• Chassis # 543PS
  • Engine # 543PS
  • Delivered New In 2015 As Presented
  • Very Few Miles From New & One-Owner
  • A Blueprint Copy Of The Original Down To the Most Minute Detail
  • Widely Event Eligible & Experientially Exhilarating

The Overview

It has been said that copying the original of anything can be considered the ultimate form of flattery. Pur Sang of Argentina is arguably the leader in this flattery when it comes to Bugatti. They have a great solution to an ongoing problem: Bugatti didn’t build enough of what we now consider some of the greatest cars of all time. Now, we can continue to enjoy the continuation of a legacy without compromising the genuine aspects of the real thing. Since the 1980’s Pur Sang (translated as “Pure Blood” or “Thoroughbred”) has been restoring and recreating these art-deco works of art. What started with Type 35’s and Type 37’s has now developed into a range of blueprint recreations including various Alfa Romeo 8C variants and other Bugatti’s such as the Type 43, 55, and even the Type 13 Brescia.

The Type 51 remains the ultimate Grand-Prix Bugatti offered by Pur Sang as it features the timeless design of the Type 35 but the later more advanced platform found in the Type 57. A 2.3L Supercharged Dual Overhead Cam Straight 8. Just like the original and nearly indistinguishable from the real thing upon inspection. Modern components and techniques have been added to the process but hidden in the final product. For instance, an alternator lives under the driver seat and CNC machining is used for various components such as the wheels for perfect balance and accuracy. For all intents and purposes, this Pur Sang Type 51 is the real thing when behind the wheel. It is exhilarating with all the same sights, smells and feeling. With so few originals produced and existing today, various clubs will recognize Pur Sang built examples. Offering owners the chance to enjoy their cars with others on tours and rallies.

The example on offer is a 1931 Bugatti Type 51 by Pur Sang Chassis number 543PS. It was ordered new in 2014 and delivered in 2015 to its first and only owner, an avid collector of special automobiles including other Bugatti’s in addition to others. Ordered as offered, options included a secondary windscreen, turn signals, fenders, and dark brown leather interior. Since 2015 the car has regularly been run using only racing fuel. A minor service was performed in June of 2018 by RPM of Vergennes, VT but overall the car has seen very few miles and use in the past 3 years and remains a low-mileage 1-owner example.

Offered with the sale is the original purchase documentation, tonneau cover, and spare as shown.