• Chassis # WP0AB29903S685976
  • Engine # N/A
  • Offered With 23,685 Miles From New
  • Complete With Books, Tools, Jack & Spare
  • Comprehensive Service Just Completed
  • Very Well Optioned With Clean CARFAX Report
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The Overview

1975 marked a massive turning point for Porsche. It was the year that they broke free of their traditional naturally aspirated engines and decided to experiment with turbo charging. In came the almighty 3.0 liter Turbo Carrera which stunned the public with its raw, turbo boosted performance. Since the original 930 Turbo Carrera, several variants have come after it; the 3.3L 930 Turbo, 964 Turbo, and the 993 Turbo. Keeping with the long lineage of Porsche Turbos, the new 996 hit the showroom floors with great anticipation. It was totally restyled but still maintained those classic 911 styling cues. However, to the dismay of many enthusiasts, the legendary air-cooled era was over and the transition to a water-cooled engine ensued. The 996 Turbo was equipped with the famous Mezger designed 3.6L, twin-turbocharged flat six engine that produced 415bhp. It managed to breach 60mph in about 3.8 seconds and go onto reach a 191mph top speed. Also, armed with all-wheel drive, the 966 Turbo had excellent cornering capabilities as well.


The example on offer is a 2003 Porsche Turbo, chassis number WP0AB29903S685976 with mileage currently reading 23,685 miles. It has spent its entire life in Connecticut according to the CARFAX report, and has never been involved in any accidents. Since new, the car is believed to have been under the care of 4 private owners. The factory build sheet indicates that this example is finished in Arctic Silver Metallic and is equipped with several desirable options including; full leather interior package, color matched hardback sport seats, heated front seats, Bose sound system, and more. In addition, mated to the 3.6L turbocharged engine is a proper 6-speed manual gearbox. With over 400hp, these powerhouse Porsches have long been undervalued; providing a lot of enjoyment for a relatively low dollar amount. Lately, the market has begun to recognize this fact and as a result, prices across the board have begun to climb.


The exterior of this example shows as that of an excellent driver, not perfect but certainly better than the majority of examples out there. The Artic Silver paint appears to be completely original with a consistent, light “orange peel” finish as it came from the factory. Every panel is straight with no door dings or dents to disclose with only exception being a subtle indentation in the passenger front fender. On the opposing side, there are two scratches located towards the top of the fender that seem to have partially penetrated the paint and a dime sized cluster of small paint chips on the edge of the hood. The front bumper is free of faults besides minor stone chips from highway use. The rear bumper does show some soft blemishes as well; a light scuff on either corner and on one of the bumperettes but nothing that warrants any immediate attention. The 5 spoke wheels have incurred a few mild scratches and about two inches worth of curb rash on the right rear wheel but will only be noticed during a careful inspection. The glass on the car is spotless, the headlamp and tail lamp lenses are crystal clear, and the rubber trim is like new. Overall, the exterior presents, as one would expect from a lower mileage Porsche that has been driven.


Stepping into the car, it is immediately evident that the black leather trimmed interior has been well-kept over the years. The door jams are unspoiled by any unwanted chips, scratches or inconsistencies, serving as a welcoming segway to the rest of the cabin. Each of the hard-back leather sport seats are in excellent condition, with only faint signs of wear on the side bolsters and backs. The rear seats look to be rarely sat in or quite possibly never at all as rear leg room has always been a rarity in Porsches. The single item to be noted are two inconsequential indentations in the leather. The front of the driver’s doorsill has incurred some scuff marks from climbing in and out of the car. The dash is in great shape with no blemishes to note, which is also the case for the rugs and headliner. The interior in its entirety can be described as well preserved, in need of no refinishing or repairs. Every surface, switch, button, and gauge, looks, feels, and operates as a lightly used example should.


Taking our inspection to the engine bay, this example continues to check the right boxes, as everything has been left unmodified and to the factory specifications. The correct stickers, markings, and stampings are all present and all of the finishes are very clean, free from the common wear/corrosion. There are no signs of any leaks or repairs that need to be made whatsoever. The front trunk is a pleasantly uneventful area, the liner absolutely flawless, the spare wheel and jack present, and factory data sticker still preserved on the underside of the trunk lid. The undercarriage shares many of the same positive attributes with each of the suspension components in good condition with no corrosion and no indication of any prior damage or alterations can be found on the floors of inside of the wheels. Looking down the rocker panels, we see some typical imperfections in the paint in accordance with mild road use such as some light chips and scratches.


The 996 Turbo renders one of the best driving experiences in terms of outright performance and usability. This example has just received a 30k mile service, totaling over $5,300 in receipts by the experts at Porsche of the Main Line here in Pennsylvania, checking all systems on the car and executing any necessary repairs. The recent servicing included the following items; oil change, spark plugs, updated coil packs, ignition coil, cabin-air filter, fuel filter, new Michelin Pilot Sport tires on all 4-corners, alignment, and drive belt. This example has been thoroughly sorted and is ready to be driven any distance. The engine starts instantly and quickly settles to a comfortable idle. Once up to temperature and on the road, even under hard use, it holds constant temperatures, produces good oil pressure, and preforms without fault. The clutch feels fresh, operating as such, with the gearbox seamlessly changing from gear to gear. The 3.6L power plant pulls well and once the turbos reach boost, one realizes what a machine the 996 Turbo really is. The all-wheel drive system eliminates the majority of that pesky under steer that plagued the previous models and creates the illusion that this is a rear wheel drive car. The steering feels spot on and provides accuracy in the corners. All in all, this example is mechanically sorted with no issues to be had.


The 996 Turbo is one of the best driving and balanced cars Porsche has ever built and in the current market, offers a lot of “bang for your buck.” These underappreciated modern classics are excellent property, as they possess significant future market potential all while being great fun to drive. The combination of a practically bulletproof Mezger engine and a very analog driving experience make these cars certain future collectibles. This particular car is a spectacular, low miles example, recently serviced, in excellent working order. Offered with this sale is the factory spare wheel, tools, jack, books, and air compressor.