correct intake components, twin Weber carburetors, and green spark plug wires. The serial number stamping is clearly visible on the firewall as well as the chassis number tag. Some finishes are not as crisp as they once were, having developed a patina over the years. The rear trunk shows to be very correct and well-kept much like the rest of the car, with the spare wheel and jack present. An inspection of the undercarriage will yield few discrepancies. The frame is structurally sound, suspension components have been gone through, floor pans and rocker panels are clean and rust free, and there is no undercoating present. It should be noted that the oil pan has been slightly damaged from bottoming out at some point which is a common occurrence among Alfas of the era. Aside from that minor item, all else seems to be in order.

Since 2013, this Giulia Sprint GT Veloce has received over $15,000 in receipts which outlines the tending to of every mechanical system to ensure that this example is completely sound in every aspect. Below are some of the major items that were addressed:

  • All suspension components removed and refinished
  • All fluids flushed, replaced, and bled
  • Rear differential assembly installed
  • KONI red shock absorbers installed in front and rear
  • Parking brake cable replaced
  • All calipers and brake pads replaced
  • Fuel tank removed, reconditioned, recoated, and resealed
  • Tie rod ends replaced
  • Sway bar link bushings replaced
  • Right front wheel hub removed and packed with fresh grease
  • Correct shift knob installed
  • Exhaust replaced

All of these service items were executed by the specialists at Radcliffe Motor Car Co. of Reistertown, Maryland. This Alfa reliably starts from cold with a pull of the choke lever and turn of the key. Once warm, the car runs flawlessly with the 1600cc power plant preforming wonderfully and without issue. The sorting of the suspension makes the car extremely composed in the turns, supplying just enough roll to remind you that you are driving a classic sports car. The clutch operates without fault and the lovely 5-speed gearbox shifts in and out of gear seamlessly. The braking system has been gone through in full and performs as such, allowing the user confidence when in need to promptly knock off speed. The steering has no excess play, feeling very tight, and accurate through turns. During use, engine temperature and oil pressure remain consistent, never dropping or exceeding normal levels.

This Alfa Romeo step-nose is an honest example that reminds us what Alfas are all about. Unmodified and mechanically sorted, this Giulia Sprint GT Veloce is a rarity among its kind, as it is truly challenging to find examples in comparable condition to this one. Its original interior furthers its desirability and makes for an opportunity that is hard to pass up on for any Alfa Romeo enthusiast. Offered with the sale are the books, tools, jack, and Coco mats.