• Chassis # 1FTRX12V79FA00007
  • Another Ex-Ken Block Maniacal Automotive Creation
  • Star Of Multiple Viral Videos, Racking Up Over 15 Million Views
  • Custom Built By Hoonigan And SVC Offroad of Hurricane, Utah For Ken Block
  • Featuring A Whipple Supercharger Mated To A 6.2 Liter V-8 Producing 650 Horsepower
  • Equipped With A Set Of Mattracks 105M1-A1 To Conquer The Toughest Terrain

This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview

In honor of the late Ken Block, LBI Limited is excited to once more offer on consignment one of the beasts made popular by Ken and the Hoonigan team. You may remember “The Ken Block Collection” that we were fortunate enough to sell not too long ago, which included the world-famous 2011 Ford Fiesta “GYM3,” RX43, the Hoonitruck, and Ken Block’s personal, 1 of 200, 1986 Ford RS200.

This 2009 Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX debuted in a 2014 video for Monster Energy dubbed “Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX Shredfest with Zak Hale & Ethan Deiss,” which took place at Baldface in Nelson, BC, Canada. The video has over 5 million views at the time of writing with subsequent videos featuring the truck totalling over 10 million views. The reasoning behind its creation was simple: Ken liked to snowboard, and this was not only a more creative way to do it, but also a faster way of shuttling him and the crew to the top of the mountains.

What originally started as a regular 2009 Ford F-150 SuperCab is now an off-road behemoth ready to shame any other off-roader. The regular F-150 body was facelifted and modified with components of a 2013 Raptor. Then, in place of the stock, naturally aspirated 5.4L V8 engine, Ford fitted a 6.2L Boss V8 fitted with a Whipple supercharger and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive system.

The truck was then sent to SVC Offroad in Hurricane, UT, where it slowly materialized into the RaptorTRAX. The interior top section of the roll cage was cut out and reworked for additional headroom, while the rear bed cage system was designed to keep occupants buckled up in the event of a flip. The rear was also fitted with a quick-release BBQ for celebratory hot dogs, a waterproof outdoor stereo system, and a Warn winch. Recaro Sportster leather and suede seats were installed in both the cabin and the bed, while the rest of the interior retained its comfort and convenience features. Under the hood, the Whipple Supercharger was further tuned by SVC to output a final figure of 650+ horsepower.

Getting dark outside? Flip on the 30” LED bar on SVC’s Baja front bumper and/or the 50” LED Rigid Industries light bar mounted to the custom roof rack that doubles as both a removable cargo holder and a system of handrails for board sliding and jib tricks. Rear passengers can also fend off the darkness with a dual pair of Rigid Industries D2 Compact LED Lights in both Amber and Blue.

The body was draped in a Monster Energy Livery adorned with Hoonigan logos, Ken Block skull decals, and color-matched Fifteen52 wheels. Custom Glassworks Unlimited fiberglass fenders and tubular bumpers were added to finish off the look.

The pièce de résistance, and arguably the most noticeable feature of the RaptorTRAX, is the set of Mattracks 105M1-A1 that can be installed in the place of the included traditional wheels. These tracks are made to tackle any kind of off-road terrain, whether it be mud, gravel, rocks, or, in our case, snow. To handle the load and impacts of the backcountry, King shocks with remote reservoirs were installed at all four corners, along with SVC-built upper and lower control arms, SVC long bars, and underbody skid plates.

As it sits, this is one of the most unique F150s on the market. It has been carefully maintained and had the door handle reinforcement recall performed by Ford in January of 2011. The CARFAX on file reports a mileage discrepancy in May of 2019, thus this truck is represented with its True Mileage Unknown (TMU). The 5,000-mile service was also performed on the same day as the mileage discrepancy being reported, at Young Ford in Morgan, UT, and additionally, included a new battery. When we received it in December of 2023, we entrusted it to Autocar Bespoke, LLC in Philadelphia, PA, for a thorough interior and exterior detail.

Following the tragic passing of the legendary Ken Block and the rapid success of his final Electrikhana TWO video, which garnered nearly three million views within two days, this may be the last chance to obtain a car from his esteemed halo collection as the others are unlikely to be offered for sale again.

The Details


body and paint

The body of the truck is very straight down the sides, and all of the panels are virtually dent-free with no serious issues besides wear and tear from normal use. The shut gaps are relatively good for a modified off-road truck. The hood gap is slightly off, and there is a large, 4-inch scratch on the driver's side and front fender, as well as a scratch and chip above that. See the photo set for images of blemishes.

