• Chassis # AR246694
  • Engine # AR0053609174
  • A Great Driver Quality Example Finished In Verde Muschio
  • Engine Rebuild Completed In 2007 By Marque Specialist
  • Offered From A Private Collection
  • Structurally Solid With Many Original Attributes
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The Overview

In 1963, Alfa Romeo introduced the 105 Series Giulia Sprint GT, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone. The design features of the Giulia were unlike anything the car world had seen before in a road car. In particular, the “Scalino” (Step-Nose) design was unorthodox but its odd beauty resonated among consumers. At the time, a young Giugiaro was only in his early twenties and serving his mandatory military duties in the “Alpini” regiment of the Italian Army. His outpost was a long way from Bertone’s Turin headquarters so Nuccio Bertone rented a hotel room for Giugiaro and it was in that very room where he penned the design for the 105 series Alfa. The overall shape heavily emulated the 2000 GT and 2600 GT while being perfectly portioned between the overall dimensions as well as the ratio of glass and metal. It was simplistically perfect. In 1966 the platform saw slight revisions with the introduction of the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, receiving a 1600cc engine to replace the previous 1300cc power plant. Additional alternations included a revised front grille with three horizontal bars, the now iconic quadrifoglio badge on the C-pillar, new bucket style seats, and wood-look insert on the dash face. It essentially maintained all the design elements of its predecessor but had more horsepower and torque.

The example on offer here, a 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, chassis AR246694, is finished in beautiful Verde Muschino. Though early ownership is unknown, we do know that in 2003 it was owned by the principle of a General Motors dealership who treated it to a full engine rebuild by marque specialist, Paul Spruell in 2007. Receipts for this overhaul can be found in the “View Documents” tab of the listing. It lived in the Carolinas until 2016 when the current owner purchased the car with 91,252 miles showing on the odometer. Today, the car displays 91,435 miles; just 183 miles were added in the past four years of current ownership. Though most Alfa Romeo’s are finished in Red, this Verde Muschino colored Alfa borrows a shade of green typically reserved for British sports cars of the time period making it a standout amongst common Italian car colors. While over 14,000 of the step-nose variants were produced, many have been lost to rust, careless ownership, and accidents. To find a 1600 Veloce in this color combination with solid structural components and a largely original interior has become exceedingly difficult. The original underside is excellent with factory spot welds and rubber grommets present throughout. The originality extends to the interior where we believe the seats, door panels, and headliner are all-original, displaying an evenly distributed patina. Overall, this car is a great driver that can be taken to the next level should its new custodian have the desire to. Included in the sale are extensive mechanical rebuild receipts, jack, and spare.

The Details


body and paint

The body and structural components of this car are highly original. The floor pans and rocker panels are original, solid, and show factory spot welds throughout. The truck floor is also original, and rust-free. The commonly bumped nose area of the car looks to be all-original, accident-free, and displays factory spot welds. Looking down the sides, it is fairly straight with decent panel fitment. The hood is slightly raised on the driver's side front corner. Overall, the paint is older and has not aged well. There are scratches, blemishes, and some checking present throughout. As a driver, the paint is serviceable.

glass and trim

The glass is in good condition overall with no major scratches, cracks or chips. New windshield installed in 2004. Some of the rubber trim and seals are fairly dry though new quarter window seals were installed in 2003. The chrome trim along with the bumpers are very nice for a driver quality example. Hella fog lights were added as well though no drilling into the bumpers or body was necessary therefore they can easily be removed.


The wheels were all repainted at the time the engine was rebuilt in 2007 and they still look great with only a few nicks/chips here and there. The tires are old and we suggest a replacement set be installed.


seats and surfaces

The interior is largely original with what we believe to be original seats, door panels, gauges and headliner. All display a finely distributed patina and are serviceable as is. The carpets have been replaced and are clean with the exception of some staining on the driver's side floor mat. The dashtop is very nice and is perhaps original. The faux wood dash is in good condition as well.

functionality and accessories

An incorrect steering wheel and shift knob have been installed but are easily replaceable. Aftermarket speakers, head unit and associated wiring have been installed. Under dash wiring is a bit untidy and should be cleaned up. The gauges all seem to function properly as do the lights.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine number is AR0053609174. The engine bay is presentable for a driver quality example. The spark plug wires and some hoses are the incorrect color and the addition of MSD ignition while incorrect is a sensible upgrade. All of the internal components were rebuilt by marque specialist including the bottom end. The rebuild was done at 83,000 miles and included a weber carb rebuild as well. The wiring is a bit untidy.

trunk area

The truck area is extremely solid and original with no rust. An aftermarket, incorrect style carpet has been added but is easily removable.



The engine runs well with no smoking noted or unusual noises. It is smooth, peppy, and consistent as one would expect from an engine that has been rebuilt. Upon our test drive of the car, we think the carbs may need another slight adjustment as the car had been sitting for some time during current ownership.


Shifting is smooth and responsive with no Syncro issues noted. In an older ad for the car, it was noted that the transmission was gone through, examined, and clutch replaced though we do no have documentation for this.

brakes and suspension

The car feels tight, nimble, and responsive. Brakes and suspension look to have had some recent attention.

driving experience

Overall, the car is an excellent driver. It starts quickly, runs smoothly, and has plenty of power. The Ansa exhaust and weber carb combination results in a brilliant sounding driving note. Steering is responsive with no tracking, pulling or shimmy. Shifting through the gears is seamless, and braking is smooth. The car had been sitting for sometime so we suggest a general service. Once the car is warm, it occasionally has trouble staying at idle which we attribute to a carb adjustment.