The Overview

The Austin Healey 3000 has long been revered as the quintessential English Sports Car. Some would say that the E-Type could claim that, or even the MG but the reality is today what it was then, the Austin Healey 3000 presents enthusiasts with options. You could have 6-Cylinders, 2 and 4-seats, open top motoring, and a price point perfectly placed between the MG and the E-Type that gave way to a very large fan base of buyers all over the world. 50 plus years later, and the situation has not changed much, especially with inflated prices on E-Types, the Healey has yet again become an obvious and sensible choice for those looking to rekindle their youth, or simply have a fun old sports car in their garage.


The example on offer here, chassis number HBJ8L37454 has benefited from a total restoration by marque specialist, Knut Holzer of British Motor Corp. The car has been comprehensively restored to as new condition, with a few modifications to give it further usability. This example has quicker acceleration and shifting, a fully built engine, as well as a 5-speed transmission. Finished in a notably unique color combination of Aston Martin California Sage Green over an eggshell interior (upgraded to leather), making this Healey a serious contender at any concours event, tour, or rally as a unique example. It is recognized that the exterior paint is not the original color however, it would be considered period correct. During that last years of Austin Healey, Donald Healey produced only 2 MKIII’s in this color as a sort of porotype paint sample but was not a color officially offered and never was. Even though this initiative was never fully implemented, this example is a thoughtful testament to the well-respected Donald Healey.


Cosmetically, the car is in 1- condition with every panel free of dents, scratches, or flaws with excellent shut gaps. The Robert Standox paint is deep, shines magnificently, and is in impeccable condition, as one would expect from a fresh restoration. BMC uses the same technique and process on all of their cars, which entails a total strip to bare metal and structure. It is invasive, detailed, and comprehensive all of which equates to perfection. All of the rubber components including windshield moldings, door, and trunk and bonnet seals are all supple and brand new. Additionally, every piece of chrome including bumpers, windshield chrome, handles, grill, and door moldings are all newly re-chromed and are free of flaws, as are all of the emblems. Pulling the soft-top up you will find a new, correct cloth top with clear rear window free of fading or scratches and a brand new boot cover for sunny days when the top is down. All glass including headlamps, windshield, doors, and quarter windows are all excellent with no scratches or chips. All sitting on a fresh set of Dayton wire wheels and upgraded to slightly more modern new performance oriented tires. Overall, the car presents as a show-quality example that is certainly hard to fault. The underside is consistent with the rest of the car, and is correct stamped metal finished in shiny body color as are the wheel wells. Opening the trunk will also reveal the restoration’s attention to detail with correct lining and show to be very tidy. Anywhere wiring is present is the correct style, new, and as it came from the factory.


Stepping into the interior, one will find fresh seats, carpets, and door panels with re-finished, crack free dash wood and rebuilt gauges. Gripping the aftermarket moto-lita steering wheel provides for a much more enjoyable, nimble handling experience as opposed to the larger, original steering wheel, which if desired is an easy switch. The rear seats are also brand new and have never been sat in. Under the dash is very tidy as one would expect from a car that has had every nut and bolt restored. The only item we could pick out is the lack of correct gold-black piping that lined the outer edges of the seats, which these cars came with when original as opposed to the eggshell piping that matches the rest of the interior. This would be attributed to the upgraded leather interior, which is an excellent addition though not factory correct.


In opening the bonnet one will notice every component is correct and colored/coated as the factory did when new. It presents as new and functions as such. Smooth power delivery with quick throttle response and an excellent, gruff exhaust note. Thanks to a fully built engine by Bitner Automotive with 50 years of experience, this Healey produces about 192 horsepower with dyno sheets to match. Shifting into 5th gear at highway speeds also allows the car those much need RPM’s for comfortable cruising as opposed to the short geared original 4-speed box. All rubber hoses, lines etc. are new with no known leaks. The clutch is also new and operates, as it should. The brakes are new and applying them is effective while keeping the car straight.


In summation, this fully restored “Big Healey” is absolutely turn-key and ready for any show, rally, or tour. Knut Holzer has hundreds of Austin Healey restorations under his belt. The extensive knowledge and dedication at BMC to proper craftsmanship is evident in this example. This astute Healey specialist has produced an example that even the keenest Austin Healey enthusiast would find quite the challenge to justifiably critique. The intriguing color combination sets this Healey apart from the crowd and offers the opportunity to own an 3000 MKIII that solutes the last years of the company for their craftsmanship, and bringing about some of the most beloved British sports cars to date. The example on offer has been thoroughly tended to in every aspect and has been prepared for its next caretaker and custodian to enjoy. Included in the sale are tools, jack, spare, hammer, Heritage Certificate (Incoming), and tonneau cover.