• Chassis # WPOAF2A98GS192844
  • Engine # NA
  • Paint-To-Sample Mexico Blue Exterior
  • One-Owner & A Mere 1,153 Miles From New
  • Well Optioned Including Sport Chrono Package And Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes
  • Complete With Manuals, Build Sheet, Two Color Matched Keys, & Roadside Accessories
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The Overview

Porsche has always been extremely supportive of privateer racers driving their cars. From the late 1950’s with models like the 356 Speedster to the early 1970’s with the introduction of the famed RS models Porsche early years were filled with great success by people purchasing their cars and taking them racing on their own dime. Porsche continued this tradition with the launch of the GT3 RS model to their lineup in 2003. The 996 GT3 RS received excellent praise media and drivers alike and drove Porsche to continue production into their 997 model lineup. In 2012 Porsche launched their entirely new 911 platform deemed the 991. It would be another year before they brought back the GT3 in 2013 and two more after that till they launched the 991 GT3 RS in 2015.

The new 991 GT3 RS was the most radical and track focused 911 variant to date. It deviated from the standard GT3 in adding louver to the front fenders to help cool the brakes, Turbo-style air intakes over the rear wheels, and a magnesium roof to help save weight. The interior saw quit a bit of upgrading as well as it received deep carbon backed buckets out of the 918 hypercar, carbon fiber inserts and the replacement of the door handles with fabric pulls to help shave even more weight. The 3.8 litre motor found in the standard GT3 was replaced by a 4.0 litre unit making approximately 500 horsepower and 339 lb/ft of torque. The 991 GT3 RS still managaed to save many of the creature comforts that make it enjoyable to drive such as air-conditioning and a proper navigation system.

This specific 991 Porsche GT3 RS, is a 2016 model finished in Paint-To-Sample Mexico Blue. It was ordered new and sold out of Hennessey Porsche in Roswell Georgia. This car was purchased from the original owner and at the time of writing the car has a mere 1,153 miles on the odometer and the overall condition of the car is perfectly in line with the mileage. While there is not much as far as history goes given the cars scant mileage, it was well taken care of and stored properly in a climate controlled setting.