The Overview

Alfa Romeo has long been known for their illustrious supercharged grand-prix cars of the 1930′s and 40′s. Even into the early 1950′s they were still very much considered an upscale acquisition for those seeking racing pedigree for the road.  Success at the world’s most prestigious race tracks, road races and endurance races has always upheld there high standard of performance and engineering.  However, it was evident that Alfa Romeo would need a new volume based and less expensive flagship to keep the company progressive and competitive across the market ranges in this new post-war market place. In 1954 the Giulietta was introduced to the world. Offered in various formats, it can be said the most popular and stylish was that of the Pininfarina Designed Giulietta Spider when introduced in late 1955; offered in both Normale and Veloce Specification. The company sold 100K’s of Giuliettas in many different formats, and while the Veloce offered a touch more power for the sporting enthusiast, the Normale’ was unbeatable as a daily driver and a sports car that was versatile and didn’t require the high revs of a Veloce to keep things fun.   The 101 Series, ranging from late 1959-1965 saw only 14,300 examples of the Giuliette Normale produced, with far less expected to have survived today.


The example on offer here, Chassis # AR149511857, according to Alfa Romeo Centro Documentazione was produced on September 15th, 1960 and sold new on April 5th 1961 in NYC, most likely by Max Hoffman. Factory records show that it was also produced in its current shade of Red.  Early history beyond this is unfortunately unknown. We can presume that by the mid 1980’s or possibly earlier the car was in long term ownership in the state of Iowa. By 2004 if was acquired by a Luigi Giordani of Snowmass, CO. Mr. Giordani reportedly spent $35K during a sympathetic restoration which included a total strip and repaint, new interior and top, new chrome, and sorting of the motor/trans as well as all related components.  We have noted that the car carries a peppy and well cared for 1600cc Engine from a later Giulia, Engine # AR0011203056. We presume it has carried this motor for quite some time, and was tended to as well during the restoration.  By 2007 the car passed to its most recent collector custodian in Washington, DC, the mileage at this time was 52,013. The car then resided in a very large European Sports Car collection and the owner rarely drove the car. However in the summer of 2012 the car received a fuel system overhaul as well as a fluids change, and total brake overhaul along with new tires to put the car back in order as an excellent driver worthy of showing and touring. He drove the car a few times during that summer and then placed it back in the collection only enjoying it on occasion. Today the car reports 52,257 miles, hardly totaling 250 miles since 2007. However, it has been kept in a climate controlled showroom environment since and well tended to as needed.


Cosmetically the car shows nicely, the paint is clearly newer and consistent throughout with hardly any blemishes of concern noted. The chrome shows brightly, though a piece or two appears to be original and less than perfect. All of the rubber on the car appears to be new as well. The panel fitment, door gaps and operation are all excellent overall. The wheels are nicely finished and wrapped in fresh tires as well. Overall the current cosmetic condition is excellent and should be considered a very nice driver that could easily be shown or driven in its current state. The only blemishes are a less than perfect windscreen and the rear trunk appears to be up a touch on the passenger side rear edge, both easily fixable but worth mention.


Upon entering the interior one can note very clean door jams on both sides, good sills, and correctly trimmed. The seats appear to be newer with hardly any use and the dash and gauges original but in good overall condition. The dash top is also correctly crinkle finished and shows only a scratch or two. The steering wheel is quite obviously original and ads a nice patina to the interior. The floors under the new mats are rust free and solid originals. The door cards and window mechanisms work well as does the rest of the interior accessories and gauges etc… The top is newer and in excellent condition as well. One item to note is that the cars produced in 1960 are the only ones to have a fixed top to the rear deck, hence the holes. It has been position this way in the photos to show the condition of the rear deck but will be put back to it’s correct position when sold.


Opening the hood reveals a tidy engine bay that is very much consistent with the rest of the car. The engine and its surroundings are clean and could be further detailed to a show level if desired.  Everything from the wiring, to carburetion and all related components appear very much in order and well serviced.  We have taken note of the missing VIN tag on the underside of the hood, which is unfortunate. We have confirmed though that the original stamping on the firewall is correct for this car as an interim built 101 Giulietta. The trunk is much like the engine bay, nicely painted throughout with a correct mat in place as well. The correct Pininfarina stamping is in the trunk as well and overall the joints and corners show that the car was never hit nor had metal work done.


The underside of the car appears very solid throughout with straight rockers, solid floors and thin metal on the front and rear valances and fenders. Everything appears correct overall with the stamping on the transmission and rear end correct for the year. We have noted that the rear axle straps have torn and are in need of replacement. While the underside is undercoated we have poked around to ensure it is solid and can confirm that this was done as the car was always meant to be a driver rather than a show car and as such it is not finely detailed on the underside.


Upon starting the car we notice, like all Alfa’s it is cold blooded. Once warm however it shows excellent oil pressure and quick peppy throttle response. The clutch engages nicely as does selecting the gears and the brakes also feel strong under heavy braking. Overall the car feels as if its in order but really needs some driving time to get back into its stride. Hopefully the next care taker will use this example often as that is really the only thing it needs to be a great car.


This is an excellent opportunity to acquire what is perhaps the best combination for a driver quality Giulietta, upgraded power, well sorted, finished in its original colors and really ideal for rallys and tours. Please inquire with any additional interest.