• Chassis # WP0AC2999VS375941
  • 1 of Only 183 Delivered
  • Fantastic & Rare Color Combination/Options
  • Engine # 61V02252
  • 18,861 Miles From New
  • Offered With Books, Tools, Window Sticker & COA
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The Overview

The sports car market was ecstatic when Porsche introduced its first air-cooled Porsche 911 in 1963. Then, thirty years later, the Porsche 911 type 993 was introduced and would become the last air-cooled engine model that Porsche would produce. Ensuring that this pinnacle Porsche would leave a deep impression on passionate Porsche enthusiast, Porsche pulled all the plugs in the development of the 993.These last 911’s garnered plenty of attention because of their reliability, dependability and overall ability to be agile on a race track and comfortable on the streets. Among the last of the air cooled Turbo’s, Porsche’s ultimate iteration of the 993 line was designated the ‘Turbo S’ and was an extremely limited production run of just 183 examples produced for the U.S market. Undoubtedly one of the rarest and most coveted of contemporary Porsche road cars. The Turbo S represents the last of a breed and remains a must-have Porsche for any serious collection.

Beneath the engine cover is a pair of larger K-24 turbochargers, while the Bosch Motronic engine-management system was altered to produce more power, as well as additional oil cooler to ensure adequate cooling for increased performance. The ‘S’ exhaust was fitted with quadruple, round outlets; while the standard Turbo had single exhaust tips, oval in form. The Turbo S, already wearing Porsche’s aggressive “wide-body” look, had air inlets in the tops of the rear fenders and an impressive biplane rear-deck spoiler called the “Aerokit II,” a Euro-market front spoiler with special brake cooling inlets, and special matte-finish alloy wheels. The aluminum chassis features front and rear independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. Ensuring that all of the power produced is transferred to the ground is an all-wheel-drive system, a six-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip differential.

This particular 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo S was originally sold by Silver Star Motor Sports Inc. of Roslyn Heights, New York. According to the original window sticker the car shows exactly as described: Finished in Arctic Silver with a fantastic Flamenco Red Leather Interior-to-Sample. Options include Carpet Welting Leatherette from prior model year, carpet colors from prior model year, headrests embossed with Porsche Crest, Bridgestone tires, Digital Sound package, Supple Leather Seats L/R, Porsche Floor mats in Black, and Self Dimming Mirrors & Rain Sensors. No doubt, a very well thought out options list and a fantastic combination all things considered. The total when new was reported to be $155,168.00.

According to the clean CARFAX report and some service documents, the history can be traced to what appears to be 4 total owners located in Texas, California & Ontario. Before residing in a notable Porsche collection in New York for the past 8 years where it was well kept, climate controlled and used sparingly while also having any needs tended to service wise.

Cosmetically, the car show very well overall but not without a blemish or two to be found. There are a couple of very small areas of “peppering” or “chipping” on the front bumper and even fewer on the hood. Absolutely nothing worth refinishing or even worrying about, but upon extreme close inspection they are in fact flaws to be noted. The bottoms of the rear bumper wheel arch’s show a small area of light “peppering” as well, and the passenger rear wheel has one small scuff. These are the only real items to be found on the car that can be considered flaws. They are however superficial, minor, and need no attention to further consider this example anything less than fantastic and investment grade. The finish is smooth with consistent factory orange peel throughout; all of the panel gaps and fitment is undoubtedly factory. The car is straight down the sides and the glass/rubber components are all free of issues. Overall, this car presents fantastically well with no real complaints to be had.

The interior is radiant and contrasting upon opening the doors. The color is just right, and as far as our research thus far this may be the only Turbo S in this color combination, a one-off, and surely unique combination. The abundance of Carbon Fiber trim throughout the cabin is in excellent condition as are the doorsills, jams, seats, carpets, dash top, headliner etc… There are no real flaws to be found on the interior and it remains in excellent factory condition. Please note that the photos show an aftermarket head-unit. This has since been replaced with the original factory unit, in working order. Beyond this there is also a radar-detector control unit on the center console. The entire theme of the interior is that of a well-kept and nearly new example that has seen only top care- a fantastic place to be.

Upon inspection of the front trunk and removal of the carpet one can see a totally factory structure with absolutely no accidents or rust issues, ever. Everything about the front trunk is factory with the exception of the modification to the carpet for the aftermarket radio. The options sticker is where it should be on the underside of the hood and everything else is in order as it should be. The engine compartment is of the same nature, totally factory, untouched and presenting nicely with no issues noted.

These cars are a true joy to drive. They provide a certain practicality that other supercars with the same figures on paper fail to meet. It is no surprise that this car starts easily, runs exactly as it should, and provides a total experience without fault in its operation and performance. The clutch feels proper, brakes work well, power is abundant, and the shifts are smooth with nothing noted as out of place. A turn-key example as far as we are aware by the operation and enjoyment thus far.

The Porsche line-up offers over 65-years of choices between many generations and iterations of advances in their efforts to provide the world with a legacy in the form of a true sports car. If it’s the 1950’s, the choice is likely a 356 speedster, the 1960’s then a proper 911S SWB, the 1970’s is obvious with a Turbo Carrera or an RS, the 1980’s surely a 930S Slant nose or even the fabled Club Sport, but the 1990’s and the last of the air-cooled cars leaves only one conclusion for the ultimate last example of Porsche air-cooled greatness. The 993 Turbo S remains a wise investment, an icon of an era and no doubt a wise choice for any true enthusiast/collector. Offered with its original books, tools, window sticker, COA, and service documents, this Turbo S is available immediately and worth much consideration.