• Chassis # 9115200634
  • Engine # 6550065
  • 29,911 Miles From New
  • Original Paint, Original Interior, & Matching Numbers Engine
  • Finished In Black With A Black Interior And No Sunroof
  • Includes Comprehensive Service History, Original Window Sticker, Porsche COA, And More
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The Overview

In 1973, as the world dove headfirst into its first major fuel panic, the United States was also putting the stranglehold on the beloved sports-car. Both the federal government as well as the state of California introduced tightened restrictions on fuel consumption and crash resistance, leading to manufacturers worldwide scrambling to make changes to their current models in order to be able to sell them in the massive US market. Already stumbling from an American market looking towards compact and economical, Porsche was forced to react quickly in order to save their floundering sales numbers. In a brilliant pivot move, they introduced the new G-Series cars which utilized a new 2.7-liter engine fed by Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injectors, allowing them to increase power while also meeting the restrictive fuel consumption regulations. To solve the problem of crash resistance, they turned to stylist Wolfgang Mobius, who found a way to tastefully integrate the new impact bumpers while keeping the classic 911 silhouette. The new G-series cars were first introduced in late 1973. Gone was the T/E/S lettering scheme, which was replaced by the “more marketable” 911, 911S, and the top of the line 911 Carrera. The base model car now featured 150bhp while the middle tier S gained 10bhp over the previous year for a total of 175bhp. Not only were the new 2.7 liter engines more powerful, but they were also more flexible with the 911S’s torque curve peaking at 235Nm at 4000rpm compared to 206Nm at 4500rpm out of the old 2.4 liter. In addition to the change in engine and body, many more additional updates were made throughout the exterior and cabin to help freshen the car as well as make it more modern and comfortable. The G-series cars would remain in production through 1989 and would see the introduction of new model designations, the introduction of the first 911 cabriolet in 1982, as well as two engine displacement bumps in the 3.0 liter of 1977 and then to the 3.2 liter in  1984. In total, around 198,496 G-series 911’s were produced from 1973-1989 for worldwide consumption. The G-series 911s would be replaced by the newly restyled and heavily updated 964 series in late 1989. 

The example on offer here, chassis number 9115200634 and engine number 6550065, is a 1975 Porsche 911 S. This car remains in absolutely excellent original condition, still retaining its factory original paint, interior and numbers matching engine (per the included COA). It is finished in its factory-correct and original Black exterior paint and Black leatherette interior. The odometer currently reads 29,911 original miles at the time of writing. This 911 was delivered from the factory with NO sunroof and fitted with the following options according to its COA:

  • California Equipment
  • Light Metal Wheels
  • ‘Koni’ Shock Absorbers
  • 5-speed Transmission

This car was delivered new to Allan Porsche Audi of Burbank, California with the original window sticker, showing a total sale price of $12,736.50, included in the sale of this vehicle. The early history of this car is relatively unknown but it is believed to be a two-owner example having lived in sunny and dry California its whole life with its first owner until the current owner and consignor, who lived in California at the time purchased the car in 2002 before moving to Michigan. Starting in 2003, there are detailed service records available in the documents tab below, showing that the owner cared for this car in a very diligent manner in the Metro Detroit area. The current owner used the car sparingly given the original mileage but made sure the car got exercise, including completing multiple Michigan Mille Rallies, a testament to the proper mechanical nature that this car has been maintained in. As it sits today, this 911 S remains in absolutely astounding original condition and is truly one of the best original G-Series cars we have come across. Given its impeccable original condition, this 1975 Porsche 911S would make the perfect addition to any Porsche centric collection or would even make an excellent first foray into the air-cooled world.

Included with the sale of this car are the original window sticker, Porsche COA, comprehensive service history, tools, spare, and even the original antennae pouch with key and hangtag.

The Details


body and paint

This 1975 911S still wears its factory original Black paintwork on the entirety of the car. The paint remains in excellent and consistent shape throughout the entirety of the vehicle. The paint meters evenly throughout the whole car, reaffirming the original condition of the paint. Given that this paint has survived in its original state for 45 years now, there are certain imperfections that should be expected. There is some minor stone peppering on the front lower valence as well as a handful of very minor stone chips on the hood, some of which have been touched up. There is a small section of paint burn, about the size of a dime, on the driver's side front fender as well as a small scratch on the top of the rear bumper on the driver's side. The body remains in excellent shape, with smooth and straight metal. There are no signs of underlying metal issues and all body gaps are tight and consistent.

glass and trim

All the side windows as well as the rear windshield are in good condition and branded Sekurit, leading us to believe that they are original glass. The front windshield is labeled Sigla, which is the correct branding, leading us to believe that this too is original glass which remains in great shape. The driver's side rear taillight plastic is cracked at the mounting point from someone overtightening the mounting screw, a very common problem and one you might expect to see on an original car. The rubber trim throughout the car remains in good shape, with nice color and good supple nature to it. There are some light and minor scratches on the vertical trim pieces of the doors, most likely from normal entry and egress during the car's lifetime.