The whole truck is wrapped in vinyl, and it appears to be a pretty good job, though some of the wrap is noticeable at various seams on the truck, and the fitment isn’t very good, though acceptable for this particular type of off-road vehicle. Overall, there is nothing in particular that you would want to change if the desire is to keep it as Ken Block intended and to enjoy it as is. There are various blemishes on the front bumper just below the grill, a few pieces of stone peppering on the front facia, and minor blemishes throughout the vinyl wrap, including some scratches on the rear bumper bar as well as the rear roll cage. Overall, the truck presents nicely.

glass and trim

All of the glass appears to be scratch- and chip-free, with no serious issues to note. The trim surrounding the windows is a bit faded and patinaed and doesn’t quite fit right at the door jams. The plastic surrounds of both mirrors are a little faded. The headlights are very clear and crack-free but do have a bit of sediment and sand gathered at the bottom of them; the tail lights are also clear and crack/blemish-free. All of the exterior lights appear to be crack-free and function as they should, minus the light bar on the utility rack.


All four of the tracks are painted blue, though there are some blemishes on every one of the tracks where you can see other shades of paint poking through, including green and white. The track frames operate as they should with no noticeable issues, though we have not taken the truck on any type of extended drive. The rubber tracks are good for snow, gravel, asphalt, and sand, though they work best in snow. The tracks appear in good condition, with only some minor spots of material taken out of the rubber and normal wear and tear on the treads.

The truck also comes with Fifteen52 wheels with open country Toyo tires with 2015 date codes.

notable flaws

The most significant exterior flaws are the minor chipping on the front bumper, the larger two scratches on the driver’s side front fender, and the scratches on the rear bumper. The rear section of the roll cage, along with some minor fitment issues of the vinyl wrap, and various small chips here and there are also present.


seats and surfaces

The Recaro seats present very well, as does the rest of the interior, with only minor signs of wear and tear, as one would expect from a built truck such as this. The roll cage wrap in the rear is so-so, and there is some minor dirtiness to the carpeting and a few wires hanging out from underneath the dash. The door panels are in nice condition, with only minor scratches, as is the headliner, with no serious issues and good fitment. There is one area of the passenger side door jam that has plastic torn away and there you can see wires running through the a pillar.

functionality and accessories

All of the interior and exterior lights seem to work very well besides second the light bar mounted on the luggage rack on the roof. We have not tried the air conditioning or the sound system for the rear. Every once in a while, when the truck starts, the gauges do not operate, and the hazard lights turn on. This appears to be an intermittent issue as other times the truck fires to life and everything works just as it should.

notable flaws

Other than some minor wear-and-tear, of which one would expect from a vehicle of this nature, the interior remains in good condition. The only real area of issue to note is a piece of missing plastic on the passenger side door jam which does not affect the presentation or useability of the interior in any way. In addition it appears that the light bar mounted to the front of the luggage rack on the roof is not currently working, no doubt an easily rectifiable issue.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents as one would expect from an off-road Ford truck with modifications. It is tidy and decent looking, though it is dirty and could stand for a detailing if one so chooses. All the after-market performance components are clearly very well installed, done by professionals and show no signs of any issues. Save for the bit of dirtiness mentioned above, the engine bay shows no issues and appears well looked after.

trunk area

The rear truck bed area is fitted with a full roll cage, two Recaro seats, the gas struts mounted to the roll cage, and a proper fuel cell, which is fitted behind them. All of it seems to be done very well, and the only blemishes to note would be those on the roll cage, the bed of the truck and the seats have slight age and patina to them.


The truck's underside is very tidy and rust-free, with no issues to note besides normal wear and tear and some surface oxidation present. There is some hardware as well as control, arms, and other metal surfaces that have surface oxidation, but nothing serious warranting
replacement that we have noticed.



The engine fires up quickly and settles to a smooth idle, though it does sound like the supercharger is abnormally loud. The truck runs and drives well, though we have only taken it around the block. It goes through the gears and gets up to speed in a linear fashion as it should. We would assume that the truck will need further servicing if the goal is to use it consistently in the backcountry or for street use in changing the wheels and tires out.


We have only driven the truck around the block and have gone through 1 to 3 gears, but everything seems smooth and properly operational.

brakes and suspension

The brakes function as they should but squeak a bit. The steering works well, and the suspension feels as it should, though it is hard to gauge because we have only driven it with the tracks on asphalt. All suspension appears to be very well done, and nothing seems to be leaking.

driving experience

Though we have only driven the truck around the block, it puts a massive smile on your face, even going 10 miles an hour with the tracks on. Being elevated up as high as you are in the driver’s seat, hearing the tracks clank along the road, and getting looks of confusion, shock, and thumbs-ups from pedestrians and on-lookers as the truck passes is always a hoot. We are sure this famous truck is an absolute blast to drive in the backcountry, where it would feel right at home, ready to take on any terrain just as Ken Block did when he owned it!

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