• Chassis # WP0ZZZ99ZTS390226
  • Engine # 63S85817
  • 1 of Only 1,014 Produced
  • Highly Optioned Example Featuring Numerous Comfort Options
  • Originally Delivered to Japan Showing Just 67,557 KM From New
  • Complete With Porsche COA, Records, Jack, & Spare
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The Overview

The ultimate iteration of the naturally aspirated 993, a homologation special, and just 1 of 1,014 examples produced for the world market. The Carrera RS or Rennsport in German translates to ‘Race Sport’ which is exactly what this car is all about, and there’s no hiding that. It is a lightweight race-inspired streetcar that was unfortunately never delivered to the US market making this a rare opportunity. The 993 RS followed in its forefather’s footsteps shedding as much weight as possible by cutting many comfort options. It features an impressive amount of weight-saving features that include minimal sound deadening throughout the car, Recaro race-inspired fixed sport seats, fabric door pull handles with thin door panels, no hood struts, lightweight glass, alloy hood and doors, a smaller windshield washer tank, no headlight washers, and no adjustable mirrors as an effort to shave off as much weight as possible. All of this combined together to shave off over 220lbs.

On top of the weight savings, the Carrera RS also featured a number of performance features over the standard 993. This includes the upgraded 3.8L engine that was fitted with Porsche’s Varioram and Motronic engine management system that produced 300bhp. Additional features included a front strut brace, adjustable anti-roll bars, a limited-slip differential, and specially made Speedline three-piece wheels with magnesium centers. Many Porschephiles consider the 993 variant as one of the most beautiful 911’s ever produced and certainly the Carrera RS variant is the culmination of this series.

This highly optioned example was produced on June 20th, 1995 and was delivered new to respected Porsche dealer ‘Mizwa Motors Co. Ltd.’ in Japan. It was special ordered with many of the weight-saving features added back in to make it a more comfortable and usable car on the street. This rare build added automatic air conditioning back into the car as well as a radio, electric windows, driver and passenger airbags, higher amperage battery, and power steering. Additionally, it features the large integrated rear spoiler with massive air intakes that complete the race car look and also function to provide more downforce for the car at high speeds.

Finished in the iconic Polar Silver it was delivered new on August 30th, 1995 to its first owner a Yuzuki Pro Co. Ltd. In Tokyo.  It remained with its owner in Japan who put 61,000 kilometers on it until it was sold to the UK. This example was then purchased by a noted California collector, Ted Gildred from a dealer in the UK in 2015. At that time the RS showed 67,150 kilometers and it was imported into the US under the Show and Display law on December 5th, 2016 as at the time the vehicle was less than 25 years old. Since that timeline has now passed the consignor is in the process of obtaining a clear US title. It has traveled only 480 kilometers since it was brought into the US in 2105 and now shows just 67,630 kilometers (42,023 miles) and remains in truly exceptional condition. It is complete with a Porsche COA, NHTSA/Customs importation documents, copy of the original warranty card, and spare tire. It also still retains its original Porsche Japanese inspection/service stickers that document the services it received through 47k kilometers. It also still wears a Mizwa Motors sticker on the rear windscreen as well as a Tokyo Auto Wash sticker and Tokyo Autowash Glass Coating sticker and Paint Sealant sticker on the driver door jamb.  Even better is the fact that a small paper tag is on the key ring documenting when it as driven from 2017 with 67,353 kilometers in it to 2019 with the last entry showing 67,496 kilometers. It even mentions a couple of fuel stops and a car show. Additionally, it comes complete with some service records from 2015-onward from once it entered the US that are separate from the key ring.

The Details


body and paint

Overall it presents very nicely and is in exceptional condition for the miles. It appears that the front bumper has been repainted as well as the hood and fenders. It was done to a very high standard and after close inspection, there is nothing that would indicate that the car was in an accident and was probably repainted simply due to the mileage. The panel fitment is excellent and so are the gaps. The rest of the paint appears to be original to the car. There is one chip worth mentioning on the hood almost where it meets the bumper on the driver's side, as well as some minor peppering on the lower portion of the bumper. Additionally, it is worth noting that there are minor stress cracks on the outside edges of the large rear spoiler and the spoiler itself has some minor swirl marks and a couple of pin-sized bubbles.

glass and trim

The glass is in excellent condition with no notable flaws and all appears to be original Sekurit glass with the exception of the windscreen which was replaced with Sigla glass. All of the black anodized trim is in nice condition with no notable flaws. The black trim/intake on the over the engine does show some signs of age and a bit of fading.


The condition of the wheels is commensurate to the age of the car showing some minor aging that includes some light spidering in the finish. The driver's side rear wheel has two minor gouges that appear to have happened due to the careless removal of the lug nuts. The same goes for the rear wheel on the passenger side and it has a chip of paint missing as well. All four wheels however are free of any curb rash and given the age present nicely.


seats and surfaces

The interior has been very well cared for and it shows. The seats themselves remain in excellent condition and while the center sections have been re-upholstered with a bright blue Alcantara it really accents the car nicely and works well to brighten the interior while also being a good match to the Polar Silver exterior. The leather on the bolsters and rest of the seats appear original and have held up very well, they only show some minor creasing in areas and one or two minor scuffs. The rest of the interior is in impeccable condition and all of the plastic components are free of any notable flaws. The dash remains in nice condition as are the door cards and center console and appear original as do the carpets. The shifter has some minor wear to it, but that is about it.

functionality and accessories

Overall, each of the features and functions seem to operate as they should and there are no trouble lights on in the car. All of the dash lights work as do all the indicators and lights and the windows go up and down as they should. The A/C could probably use a charge as it is not ice cold. The only other thing worth noting is that the radio works however it is the original and therefore set up for the Japanese market which functions on different lower FM frequencies so it does not really pick up any US radio stations.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents nicely and is clean and detailed. It still retains many inspection stickers from Japan and they serve as a testament to the care this car has received throughout its lifetime.

trunk area

This is one of the highlights of the car and presents in almost like-new condition. It has been incredibly cared for and detailed and shows extremely well. There is an overabundance of factory markings and seam sealer and since most of the sounds deadening is gone you get a nice clean view of all of the mechanical and electric components. The original factory paint code sticker is still intact as well.



The engine starts right up and runs great. The motor spins up quickly and seems quick to drive even by today’s standards. After inspection on a lift it is notably nice and dry underneath which can be rare for a 25-year-old Porsche.


The transmission shifts smoothly into all the gears and has no known issues. It has a somewhat long throw for modern times, but for the period it would be considered to be the opposite.

brakes and suspension

The brakes function as they should and bring the car to a stop in a short distance. The suspension is firm as to be expected with a race car built for the streets. It is however streetable but you certainly feel the bumps and cracks in the road quite a bit more than a standard 993.


The tires should be replaced simply due to age as the fronts were replaced in 2011 and the rears in 2010. They are still soft and the fronts have plenty of tread depth on them but the rears probably have about 25% tread life left.

driving experience

Overall a truly great driving experience that sounds amazing and it is surprisingly quick for a 25-year-old car. Even with all the weight loss and with racing bucket seats it is still comfortable driving around town and also on the highway, although you certainly feel a lot more of the road than in most cars. While driving it is worth noting that it feels firmly planted to the road, the motor spins up quickly, and you can just feel the car begging to be pushed to its limits. The only disappointing thing that is worth noting is that we didn’t get to put it on a track!