The Overview

Making its debut in 1972, the Ferrari 365 GT/4 2+2 was the first of one of the longest running series of production cars Ferrari ever built with each model embracing the same template: a powerful V12 in the front, 4 seats in the middle, and a boot in the back. This combination made for a driving experience of a proper Italian grand tourer that stimulated the senses. As time went on, the replacement for the 356 GT/4, the 400, arrived and was introduced at the 1976 Paris Motor Show which caused a bit of a stir for there were two variants of this car. One of these two variants was fitted with an automatic gearbox, the first Ferrari ever to implement an automatic gearbox. The other model, the 400GT, used a 5-speed manual gearbox and are extremely rare in today’s market. In 1979 the second series of the 400 was put into production, referred to as the 400i, with the only alteration of significance made being the omission of the Weber carburetors and substituted with a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system which now brings us to the final generation of these cars. A few tweaks to the design by Pininfarina, the engine bored out to 4.9L specification, optional Bosch ABS, and the 412 was born. A total of 576 units were made and although these cars complied with U.S. emission regulations at the time, none were ever formally sold in the U.S. but a select few examples made it to the states as grey market imports. The Ferrari 412 was the last of its kind before the 456 came about and preserves the charisma of its beloved predecessors.


This brings us to the example on offer, chassis number ZFFYD24B000063839, finished in rossa corsa over a tan interior. In 1986, this example was introduced to its first caretaker, a Mr. Ronald Leroy Spangler of Bel Air Maryland, originally purchasing the car from Continental Motors. Mr. Spangler is well known today as a Ferrari connoisseur and long time dealer of the marque. During that same year, a U.S. D.O.T. import bond was issued, for none these cars were ever brought to the states officially by Ferrari. On Janurary 30th of 1987 the car then appeared to change hands to the second owner whom resided in Illinois where the car remained for about 15 years. After which it was purchased by a man in California. Unfortunately, this 412 did not have much time to keep its California car status and a year later it was purchased by its next custodian in Houston Texas serving as its home for about 7 years. Finally, in 2012 this example changed hands one more time to its current owner and was brought to Pennsylvania. As of now, the car spends its time under the close supervision of the LBI Stable where it is once again seeking for another enthusiast whom will look after it for the years to come.


Cosmeticlly, the car is a strong driver overall with no real needs to be enjoyed. A portion of the original paint has been preserved with the front end receiving one respray during the car’s life to cover up some “peppering” from road use. A walk around the perimeter of the car with a scanning eye reveals no flaws of significance for an example that is in superb driver quality condition. A few items worth noting are that there is some mild chipping in the front end as a result of necessary road use and enjoyment. The lower lip itself ultimately could benefit from a repaint and would be a noninvasive cosmetic enhancement for the car. Continuing to the moldings, chrome pieces, and polished metal embellishments, they all show without disappointment with the rubber seals are still supple. A quick glance of all the shut gaps and all the seams will align with the correct clearances for the car. The glass is crisp and clear with no chips or deep scratches present. The final item to address in terms of the exterior condition are the correct flat faced, 5-spoke wheels, having received no abuse with no curb rash, scratches, or damage present and wrapped in correct XWX tires, and while supple they are nearing 25% remaining tread life.


A tug of the door pull will open the door on either side with a clean “pop” noise and expose the jams that appear nice and tidy. With the interior now in in full view, the originality is evident with a welcomed patina present on each of the interior components which is also consistent with the mileage and care over the years. The smell of the seasoned leather adorns the senses. All the gauges show the proper readings when running and all of the electronic items operate, as they should. The rear seats are like new for they have most likely been sat in very little or never at all. The rugs throughout the interior all show extremely well and have no flaws to note with the headliner showing just as well as the rest of the interior. The 412 was extremely advanced for a Ferrari with a lot of little electrical components to take place of manual procedures. Such as electric buttons to open and close the trunk, hood, locks, windows, fuel door etc… Everything was above and beyond on these cars. With this is also the potential for issues, many of these cars do show issues in these areas, this one however is dialed in and working in every way, 100%.


Opening the bonnet shows an engine bay consistent with the rest of the car in every way. The original Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system is still present, an indicator of the correctness of the remainder of the engine bay. All items are tidy with no major quarrels to be had in regards to condition and correctness. Moving to the rear of the car, upon opening the boot lid, the boot shows much of the same qualities. The boot liner is absolutely spot on and located in the boot is the original spare as well as the tool kit. If you were to take the time to inspect the complete underside of this 412, it fairs just as well as the rest of the car and is in accordance with a good driver quality example. Everything is solid, straight, with signs of use but nothing out of service or in need of attention.


The drivability of this particular example is that of a proper grand tourer with the 4.9L V12 power plant not to disappoint. This car possesses volumes of service receipts, with no expense spared in the upkeep of the car. Like many 412’s this examples has received a tasteful suspension modification by the current owner, implementing his engineering background, he replaced two of the four dampers with an aftermarket QA1 suspension system that far out performs the previous stock Koni suspension. However, this modification was executed to that the self-leveling system is still functional. You can find a detailed synopsis of the modifications made in the attached files. The biggest service item to note is in 2006, when the car suffered a camshaft failure. Which prompted a full scale engine rebuild by Vintage Motor Cars LLC in Houston Texas. Receipts are present for over $26,000 spent on every part of a total engine rebuild. This complete overhaul has certainly brought new life back into the engine and translates to an elevated driving experience. A flick of the key will promptly fire the engine as it hums it complete mechanical homeostasis. This 412 does everything it is supposed to do in a manner that only a front engine, V12 Ferrari is able to achieve. As a dozen Italian cylinders spring to life, it releases that beloved V12 noise and lusts you into burying your foot farther into the throttle until one is forced to let off due to an upcoming turn or stopping point. You cannot help but repeat the process over and over to achieve a gratifying visceral experience. When you are not opening up the taps, the automatic transmission allows you to cruise in absolute comfort and ease. In many ways the Automatic suites this car as a GT car that has a theme of comfort and effortless speed.


All things considered, this 1986 Ferrari 412iA is simply a good honest example that does not require anything but a new custodian to look after and drive it. The rarity of these cars in combination with their classic Ferrari template make it very desirable and a car that may reach increased market values in the future. The example on offer poses an opportunity to own a piece of Ferrari history that one can also savor. Included in the sale are the original books, tools, spare wheel and some service receipts.



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