• Chassis # HLS30-51707
  • Engine # L24-162870
  • A Matching Numbers Example
  • Finished In Nissan's Iconic Fire Red With A Black Interior
  • Featuring A Recent Thorough And Highly Correct Cosmetic And Mechanical Restoration
  • A Beautiful Collector Grade Version Of Datsun's Iconic 240Z
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This car is currently located in: Pontiac, MI

The Overview

There are two sports cars that come to mind when the name Nissan is mentioned; the Skyline GTR and the original performance GT machine, the 240Z. The Nissan 240Z, internally known as the Nissan S30 and sold in Japan as the Fairlady Z, is a grand touring sports car produced from the late 60s through the late 70s. President of Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A., Yutaka Katayama conceived and lent a hand in designing the grand tourer that resulted in the first installment of Z cars to come. 

The 240Z was aimed directly at European sports cars like the MGB-GT and was initially priced within $200 of its competition. Quickly resonating with the public, the 240Z’s styling, performance, and price received positive press from both buyers and journalists alike. It also immediately generated long waiting lists. As a halo car for the brand, it broadened Japanese car-makers scope outside of just economy cars. 

All variants of the S30 came with  four-wheel independent suspension consisting of McPhearson struts in the front and Chapman struts in the rear. Stopping was accomplished through the use of disc brakes up front and drums in the rear. The 240Z made use of twin SU-style hibachi one-barrel side-draft carburetors for a total output of 151 hp. Which is nearly 50 hp more than its main rival, the MGB-GT

Given their relatively low price when new, Nissan 240Zs in good condition are few and far between. Going further, 240Z’s restored to a high standard are nearly impossible to come across. We believe that the market has yet to see the peak value of the 240Z, especially since they were so cheap when brand new, as well as the years following its initial release. Given their low initial pricing, many of these cars fell into disrepair or were modified to the point of no return, leaving original or restored examples containing all their factory-correct components highly desirable.  

The 1972 Datsun 240Z on offer here, chassis #HLS30-51707, is finished in Nissan’s Fire Red. Currently, the 5-digit odometer displays 16,623 indicated miles. This example underwent full mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment about 6 years ago. The entire car was stripped to bare metal, with the engine receiving a comprehensive rebuild as well as the interior being partially refreshed. As it sits today, the car is in wonderful shape. Each panel lines up nicely, the paint has really nice depth and shine, and the car runs great with the engine revving extremely freely. The previous owner performed various reliability updates over his ownership, such as an updated oil pump and feed tubes and a new clutch fan. There were also some additions done for correctness, with new rear hatch shocks, fresh OEM rubber bumper strips, and OEM tow hooks for the front of the vehicle being added. This car represents a rare opportunity to own a collector grade 240Z that has been lovingly and carefully restored to a high degree with careful and fastidious ownership since, leaving it in excellent condition and a pure blast to drive out on the road.  

This 240Z comes complete with a spare set of very hard-to-come-by aluminum rear drums, as well as a front and rear lip spoiler that are paint-matched for the car.  

The Details


body and paint

Overall the paint on this 240Z presents very nicely. Though not original it was professionally redone about 4 years ago and is in good condition and remains nice and consistent throughout. The panels line up nicely around the car, and the body is straight. The only slight panel misalignment to note is the trunk hatch, which is common on these.

glass and trim

The glass and trim has all also been replaced during the full restoration of the vehicle and is in very good condition throughout. The rubber trim is deep, dark, and shiny. The brightwork all looks really good as well with a great shine and smooth finish.


While not the correct OEM types, The wheels are period correct and they are fully refinished showing no signs of wear and curbing.


seats and surfaces

The interior is a combination of carefully refurbished and original materials. Many of the switchgear and other touch points such as the steering wheel and door handles are still original to the car, while others such as the seats and dash are OEM replacements. Overall the appearance is in wonderful condition and has little in the way of flaws, very tidy. The doors, kick panels, center console and dash are all in excellent condition. There are no real flaws to report beyond minor wear.

functionality and accessories

All switches and dials work as they should. The choke on the transmission tunnel properly functions, the interior fans work but the radio is not responsive. All interior lights such as dash backlight, hazard light and defroster light work properly.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents nicely, containing new hoses and lines throughout. During the car’s recent restoration, the entire engine was torn down and skillfully built back up utilizing correct parts throughout. As it sits today it presents in fantastic and highly correct condition.

trunk area

The trunk area is clean and tidy with the correct black carpet and leather top hat covers over the strut towers. The leather is deep and black with no signs of cracking or peeling.


The underside presents very nicely. It is clean throughout with no signs of leakage or corrosion which typically plague these.



The engine benefits from a full rebuild with freshly tuned carburetors. It fires to life immediately and idles smoothly. The engine revs incredibly freely and accelerates smoothly all the way to redline with no hiccups or stumbling.


The transmission and clutch feel excellent, with crisp shifts and no slippage.

brakes and suspension

The brakes are strong and stop the car straight. The suspension feels good, and there are no odd noises or suspect motions.


The tires are Ohtsu FP0612 A/S dated from 2019 with plenty of tread left.

driving experience

We took the car on about an hour drive and it ran perfectly. It was probably the longest drive it had had in a few years and it enjoyed the miles. As the time passed the car ran better and better. The car handles well and it was stable on the highway. It was a pleasure to drive.

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