The Overview

The Shelby Cobra needs little to no introduction, it’s the reason we have many of the performance cars we have today, it broke all the rules and firmly planted the Unite States in the international racing scene as a serious contender. Carroll Shelby’s contribution to automotive history will always be one of the greats. As such the competition 427 cars have retained iconic status and today are must haves for collectors privileged enough to find and afford one.  It is no surprise that the Shelby Cobra today is the most replicated car of all time, and is offered by many different companies.


The car on offer here however represents an opportunity above and beyond the usual “replica” as we know it. This is a true CSX Shelby Cobra, completed by Shelby American from the same jigs, hands, and workshops of the original cars. Utilizing every component the originals had, but with up to date and stronger alloys, tighter fitting accessories, and overall extraordinary build quality.  These continuation CSX4000 cars are certainly a special offering from the Shelby works, and are as real and true as the originals producing all of the same smiles on those fortunate enough to enjoy one.


Offered in the classic Elliot Red with Wimbledon White LeMans Stripes, this Competition specification 427 Cobra was produced at Shelby American in Las Vegas, NV and ordered as it is seen today. It was then shipped to Bill Andrews of HRE Motor Cars to have its all aluminum 427 fitted. Fed by a dual quad wedge type intake with Holly Carburetors with period correct Stellings Type air cleaners, this very period correct style power plant has been dynode at nearly 545hp. Power to the wheels is by way of a Tremec 5-Speed but in keeping with the original style retains an original style shifting set up and knob. The wide deep-set Halibrand knock offs are wrapped with correct Good Year billboards. The AP Racing Brakes are hidden but put to good use in stopping this incredible machine.


We can record just less than 5,000 miles from new and approximately 3 owners. The cosmetic condition of the car overall shows hints of use but is basically flawless otherwise. The fiberglass is in excellent condition, all of the chrome appears to be nearly new with all glass and rubber components in excellent condition. The correct knock off wheels are free of blemishes and the paint is consistent throughout with a deep luster. As this car has been enjoyed, there are a few blemishes to be noted. There is a chip here or there, but nothing out of the ordinary or of major concern. The panel fitment and gaps are excellent as expected from a factory built hand crafted performance car. The care and methods applied to these cars set them far apart form there Factory Five or other reproductions. The CSX continuation car is truly that, with no compromise in quality.


Upon entering the interior, one will notice clean door jams and very smooth, well hung doors, with easy operation and shut utilizing original style latches. The interior is nearly immaculate, very clean, very correct, right down the seat adjustment knob. A modern set of Simpson harnesses have been installed for safety as well as a mounted fire extinguisher. The seats are plush leather, and the dash correctly outfitted with the correct style Smiths gauges. Other correct items include a wood rim Shelby Steering Wheel, the ubiquitous chrome roll hoop, and optional wind wings.


Upon starting CSX4092 it is evident there is plenty of power, of which becomes a reality when one goes through the gears. This is a seriously fast car, and absolutely resembles the originals abilities and intent. The clutch, shifting, and brake operation is all without fault, all gauges read as they should and there are no issues to be reported.


CSX4092 is a rare occasion for the collector or enthusiast seeking a real Shelby Cobra without the price tag. These continuation cars are every bit as real, incredible to drive and offer a true collectible car that won’t disappoint. Complete with Tonneau cover, car cover, and all of the elements one would expect in a real 427 Cobra such as this, CSX4092 is worth much consideration.