• Chassis # 1812155
  • Engine # 1812155
  • A Numbers Matching, Highly Original, And Untouched Example In Good Running Order
  • Sporting A Beautiful Time-Worn And Unrepeatable Patina
  • Equipped With A Desirable Schorsch Meier Fuel Tank
  • Ready To Be Enjoyed And Spark Up Conversations And Smiles Anywhere You Go
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This car is currently located in: Pontiac, MI

The Overview

BMW originally built its brand by producing aircraft engines in the early 1900s before entering the motorcycle market in the 1920s. With durability and reliability quickly becoming one of their hallmarks, BMW motorcycles gained a reputation for long-distance touring, as popularized by author Robert Pirsig in his famous book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” in which Pirsig rides a BMW R60 across the United States. 

The BMW R60 was first introduced in 1956 and was later updated slightly in 1960 with the release of the R60/2. Mechanically, the R60/2 boasted the same 594cc, horizontally opposed, twin-cylinder engine as its predecessor but with the addition of a few more horsepower. The bike featured the iconic Earles front fork, a unique and innovative design that provided exceptional stability, especially during long rides or when a sidecar was mounted to the machine. Later iterations included the first telescopic forks, which would be further developed and carried on to later models. The drivetrain incorporated a shaft drive system, reducing maintenance needs and offering a clean and efficient power transfer. The R60/2’s engineering excellence was complemented beautifully by its timeless aesthetic, one of the key points that still draws collectors to these machines so many years later. 

Today, vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors continue to appreciate the R60/2 for its iconic and timeless styling, reliable performance, and ease of use. Pricing for early postwar airhead models has seen a healthy increase over the last few years, with more and more collectors being drawn to the classic looks combined with modern useability. Well-preserved examples, especially those with matching numbers and original components, continue to garner a premium in the collector’s market. Many examples have undergone restoration by those looking to cash in on the continuing rise in pricing, and as such, original examples are proving harder and harder to find. 

The example on offer here, Chassis # 1812155, is a numbers matching 1967 BMW R60/2. It is a highly original and largely untouched example that runs and rides very nicely while displaying a fantastic time-worn patina throughout the machine. Almost all of the original and correct components are currently still equipped on the bike, including all the truly hard to find items. The odometer reads 7,881 miles, and although we cannot confirm this mileage, judging by the untouched nature of the machine, it is certainly plausible that these miles could be original. It is currently equipped with some great options, including a Schorsch Meier fuel tank, bar end turn signals, a lower crash bar, and a solo saddle seat. In addition, it has a period-correct aftermarket exhaust that gives it a more aggressive sound. 

Chassis 2155 was built on 1/4/1967 and delivered to Butler & Smith on 7/19/1967. The current owner and consignor is a certified airhead junky and has recently decided to make it his full-time life pursuit to work and restore these fantastic machines and has since started a business called Kickstart Restorations based in Wolverine Lake, MI. He acquired this example, pretty much as you see it cosmetically today, in October of 2021 from a short-term owner who purchased the bike from an estate where it had been owned for over 30 years. Chassis 2155 had been clearly sitting in protected storage for a good while at the time of purchase, given its current looks but overall very solid condition. Despite its slumbered appearance, with a little bit of work and the proper fluids changed, this fantastic R60/2 fired to life just as it should. 

When the current owner and consignor received this R60/2, he undertook basic safety and functionality servicing in order to make the bike running and roadworthy. Service items include rebuilding the carburetors, a general tuneup (fluids changed, timing checked, and gaps set properly), a fuel system service (new fuel lines and cleaning of the gas tank), new tires and tubes, a new battery, replacing burnt-out bulbs, and rebuilding the horn. Great care was taken to preserve the untouched nature of the machine during this process. All the ancillary components were looked over and inspected, and although some appear more aged than others, the machine is solid, and everything works as it should. There are, of course, obvious imperfections scattered throughout the machine that come with the territory of an original and untouched example. It now runs and rides very well and should no doubt provide some safe and fantastic around-town motoring. If longer trips or touring are desired, we would recommend going through the bike a bit further to ensure proper reliability, a suggestion we would make on any machine about to undergo long journeys. 

As it sits today, this bike represents something very unique in today’s collectible motorcycle world, a running and riding example with the scruffy “barn-find” aesthetic that many seek out. Its looks provide a beautiful and unique view back into time and are sure to turn heads and prompt conversation no matter where its future riders go. Although we would strongly recommend against it, this R60/2 would also make an excellent candidate for a full restoration as the completeness and untouched nature of the bike means all the hard-to-locate parts are already there, should one choose to pursue this route. The real beauty of this bike, though,  lies in its unique nature, the time-worn and unrepeatable patina that gives it character and truly sets it apart from anything else on the road.

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