• Chassis # 677270
  • Engine # W 8621-8
  • A Matching Numbers Example
  • Meticulously Maintained Wearing An Older Restoration
  • Single Ownership From 1975-2006
  • Includes Heritage Cert., Jack, Spare & Partial Tool Kit
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The Overview

The Jaguar XK120 represents a milestone in automotive history, as Jaguar managed push the limits on what was perceived to be tangible in a road car. The first prototype car was shown in 1948 at the London Motor Show where it wooed the crowd, causing such a stir that instead of the original 200 units Jaguar was planning on building, they decided to put it into production. Its graceful, swooping lines made this car a stunning shape gaze upon, but where the XK120 really impressed its audience was its performance. The “120” stood for the 120mph top speed the car could reach and even go beyond with the windscreen off. This made the XK120 the quickest production car in the entire world at the time which was a massive feat for Jaguar. The XK120 featured a brand new 3.4L straight-six engine, with robust main bearings, an aluminum cylinder head and pistons. Producing 160bhp at 5,200RPM, the XK120 offered exactly what petrol heads were looking for in a sports car. The design was timeless, the performance was astounding, with the XK120 having both road and track applications.


The example on offer is a 1953 Jaguar XK120 DHC, chassis number 677270, engine number W 8621-8, a matching numbers example, boasting a well-kept older restoration. The history of this example begins with its date of manufacture, documented as May 22, 1953 being dispatched exactly one week later, scheduled for dealer delivery to Hornburg of Los Angeles, California. Mr. Charles Hornburg was the first importer of Jaguar automobiles to the United States and today, Hornburg Jaguar Inc. is the largest Jaguar dealership in the country. No records of the first owner could be located with the paper trail picking up in 1975 when a Mr. Gordon Fathers of Arlington Heights, Illinois took ownership of the car, reporting that the previous registration was issued in the state of Washington. This example stayed under the care of Fathers from March 20, 1975 until his passing on June 1, 2006. Under his ownership, he had the car fully restored over several years during the mid-1990’s by his meticulous step-brother, Keith Atkinson. The story goes that Atkinson handled the majority of the restoration, only passing on the more specialized jobs such as body work, paint work, and refinishing where needed. During the restoration, this example did receive a color change of the both the exterior and interior from the original, Dove Grey exterior, tan interior, and fawn top to white over a navy-blue interior and top.


Leading up to the passing of his step-brother on June 1, 2006, Fathers declining health lead Atkinson to seek out the sale of the car. In October of 2006, Atkinson now the owner of the car, sent the car to Olive Branch, Mississippi where Atkinson authorized the sale of the car by a Mr. Jimmy Jones Jr. While Jones had the car, the interior was reupholstered and soft-top replaced by Jones’s father, who was also a good friend of Atkinson. Jones’s father, Jimmy Jones Sr., owned an upholstery shop that specialized in high end British classics. The car was then listed on eBay where on September 23, 2006 it was purchased by a Mr. Tom Wilson of Germantown, Tennessee. Mr. Wilson remained the custodian of this XK120 until it was passed onto its current owner on April 27, 2015.


This example’s current day condition shows as a wonderfully kept older restoration that has patina’d nicely over the years, incurring some light signs of use and age as expected with a car that is enjoyed. The white paint is in excellent shape for its age with only a few minor imperfections. At the nose of the car, directly above the grill there is a small paint chip. The paint has some cracks located below where the end of the hood meets the body and under the driver’s side corner glass but all mild in severity. The panel gaps and fitment are not perfect however, still presentable and good all things considered. The hood seam where it meets the fenders is the only item really worth tending to as it could be adjusted fit a touch snugger to the body. All of the chrome shows marvelously, with no pitting or significant scratches to note. The convertible soft top has a break in a portion of the edge seam, does not require any immediate tending to. The glass and headlamp lenses are all without serious fault, having incurred no notable cracks, chips, or scratches. The painted-silver wire wheels display no noteworthy imperfections nor do the more fresh white wall tires.


Entering the interior of this example, we see that the tremendous care taken during the restoration is apparent. The door jams are clean and well preserved. The leather seats present no issues, as their navy-blue finish remains unspoiled, the seams intact, and absolutely to tears. The leather door panels show just as good, having no inconsistencies. The wood dash face and door sill trim are like new, as they display no signs of wear throughout all surfaces. All of the gauges show as rebuilt and refinished during the time of the restoration, operating perfectly. The rugs have received no mistreatment, free of any stains or tears throughout the cabin. The correct four-spoke steering wheel is present and without fault, consistent with the condition the remainder of the interior.


Open up the bonnet and there is a well sorted and tidy engine bay that greats you. The finishes all show well and are correct overall. Especially for an older restoration, and there are no signs of need for any repairs. All of the factory stampings and data tags appear to be present and un-meddled with. Belts seem fresh, wiring tidy, and overall sense of care throughout the area. The rear boot presents as one would expect, finishes clean, flawless trunk liner, spare wheel present, and rust-free metal. An inspection of the undercarriage poses no evidence that this example was ever a rusty car or was ever damaged. The frame rails show straight and true, with all surfaces nicely finished. The suspension components have been sorted through and some updated components integrated such as the new GAZ shocks. It is evident that the underside of this example was tended to just as consciously as the top of the car, leaving no item unaddressed.


From a mechanical standpoint, this example is completely sound and performs flawlessly. Upon the current owner’s acquisition of this example, he invested over $9k+ in the mechanical sorting and maintenance of the car. Each and every system was gone through to the fullest extend to ensure a properly driving XK120 that could be driven without worry. (Please refer to the recent maintenance record linked below) The engine starts without hesitation, even when cold, idling strong. Out on the open road, the 3.4L power plant pulls strong, responding promptly to throttle inputs. The four-speed gearbox shifts from gear to gear with no issue and clutch functioning as it should. The drum brakes operate as one would expect and do not seem to need any adjustment, with no pulling or inconsistencies, a common week point on these cars. The steering presents no abnormalities or indicators for any needed repair.


In short, this Jaguar XK120 is a lovely example that has been privileged with a series of dedicated caretakers over the years, allowing for it to be in the spectacular condition it is today. The older restoration that it wears has aged well, and the mechanics have been fully sorted by capable hands. This example is in a rare drop head coupe configuration, making it a desirable candidate to bring into one’s ownership. This example is very well documented and ready for its next custodian. Offered with the sale of this example are the books, tools, jack, spare, Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, and documentation file.