The car currently wears a set of Fuch wheels that remain in tidy shape. The original window sticker states the car was delivered with “Forged Alloy Wheels 6x15” which generally refers to the Fuch wheels so it is very possible these are still the original wheels although at some point in the cars life the wheels were polished to give them a more “chrome style” look. The finish on the wheels remains in good condition overall although there is some spotting on the polished surface that looks almost like watermarks but which appears to have eaten into the finish as it could not be removed during detailing. In or opinion, this is a very minor blemish and does not detract from the overall excellent original condition of the vehicle.

notable flaws

Given the highly original nature of this vehicle, there are some minor imperfections that you would and should expect to see in a vehicle such as this. There is some minor stone chipping in the front of the car, congruent with the mileage. There is a small scratch on the top of the rear bumper as well as a stress crack in the drivers side rear tail light plastic.


seats and surfaces

The condition of the interior of the car perfectly mirrors the fantastic original condition of the exterior. The seats remain in excellent condition with no rips, tears, or pulling to speak of. The carpets retain excellent color and fitment and show very minimal wear throughout the cabin. The dash retains good color and fitment, with the only issue of note being a small, 1-inch crack forming near the speaker. The headliner remains tight although it does appear a bit dirty, not out of line for original condition though. The sun visors have become a bit baggy over the years, a common problem with foam that is now 45 years old. The door cards retain great fitment and show no issues. There is some normal scratching around the plastic ignition escutcheon.

functionality and accessories

The doors open with ease and close with the iconic Porsche ping you want to hear. The windows operate as they should, moving up and down with ease. The original Blaupunkt radio is mounted neatly in the clean and tidy dash. The gauges retain excellent color and clarity and all appear to read their requisite functions as they should. The emergency brake holds the car firmly in place and the shifter moves easily through its range of motion. In total, the interior of this car remains in excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically, a truly beautiful fact given the outstanding original nature of it all.

notable flaws

Given this cars careful and loving ownership, the interior remains in excellent original condition however it does show some very minor flaws that inherently come along with originality. There is a small 1-inch crack that has formed on the dash. The headliner, while fitting tight and appropriate, is a bit dirty and the sun visors have developed a bit of bagginess over time. Other than those minor issues, the car is very tight order throughout the interior.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

Even with the fastidious servicing carried out, the engine bay retains a good original look to it that matches the rest of the car. Factory stickers all appear to be in their correct locations. All components appear to be the correct type and original whoever possible. Like the rest of the car, there are some flaws that are inherent with the nature of the vehicle such as some oxidation forming on the fan despite it appearing to be in good mechanical condition. All hoses, wires, and tubing appear to be of the correct type while all are in good cosmetic and mechanical condition.

trunk area

The front trunk is clean and tidy, while still showing the hallmarks of originality you would expect given the condition of the rest of the car. The carpeting fits nicely with its correct snaps still in place while showing minimal wear throughout. Underneath the carpeting, everything appears solid with the correct finishes you would expect to see. The heat cover for the firewall shows no cracking and the small compartment on the floor of the trunk appears clean and tidy. The inner fenders appear exactly as you would want to see out of an original car with clean spot welds and the correct finish to them. The chassis tag is mounted firmly in place and the VIN stamping is clear and legible. Lifting the clean spare that appears to have seen minimal use reveals nice clean floor pans that show no signs of any issues past or present.


The underside of this 911S is once again in fantastic original condition and the care put into this vehicle over the past 45 years is immediately evident. Factory coatings are still present in places and the floors appear clean and solid. While there is some flaking of painted surfaces and some very minor corrosion forming in a spot or two, the underside as a whole remains very clean and tidy, perfectly in line with the mileage. The suspension, as well as other mechanical components, appear in good cosmetic and mechanical condition, as one would expect from the detailed service history.



The 2.7 liter flat-six engine fires to life with a quick turn of the key and settles into a smooth and characteristically raspy idle. The thoroughness with which this car was maintained is very evident in the running nature of the car. The Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injectors can be a pain to get balanced properly but it appears that these are spot on as power delivery is smooth and linear with no stumbles or hesitation on acceleration. The engine revs out beautifully and sounds strong and healthy.


The 5-speed manually shifted transmission moves easily through gears and hold power excellent throughout the rev range. The clutch take-up feels appropriate with nice feedback from the pedal.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues, noises, or chatter to speak of. The suspension feels compliant and responsive with no odd noises or road manners to speak of.


The tires are brand new Vredestein Sprint Classics on all four corners put on by us, providing a nice period-correct look to the car.

driving experience

There are many reasons that air-cooled 911s have seen such a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. It is our opinion however that one of the biggest reasons is the character that these old coolant less cars provide. Out of all the classic vehicles, you can drive, air-cooled 911s provide some of the best mechanical noises as well as a feeling of connectivity to the road. When you combine the inherent character of the 911 with the unique nature of an all original vehicle such as this particular 1975 Porsche 911S, you are left with a truly outstanding and unmatched experience. Given how cheap many of these G-series 911s got during their lull, it was not uncommon for the vast majority of them to fall into the used and abused category. This means that finding a car such as this particular 911S is quite rare indeed. With the combination of the fantastic original condition and the meticulous and careful ownership, opportunities to purchase a car such as this do not come along very often.