• Chassis # WPOZZZ962PS815259
  • 1 Of 1232 Produced Worldwide
  • A French Market Example Showing Just 68,000 KM From New
  • Finished In "Speed Yellow" with Matching Body Colored Hardback Sport Seats
  • Factory Equipped With A/C, LSD, Standard Bucket Seats, And No Sunroof
  • Sale Includes Factory Books, Spare, and Jack, Porsche COA, As Well As Available Service Records
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The Overview

When Porsche released the 968 in 1991, it was the last of a few things, including the last new front-engined Porsche until the Cayenne arrived in 2003 and the last of a series of water-cooled front-engine rear-wheel drive models that began in 1976 with the 924 and later the 944. While the 968 was supposed to be yet another revised model of the 944, dubbed the S3, Porsche decided it would be best to make it its own model thanks to the significant changes the engineers had made to the chassis.

To appease those with a love for speed, Porsche released a lightweight version of the 968 dubbed the “Clubsport” from October 1992 to 1995. Many of the luxury features of the 968 were removed or made an option in pursuit of sheer performance. The car had less sound deadening, manual windows, manually adjustable lightweight Recaro racing seats a revised and lowered suspension system, wider 17-inch wheels, a thicker, three-spoke sports steering wheel with no airbag, non-heated washer jets, no engine bay vanity covers, no rear wiper, no rear seats, and a smaller battery. 1993 Clubsport models were only available in Grand Prix White, Black, Speed Yellow, Guards Red, or Maritime Blue with matching seat backs. Clubsport decals were standard in either black, red, or white, but they could also be deleted if wanted.

The 968 CS used the same 3.0 L M44 I4 engine from the regular 968 backed by either a 6-speed manual, which this one is equipped with, or 4-speed Tiptronic automatic. The Clubsport weighed 2,910 lb (1,320 kg), or around 220 lb (~100 kg) lighter than the regular 968, which gave it a 5.6 second 0-60 mph time and a top speed of 162 mph (260 km/h).

Clubsport models were only available in the UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia, and a total of 1232 were produced over three years.

This particular example, Chassis # WPOZZZ962PS815259, was first registered in August 1993 in the Netherlands. It was painted in Speed Yellow over a Black/Speed Yellow Leatherette & Cloth interior, the same color scheme it wears today. Options included Equipment for France, a higher amperage battery, the rare limited-slip differential, air conditioning, and the anti-theft package, according to the Porsche Production Specifications document. It was very well maintained throughout the years, with a plethora of service records attesting to this.

Some significant service records to note are new adjustable Koni shocks from V.D. Gugten in Bodegraven, Netherlands, in March of 2013 and new timing belts from RS Motors Porsche Centre West-Vlaanderen in Ingelmunster, Belgium, on July 5th of 2018.

Around 2018, the car was imported into New Hampshire, where it was enjoyed until we acquired it sometime in June of 2023. We entrusted Mark Cavanaugh in Beverly, NJ, with performing the few services this 968 CS needed to be as perfect as it could be. Items included new door handle gaskets, windshield wipers, lower plastics, thermostat & seals, wheelhouse liners, power steering reservoir & hose, along with a few hose clamps, minor touchups, and repairs.

If a track car is what you’re after, you cannot go wrong with a Porsche 968 CS, especially one with the LSD option like this one. The difference in handling will absolutely be clear over one without the LSD, and the impact of the 220 lb loss over the regular 968 is hard to overstate. Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the original owner’s manual, tool kit, factory brochures, German paperwork, the service records on file, and an extra set of keys.

The Details


body and paint

This example was treated to a full repaint some time ago, and currently, the paint remains in excellent condition with a deep, consistent shine that looks great even up close. The body is straight down the sides with no noticeable dents or door dings. The door open and shut as they should with the correct Porsche 968 sound. The hood was removed at some point, likely for painting, and is ever so slightly out of alignment, and the factory stickers on the underside of the hood were removed. The bumpers have an acceptable fit though the seals are not seated perfectly, as is common with most 968s. There are some rough edges in the door jams showing evidence of paintwork as expected. Overall, the paint and body are that of an excellent driver, with nothing serious to note besides minor imperfections.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be all original, including the windshield with Sekurit etchings on each pane. The windshield has a fair amount of peppering and one chip that was filled in at some point. The driver’s side window has some light scratches, as does the passenger window though not as bad. Nothing that warrants changing but notable nonetheless. The trim is in good condition, with some slight aging in some areas. We had the rocker trim replaced as well as the door handle trim, which are all now excellent. The trim around the windows is nice and supple though the door seal trim on both sides is slightly aged. The rubber trim on the top corner of the rear hatch is slightly deformed but acceptable. Overall, it is our opinion that none of the trim needs further attention. The headlights are correct Bosch units and in good condition. Brake lights and turn signals are also in good shape, with only minor stone peppering.


