• Chassis # AR1215848
  • Engine # AR00530F3896
  • An Excellent Driver With Italian History
  • Cosmetically Restored With 2016 Mechanical Service
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The Overview

The Tipo 105.30 at a glance looks like a run of the mill GT or GT Veloce from afar. It is only in the minor details that all culminate to make one realize this was an Alfa on a budget. The reason being is that in Italy during this period, taxation on vehicles was directly related to their displacement. Thus many GT juniors were sold in Italy, and outfitted with different equipment to appeal to the budget-oriented buyer. The engine displacement is the focal point of the GT Junior. At just 1.3L it followed the same construction as the 1.6L GT and GT Veloce, but with smaller bore and stroke, as well as smaller ports for intake and exhaust. The interior received similar treatment in the way of simply getting less, along with different styled-components (such as the steering wheel). The GT Junior would see production as the through 1977 in a few different variants of the 1300 and 1600’s, as well as a lightweight GTA Junior and Zagato bodied examples. Instantly recognizable by its step nose, flat front, and big lights. The GT Junior remains a unique variant of Alfa’s famous Berlinetta’s. A car that in period offered the ability to enjoy an Alfa Romeo, but in Italy, at a discount. Today GT Juniors are available, but great, untouched unmodified examples are far and few between.

The example on offer, a 1967 variant, Chassis # AR1215848 comes to LBI Limited from a private collection. While the history is not very well defined, we know from what paperwork we do have that the car was likely delivered new in Italy, and remained there until 2016. At which time, it was brought to the UK and shortly thereafter sold by a dealer, to the current collector owner in the US. The car reflects that of a great driver quality restoration. In viewing the photos taken during the car’s repaint, one can see that it was generally a solid example, free from serious rusting or heavy accidents. It is a car that in summation can be described as inviting to drive and ready to be shown on a local level. Included in the sale are old Italian registrations and service/restoration receipts.

The Details


body and paint

The body is straight down the sides with decent shut gaps consistent with its overall inviting driver condition. The driver's side door gap is a bit wide by the A-pillar. The paint is very consistent having an excellent shine that could be made even better with proper detail. No major blemishes are present. There are some minor stone chips on the lower front of the car along with a one-inch paint crack by the driver's side door handle, and an area of primer shrinkage on the trunk. All are only noticeable under close examination with proper lighting. Overall, the paint and body present nicely.

glass and trim

All of the glass appears to be original save for the windshield. Despite some small scratches on each piece, the glass is relatively clean for being original. The windshield has some peppering and a few small chips. Most of the chrome is original and exhibits pitting/scratching. Trim around the windows is very nice. Door handle, grille, taillight surrounds, and headlamp trim are slightly pitted but acceptable for a driver. The headlamps are still the original Carellos and taillamp lens are original thus cracked/faded. Overall, acceptable for a great driver and nothing stands out as a glaring eye sore.


The wheels have been redone and center caps are new. The wheels present fine with only minor blemishes around the edges. Tires appear to be from 2016 and are still supple with good tread.


seats and surfaces

The seats, door panels, and carpeting have all been redone and are serviceable for a driver. The seats are a bit overstuffed and do not fit perfectly. The dash is clean with some components being refinished and others original. Woodgrain pieces a bit blemished with fading under the glove box area. Gauges are original and clear. Door panels fit decently with chrome trim pieces a bit pitted. The headliner fits tight and is clean.

functionality and accessories

All of the gauges appear to work correctly. Switches all function properly, turn signals work, wipers, interior gauge lighting, headlamps, and taillights all work. Radio does not function.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is very tidy, largely correct and very clean with proper stickers located in the correct areas. Wiring is tidy as well.

trunk area

The trunk area is also very correct, tidy and rust-free with only a few tears to be noted on some of the rubber mat trim pieces.


The underside presents well overall. There is evidence of previous rust repair in the floors which is common among these cars. Wheel wells are clean and finished in body color.



Over the past few years, this car has done more sitting than driving and as such, we recommend a service with attention paid to the fuel system. It runs and drives well but will need further sorting to make perfect. The motor sounds healthy, starts quickly when warm, and pulls strong with some occasional stumbling due to carbs needing adjustment.


Transmission shifts well. As is common among GTVs, second gear is a bit stiffer than the others.

brakes and suspension

Brakes and suspension feel good overall. Some bushing underneath are dry so we recommend a service.

driving experience

Overall, the car performs well and can be made much better with a fuel system service. For the majority of the past few years, this little Alfa sat in a collection so we recommend a general service.