The Overview

The MGB, when introduced to the world in May of 1962, was a whole new concept from MG in many ways even though it kept with the companies roots of a fun-to-drive sports car available to the masses. It was however a monocoque design, included overdrive, a sturdy and reliable engine, and a car that now featured a mostly watertight cockpit with roll up windows. Things were starting to get more comfortable, modern, but as the Austin Healey 3000 soon proved, the MG was under powered for those sporting enthusiasts craving a bit more power and usability as a true sports car.  The idea of a 6-Cylinder MGB was soon adopted in 1965, and by 1967 production was under way with the all new 2912cc Straight 6 being sho-horned into the engine bay of the MGB, now an MGC. Production technically ran only 2 years, though sales went on into 1970 before all 4,544 roadsters were claimed by their new owners.  The MGC was everything the MGB should have been, not only as a market competitor, but a car that really worked on the road and could give the driver both a thrill and usability across the range.  Today they are a must have in any MG Collection, British Sports Car Collection, or for the enthusiast looking for a fantastic weekend driver that won’t disappoint. They remain versatile from a collector stand point but also offer great value for the money in comparison to a Big Healey.


The example on offer here, Chassis # GCN1U2276G was delivered new as a Primrose over Black example and was fitted from the factory with Wire wheels, overdrive, and still retains its original engine. Early History on this example is not 100% known between 1968 through the late 1970’s. We assume that by at least 1975, a Mr. Peter George of West Port, CT was the 2nd caretaker.  Throughout Mr. George’s ownership in CT we see consistent service and mileage progression and judging by both the service receipts present and the condition of the car it was used during the warmer months and was never a languishing example. It presents far more like a CA car than a car from the Northeast, and through the service receipts, current condition, and long term ownership we can assess that this example was indeed a prized possession of its long time owner.   By 1981 the clock showed 62,885 miles and was regularly being serviced by the experts at Automotive Restorations of Stratford, CT. During the late 1980’s we notice the addition of the currently installed Triple Weber Carburetors, at which time other items were tended to as well. Including a total engine rebuilt and updating of all systems in the car as well as light respray. All perfectly documented.  The car stayed with Mr. George and under the care of Automotive Restorations until apx. 2002 when receipts from Automotive Restorations amounted to put the car in total order for re-sale. During all of these years the car received as much care as possible, by professionals and all under the care of a very enthusiastic owner.


In 2003 the car traded hands from Peter George to a Mr. Scott Eldredge of Abington, PA. Upon his new acquisition the car was immediately enjoyed and regularly serviced by Marque Specialist Ragtops and Roadsters of Perkasie, PA. While at Ragtops, invoices from 2003-2012 show consistent servicing for minor items and was always kept in order, everything from axel boots, to light bulbs, tires, bearings to a total brake job. This particular MGC from 1975 until today has never seen any lapse in service nor has it ever languished for any period of time other than the winter months. Mr. Eldredge enjoyed this example until its sale to the current owner in 2013 who has decided only recently to thin his extensive collection of British Sports Cars.


Today we have an MGC that is impressive to say the least, this is not a perfect show winning car, a trailer queen or a nut and bolt restored example with $100K in receipts. Rather it’s a car comprised of proper care, character, and overall a “good old car” that has never been hit, rusty, rough or ever in need of any sort of restoration work. Cars like this don’t come along often, and neither do people who understand why a car like this is of more value than a restored car. Minor instances where one can note the originality of this car include the presence of factory red primer under the original paint in the engine bay, boot, and door jams. The underside of the car has been undercoated when new, then never touched and as a result factory red primer is everywhere where the undercoating missed. A very rare occurrence but a sign of a truly good car that has always been the way it is today.


Cosmetically the car presents very well, it is straight down the sides with good gaps, acceptable rubber, original glass and nice but not perfect chrome. The paint is shiny overall, consistent, but does show some signs of age in a couple of spots. Nothing that warrants refinishing if one is seeking a great driver, but less than perfect and certainly in need of disclosure.  The door operation, panel fit, and door fit is all fantastic and operationally correct. The hood we noticed is a touch off and it would benefit from further adjustment.


Upon entering the interior we see clean and very original door jams with red factory primer present under any minor chips or blemishes. The sills are clean and the seats show nicely with light patina as does the rest of the interior. The carpets are nice as are the kick panels, dash, dash top all accessories and gauges. The underside of the dash is tidy, original and untouched overall. Removal of the rubber mats show original floors still showing their original sound proofing/insulation from the factory. The steering wheel is most certainly the original and was wrapped some time ago. It is most likely blemished underneath from years of use, but goes with the car and adds to the character and consistency of an original. The top appears to be the original and is in excellent condition overall as are the top bows, mounting easily and presenting well.


The engine bay is excellent for an original driver, adorned with original paint a somewhat shinier than new valve cover and of course the Triple Weber Carburetors really set it off. All of the systems appear well serviced and are in correct working order. The engine bay overall is a mix of original and well tended to making for a very nice thing overall. Inspection of the body section in this area also shows that is has never been hit or rusty. The trunk is also fantastic, original clamps on the gas filler neck are present and the original paint shows nicely without any signs of any rust currently or previously.


Starting this MGC is easy, the Webers are properly dialed in and it starts quickly. Once warm the oil pressure under load is always into the 50’s and at idle right around 20, the temperature would be hard pressed to see about the half way mark and in general everything about the car seems completely dialed in. The steering has no play the suspension feels tight thanks to a Koni Conversion, the brakes are dialed in and overall we have a car that is in perfect working order. It doesn’t smoke, over heat, run too rich or lean and overall is a snappy, powerful car with plenty of torque. The wires feel nicely balanced as well and have been recently wrapped with new tires.  Our only complaint is the oil pressure sensor, it appears to lack responsiveness randomly and the unit may need to be addressed. It is purely a result of an old sending unit, not of a lack of oil pressure.


Overall this is an excellent opportunity to acquire an MGC that has been cared for incredibly well with known ownership history and only enthusiast custodians.  It retains high points of originality and has been perfectly serviced over the years with documentation to prove it. A recently rebuilt motor mated to Webers, and a 4-speed with flawless overdrive all culminates to an experience for the driving enthusiast that easily marks the perfect combination of what one seeks in a great drivers car, classic car, and a car worth buying to hold and enjoy for years to come. Included in the sale are service records from 1979 through 2013, original owners manual and advertising documentation, a spare, hammer, and a BMIHT Certificate.


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