• Chassis # 11402312002850
  • Engine # 13092312003578
  • Only 17,934 One-Owner Miles From New
  • Comprehensive Original Documentation, Books, Tools, Jack & Spare
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The Overview

The 1960’s and early 1970’s were a time where the Mercedes-Benz badge represented something much different than what the German automakers are known for today. There was no exotic McLaren SLRs or tire smoking AMG Black Series brutes that we so commonly associate with Mercedes-Benz. Instead, they represented something much simpler. It was a time where the three-point badge symbolized a brand that was highly focused on building cars that were authentic to what Mercedes valued in an automobile. They remained absent from any influence by external demands, battles for fastest time around the Nürburgring or really any adversity of substance. Without these factors dictating the direction of Mercedes Benz, they placed a priority on the build quality and engineering surrounding their cars with dignified aesthetics if you will. The 250C was built on the W114 platform, equipped with a 2.5L straight-six-cylinder engine, falling below the S-Class model range. It served as an entry level Mercedes but still well engineered and a much more handsome coupe in comparison to the sedans. 1971 Marks the last of the truly hand-built Mercedes-Benz road cars, and the simple un-altered original intent for the cars of this golden era.


The example on offer is a 1971 Mercedes-Benz 250C, chassis number 11402312002850, engine number 13092312003578, reporting just 17,934 miles on the odometer, from new. Lancaster County Motors, a Mercedes-Benz, and British Leyland and Subaru dealer, delivered it on 10/20/1970 to a Mrs. Josephine Congello. Mrs. Congello remained the sole owner of this extremely well optioned example that during her ownership saw very little use. However, not without being carefully looked after over the years, leaving with us a prime 250C that maintains the majority of its original factory finishes and components. It has been owned in Lancaster Pennsylvania from new, having the same license plate when the car was originally registered to prove it along with some fantastic documentation including a statement from the original owner. This example has never seen the inside of a restoration shop, only the walls of its climate control garage, exactly the way it should be, genuine and real. It has been under the care of the LBI Stable for approximately the last four years seeing occasional use and enjoyment in our collection. It is however time for it’s next caretaker as it should see more road time and enjoyment.


This example in finished in the ever-desirable Arabian Gray with a black top, with the paint showing phenomenally well for mostly original. After a very tedious inspection, we have concluded that the car is about 75% original paint as the boot lid, below the chrome beltline, and front fenders may have been painted at one point. The only way to really tell is with a meter as any matching/quality was done to a very high standard likely in period or when new. However, one will note a slight variance in finish between the fenders and body of the car when exposed to the right lighting. Walking around the car, there are a couple small paint chips on the passenger’s side door but very minor. The panel gaps and fitment are spot on and as they should be. The chrome trim and bumpers present well, lacking of any significant pitting, dings, or scratches. The rubber trim on the front bumper has incurred a small gash on the driver’s side where there was most likely a clearance issue. However, the remainder of the rubber seals and trim pieces all appear to be in good order, still supple and undamaged. Inspecting the glass, it seems to be original to the car and in excellent condition. The painted hub caps have maintained their finish but the rear caps have developed some mild curb rash and small dents. If desired, they could easily be replaced as they are not challenging to find or install. This example presents as a genuine, well preserved example that would be appreciated by any enthusiast and is likely one of the best examples in existence. Thus any blemishes are minor in comparison to the incredibly well preserved presentation.


Moving to the interior, this is one of the most intriguing features of this example, it is saturated with originality. The red leather has a soft patina from light use and showing as untouched. The door jams have their original paint intact, accompanies by the correct data tags and stickers. Unfortunately the only flaw known in our opinion is that of the driver side seat bolsters, both sides were replaced with matching red MB Tex at some point likely due to minor patina that was deemed unacceptable. Likely given the very high standard this car was kept to. The center section remains original however and upon close inspection one can tell otherwise it presents with no real difference from a cursory inspection. Each of the leather door panels are flawless, in need of no attention. Inspecting the dash, it is free of any cracks or serious flawing, the center console in identical condition. It is to be made mention of the leather piece that overlays the air vent which has begun to lift slightly at one of the corners. All of the gauges are in good order both cosmetically and in operation. The rugs and headliner will raise no discrepancies, showing consistent with the rest of the interior. Original, preserved, and genuine is optimized on the inside of this example, truly fantastic!


The engine bay displays many marques of originality and correctness. Again, one will find a number of factory data tags, stampings, and stickers throughout. Under close inspection, one will also note correct clamps, hoses, componentry, and finishes, furthering this example’s credibility. The engine bay has aged nicely, showing no evidence that would signal need for repair. One fuel line and clamp has been replaced, otherwise it remains totally untouched. Never hit, never rusty, no issues now or previously. Relocating to the trunk, it is very tidy having no significant faults. The gray liner has incurred some minor discoloration/staining but to be expected given its originality. Looking over the undercarriage of this example, it shows no rust or damage down the length of the car. The rocker panels and floors are incredibly perfect as they left the factory still coated with cosmolene over a good bit of the underside and various components. There are still some factory markings that have survived on the suspension components and bolt heads. All in all, it presents consistent with a low miles, well preserved example that has been correctly stored and mindfully enjoyed.


The mechanical operation of this 250C is surprising in the sense that it feels unusually modern for a car built it 1971. There are no rattles or worrisome attributes in the handling or brakes. The car starts instantly, the engine quietly purring at idle. The automatic transmission is smooth, proving timely shifts, and a comfortable ride. According to the gauges, they consistently read optimal engine temperatures and pressures. The 2.5L six-cylinder engine provides good torque and proficient power, never sputtering under acceleration, pulling strong. The power assisted steering is wonderfully light, making precision maneuvering a breeze. Despite the car’s weight, the brakes manage to knock of speed efficiently and evenly, not pulling or fading during use. This example has received a new, factory correct exhaust as the previous one had multiple leaks otherwise beyond normal servicing it hasn’t had any major service requirements. Given that the car has not been driven any substantial distances in the last several years so it would be recommended to have the example looked over for possible servicing or updates to anything potentially dry underneath (suspension parts etc…) Thought he tires are newer.


The Mercedes-Benz 250C is one of few examples that would have ever been tediously preserved by their caretakers. They were the “poor-mans” Mercedes-Benz of the era and were used and left to rust. This is an exception to the rule and exudes purity and is truly genuine. With a mere 17,934 miles traveled since new, this example is certainly of investment quality bar none. It is well documented, with a known history, and is coming out of long-term single ownership with the original title in hand. Offered with the sale is the original books, tools, spare, jack, and documentation file.