The Overview

With well over 100 years of motoring behind mankind, there are only a few cars that have etched themselves into history as timeless. Cars that are still produced today with the same DNA and accolades of the original that kicked off their success all those years ago. Porsche is easily at the top, the 911 is perhaps the longest running production car of all time, next to the corvette. It’s a simple formula that works, and because it works so well there is no real need to change its iconic characteristics, only to improve upon.  Though design started in 1959 and the first prototype wasn’t launched until 1963/64 the World came to know the first 911 in 1965. Since evolution can best be defined within the Porsche 911, we can trace the cars roots from today back it its inception. From a contemporary, collectors/enthusiasts standpoint the Pre-73 911’s stand out as the most desirable, interesting, and purest of the breed. Thus, most collectible, exhilarating and raw in their delivery of a driving experience as originally intended by “Butzi” Porsche.


The example on offer here is a 1971 Porsche 911T and is one of three road going variants offered in 1971. The customer had the option of the very quick base model “T”, upgraded “E”, or the Fuel Injected and rather intense “S”. While many colors and options were available, this example, Chassis # 9111102695 is finished in “2424” Burgundy over a black interior. Most interesting are the factory options of an Electric Sunroof, Rear Wiper, 5-Speed, and rear defroster; a very rare and desirable combination of colors and options.  From our examination of the old title and accompanying documentation it appears that this is indeed a 2 owner example.  A Dr. Ival Thomas of Coeburn, Virginia was its second enthusiast owner.  Dr. Thomas received his MD in 1969 and by 1970 found himself in Vietnam where he served as a Captain until 1972. It was shortly after, that he purchased this 911T from a Dealer in Troutville, VA. A celebratory drive to his home in Denver, Colorado was embarked on where it was kept as the family’s weekend sports car over the years, enjoyed, driven, and well serviced as a prized possession.


As far as we can decipher it was also co-owned by a Jerry Thomas, Ival’s brother.  Receipts during The Thomas’s ownership show consistent care with Porsche Specialists or Dealers in both Colorado and his other home in Virginia. By September of 1983 the mileage reported by LHB Porsche+Audi in Vienna, VA was 39,459. During March of 1985 at 48,980 miles, European Auto Sport of Waynesboro, VA was given the task of a total engine rebuild that consisted of removal of the engine, total breakdown, and was rebuilt from the rod bearings up, all at a cost of nearly $4,000. One year later the car had seen substantial use showing 53,647 miles as reported by Nine Lives Porsche, LTD of Denver Colorado where it was serviced in June of 1986. At the time a leak down test was performed showing a consistent 8% on all 6-Cylinders substantiating that the engine rebuild was done well and was performing superbly.  Consistent service and care is evident through 1986, then used sparingly until a tune-up and service receipt from July of 1993. It is at this time that we believe the car was put into proper dry storage with minimal use over the years.


The next instance of record shows that in 2010 the car was shipped from Dr. Thomas to his brother in VA for a total strip and repaint, servicing, and interior. It was noted at the time up pickup by the carrier that it was indeed a running driving car. A Light restoration of a very good, rust free, straight and original car was completed with receipts present for many parts ordered from Auto Atlanta to complete the task. Almost a year later, the car was finished presenting beautifully as a restored example with fresh and correct Burgundy paint, a new and very correct interior, with all mechanical systems tended to and put in order as well.  Restored and freshened as a turnkey example for Dr. Thomas to enjoy once more it was returned to him in Colorado in September of 2011.  Upon his unfortunate passing in August of 2013 Dr. Thomas’s beloved 911 is now available from single family ownership after 35 years of care and enjoyment.


Today the car shows cosmetically as a nicely restored example done to high standards. The panel fitment, gaps, and door operation is superb with the “Porsche ping” present upon closing the doors. The car is straight down the sides and only has one or two minor blemishes to be noted as captured in the photos. All of the rubber components are newer and are in good condition overall, the glass is original and is free of any major defects. The chrome surrounding the windows is clearly original, lightly scratched in places, but nothing that warrants refinishing. Overall the cosmetic appearance, quality, and presentation of this 911T are superb as a car that could be shown or driven.


Upon entering the black interior one notes clean door jams and sills. The seats are nicely refinished and present as correct, as does the dash, headliner, carpets, rear seats etc…  Everything has been nicely tended to with the correct materials, finishes etc… The installation was done correctly and items are tight where they should be and overall it is a pleasant place to be with no items of concern noted. The only blemish that may bother it’s next caretaker is the presence of the typical dash top speaker area which does have a small crack, as is common with many of these cars. The odometer reports 61,947 miles, and the oil pressure gauge always shows healthy pressure. All of the interior systems appear to be in proper working order with nothing out of place. Even the sunroof works correctly, without fault, as does the incredibly rare rear wiper.


The front trunk is a trouble spot for most of these cars, it’s the number one place where one can determine both the history and condition of a 911. This car is solid through and through retaing all of its original spot welds and metal throughout and very well preserved overall. There is a small spot of surface rust on the front pan, but it is merely a day job and is not to be considered an issue worth concern by any means. Otherwise the front trunk presents very well as an original with nothing out of place or tampered with.


The engine bay is of the same consistency with correct factory finishes throughout, clearly original. Everything appears correct, not perfect or concours, but functional and perfectly acceptable for a car that car be driven and enjoyed at a moment’s notice. Further detailing would certainly bring the engine bay to a better level but the current condition is excellent overall. It retains the correct and original Zenith Carburetors. We have also taken notice that the rear hatch hinges are a duller shade of Burgundy, which is factory correct for a 911.


Exploring the undercarriage of this 911 and the structure overall reveals that it is a car that has 100% never been rusty, hit, or tampered with in anyway. It retains its original floors, rockers, front pan, valences and fenders. While the car was cosmetically restored, the underside was left in its original form and is free of any blemishes and retains a highly original presentation. The wheel wells are clean and all surfaces appear to have the proper coatings as well. The rockers are straight and close inspection reveals the sills/rockers as connected to the floors are the original as indicated by the many factory spot welds.


While the North East weather has prevented us from enjoying this 911 as we usually do with all of our cars, we did sneak it out for a drive when the roads where dry enough.  It started easily, ran well and didn’t blow any smoke once warm, like most. It made great power and everything seemed to be in working order, firm, tight, and quick to respond overall.  It will no doubt prove to be a great performer once the weather turn or if it finds a new home in a warmer climate.


Overall this is an excellent opportunity to acquire a 71 911T that has had a well defined past and represents today as a numbers matching example with hints of originality and quality all pointing to a good car prior to its restoration.  Add in a the very rare factory options of a sunroof, rear wiper, great colors and in its current turn key condition and one has an opportunity worth much consideration, a very rare Porsche and a great chance to capture a 911 before the rising market puts them out of reach.


Included in the sale are 4 sets of factory keys (two red, two black), original manual in pouch, many service records, tool pouch (with non original tools), spare and jack. Please inquire with any additional interest.


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