The wheels have all been refinished and present well, with only very small blemishes here and there upon very close inspection. Nothing that warrants any further attention. The brake calipers are excellent, with no fading or chips.

notable flaws

A few chips can be found on the passenger side quarter panel trailing edge next to the brake light. Some slight fish eyes in the driver’s side door jam and on top of the quarter panel. In the passenger side door jam, there is a small penny-sized blemish above the door latch that was touched up, likely due to rubbing at some point. There are also a few touched-up paint chips on the front bumper. The rear bumper has a small one-inch scuff on the edge of the license plate and a couple of tiny touched-up chips though overall, nothing really warrants attention at the current time.


seats and surfaces

The interior of the car is highly original and in excellent condition. The dash is crack free, the gauge cluster is clear, and all of the gauges work correctly. The steering wheel is excellent and appears to have either been recovered at some point, or it is a new wheel, as the material is just too nice looking/feeling to be original. The bucket seat material is excellent, save for some very slight wear on the driver's side bolster and a small half-inch tear on the seat back, only noticeable upon close inspection. The LCD clock has some bleeding, as is common for these 968s, so the time is tough to read. The carpets appear all original and are very nice. There is some wear and tear on the driver’s side kick panel and the leading edge of the carpet as the carpet starts to go vertical on both sides, likely due to people accidentally hitting that area as they get in/out of the car. The door panels are in good condition, with only the driver's side manual window crank being slightly loose though it operates just fine. The headliner is in excellent shape, as are the visors.

functionality and accessories

Everything appears to work in the interior. Dome light, gauge cluster dimmer, fog lights, normal lights, turn signals, brake lights, radio turns on, heat, central locking system, and the A/C was just serviced, though, on very hot days, it struggles to keep the cabin cool. It does appear that the trip odometer reset does not currently function, a common problem with this item during this era of cars.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is very clean and tidy, with no obvious issues or unsightly blemishes. It appears to be largely original and correct. The hood struts work well, which is always a welcome addition to any Porsche vehicle!

trunk area

The trunk area is excellent, with the factory options code sticker still affixed to the rear of the car. The space-saver spare wheel is intact, and there are no unsightly items to note. We do believe the pull handle for the trunk release is incorrect, as it should be a T-handle type release. The trunk carpet looks slightly newer as well. The hatch struts work well as they should.


The underside reflects that of a good driver with no serious issues or rust besides some minor corrosion on the nuts and bolts, as well as a few areas of the transaxle. The undersides of the Club Sports had less protective coatings from the factory, so they are susceptible to more aging. Overall, it is presentable and would look even better with a dry ice blast detail.



The engine cold starts with ease and settles down to a smooth idle. The engine sounds very healthy and accelerates freely throughout the RPM range in each gear. The power is smooth and consistent, with no stumbling.


The transmission shifts smoothly with no issues. The clutch engages a little high but does not slip. There is no grinding or difficulty shifting into any gear.

brakes and suspension

The steering is sharp and without issues. The brakes feel strong, free from chattering or fading. The suspension also feels firm and precise.


The tires are supple with good tread life left but are dated 2012 and 2011, so we would suggest replacing them. They are Continental SportContact 2 tires all the way around.

notable flaws

As noted above, the A/C was just serviced, though, on hot days, it struggles to keep the cabin cool.

driving experience

This example drives extremely well. It tracks straight down the road, makes excellent power, and attacks corners with predictable Club Sport precision. The 968 CS is the perfect marriage of manageable power and capable comfort, free from the frills of modern Porsches, which can tend to lose their sports purpose. The Club Sport has everything you need and nothing you don’t!