The Overview

The Porsche 911 is perhaps one of automotive histories longest running models. As a result, it is also a car that is continually re-engineered, redeveloped, and improved upon generation after generation, all while keeping the classic line and experience of the famed 911 intact. When the first production model was introduced in 1964/65 it was evident that by 1968 a change was necessary. The plan was to offer a range of models within the 911 line-up. The result by 1969 was 3 different 911’s to choose from, the T, E, and S variants of which all could be tailored for the ordering customer with a variety of interesting options. The T was the base model which by 1970 still had carburetion; the E and S variants were both fuel-injected and offered additional power and top speed over the T. The S however was the pinnacle of power for production 911 models in 1970. It offered the type 911/02 motor which produced 178HP and a higher top speed than any before it. This was Porsche entering into its prime and these “long-hood” 911’s would go down in history as the ones to have and a true representation of a 911.


The example on offer here, Chassis # 9110301644, according to its Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, was produced on August 1st, 1970 as a Silver Metallic (8080) over Black Leatherette example. The options recorded were US Equipment, Comfort Package, Blaupunkt Radio “Frankfurt”, and Tinted Glass. The engine number on the COA, 6302248, is also the same number stamped on the engine and the car is indeed a numbers matching example. Unfortunately, exact early history is not known on this specific 911. We do know that by 2004 the car received a comprehensive nut and bolt restoration by a marque expert as evident by the quality and extent of the restoration. While no documentation is present, it is obvious through inspection that all of the little nuances that make a restoration great on one of these cars are present. Everything from the correct undercoating color, cadmium plated hardware and many little items that add up to exactness, exactness that only a professional could understand and portray in his craftsmanship. No receipts are present, no history, but anyone who knows 911’s will understand that this was indeed an expert restoration. By 2006 the car was traded to Motor Classic and Competition Corp. in CT where it stayed a short time before finding a new home with a long time collector in California. The car was under his care until late 2014. There, it was commonly stored and cared for by the experts at Fast Cars Ltd along with TLG Porsche of N. Hollywood, CA. A few service receipts are present for regular service during this 10-year ownership. One of which is a $4,100 receipt for a reseal and fuel injection rebuild that took place in April of 2014 bringing the car totally up to date. In total, since the restoration, there has been apx. 2,000 miles of use and enjoyment but not without being well kept.


Today, the car shows well and the restoration has held up nicely with few blemishes noted. Cosmetically, the car shows very well, it is straight down the sides with excellent panel fitment, the hood and doors fit exactly as they should with excellent gaps. The paint is smooth with a deep luster and matches everywhere never having been spotted or touched up since the restoration; very consistent and presenting nicely. The two areas that we have noted flaws are on the hood near the 90 degree edge of the inverted cowl that is present approaching the windscreen, a few cracks are present on either side. Towards the rear of the passenger side drip rail there is also a crack. However, we have seen cracks in this area before on 911’s as this is a common flex-point for these cars when driven hard. Neither blemish, in our opinion, warrant refinishing as a car that is hopefully going to be driven anyway. The glass is all in excellent condition, though the windshield is brand new. The rubbers throughout are also newer and in excellent condition. The chrome is excellent, but perhaps not perfect, and the same can be said for the anodized trim. The wheels are nicely restored deep-six Fuchs, wrapped in correct set of new Michelin XWX’s. One other nice feature apparent on the exterior is the correct accessory fog lamps. Overall a very nice looking car with no real needs and easily ready for showing or rallies.


Upon entering the interior it is apparent that the quality of work is continued from the exterior. The restoration is very well completed on the inside of the car with nothing skipped. However, upon close inspection it appears the interior is indeed part original part restored as needed. However, all of it is excellent and show worthy. The carpet is the correct type and fitting well to the interior panels, very tight. The seats are nicely finished as are the seat mechanics and rails, again everything was tended to. The dash is excellent with the exception of a rippled area above the key area. The rear seats appear to be perfectly refinished or perhaps mint originals as is the rear deck. The headliner is excellent as are the door cards and overall there is nothing about the interior that stands out as an issue or in need of any sort of attention. The steering wheel is the correct and original one, and in excellent condition as well. Everything appears to be in correct working order. The gauges read properly with the mileage showing just under 75,000. The radio works, as does the exterior lighting, windshield wipers, gauge lighting etc… the only item that did not appear to work is the fog lights and interior lights on the ceiling of the car. In total, it is an interior that needs no attention to be enjoyed, nicely presented, highly correct, and without any real faults; easily ready to be shown.


As with the rest of the car, the engine bay is very clean, detailed, and highly correct in appearance. It has a freshly serviced look overall. There is an area towards the left side of the engine bay quarter panel that seems to have had prior repair due to a tap in the rear. The engine number is the correct 911/02 Type with engine number 6302248 clearly in place. One item to note throughout not only the engine bay but the rest of the car is the cadmium plated hardware present; a hint to the care and correctness that was placed on the restoration. The front trunk is of the same quality with many factory spot welds present and appearing largely original and untouched per the factory brushed glue for the carpeting that is still present along with the black sealant around the shock towers; both hallmarks of originality for a 911. It is evident through inspection and our opinion that the front pan appears original and the structure is sound with no hint of any previous work of any kind. The underside is consistent with this statement as well showing to be the original pan and straight rockers with a plethora of original spot-welds throughout. Additionally, the undercoating is the ultra-correct grey colored undercoat. Porsche changed undercoating techniques almost yearly and for 1970 this would be the correct variation and color. Overall the underside can be described as solid, straight, and original with no signs of rust repair anywhere. Much of the hardware is, again, cadmium plated to the correct color and the suspension components appear very clean and recently tended to. The engine is also very dry compared to most, as these cars even when perfect or newly rebuilt, can still be leaky.


As a driver’s car, the 911 must also perform; turning the key will do just that. It starts easily but does not always like to idle perfectly when cold. Once the car has some temperature in it, it does idle perfectly fine however. Power is abundant and it pulls nicely through the rev range with no issues noted. Every aspect of its mechanical ability feels dialed in and ready for long term use as a reliable sports car that could be used and enjoyed without hesitation. The brakes are quick to stop the car without pulling. The clutch operation is smooth and the steering/handling works without fault; overall a very in tune example that will not disappoint. We have driven the car about 40 miles or so to test it and have no complaints. It is a great example and everything a 911S is supposed to be.


While the car may be lacking early history (which is still being researched) it is evident through inspection that it is indeed a good example that has never strayed far from its current condition. Now nicely restored, numbers-matching and finished in its original colors, it is easily an example worth cherishing, but more importantly driving. The time to invest in a quality Porsche has never been better. There is no doubt that this is an opportunity for the serious collector looking to acquire a great 911S. Complete with Jack, spare, some documentation, manual and Porsche COA, this 911 is available immediately.