• Chassis # 3CP86
  • Engine # R78K
  • Recently purchased out of 40 plus year storage
  • Delivered new to Sir Phillip Sassoon, a British socialite and member of Parliament
  • Currently fitted with Franay Sedan Coachwork from the 1937 Paris Motor Show car
  • Originally delivered as a Barker body with open coachwork

The Overview

The Rolls-Royce Phantom III was introduced in 1936 and was powered by a 7.32-litre aluminum V12, the last of Rolls V12 creations until the introduction of Silver Seraph in 1998. In total, there were 727 V12 Phantom IIIs constructed from the years 1936-1939, with the advent of WWII putting a sharp swing in the Rolls production priorities. Despite the halt of chassis production, PIIIs were being bodied all the way up until 1941, with the very last car bodied in 1941 and not being delivered to its unlucky owner until 1947. The Phantom III served as a fitting end to Rolls-Royce prewar production and to this day they remain an excellent car to saunter along sunny backroads on pleasant weekend drives.

This particular Phantom III, Chassis number 3CP86, was delivered new Sir Phillip Sassoon, a prominent member of the Jewish Sassoon and Rothschild family. He served in WW1 and was also well known as an art collector and British socialite and later served in Parliament. Originally delivered to Sassoon as a Barker bodied example with open coachwork, 3CP86 was later fitted with Franay Sedan Coachwork from the 1937 Paris Motor Show car. Exact history is not known other than it was in singular ownership since the 1960’s to current and in long-term storage for over 40 years. The recent owner, since the 1960’s, used to drive the car while Attending Yale in the 1960’s.

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