• Chassis # 1ZVFT82H075264901
  • Number 038 Of Only 500 Ever Produced
  • 2 Owners And Just Only 5838 Miles From New
  • Fantastic Original Condition Throughout
  • Finished In Iconic Grabber Orange
  • Complete With Window Sticker, Books, And Original Magnetic Number Roundels
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The Overview

Parnelli Jones is a man who made a name for himself during the rough and tumble days of racing from the ’60s through the early ’70s. This was an era where cars ran at blisteringly fast speeds but safety was an afterthought; where you didn’t even think about crashing because your chance of surviving was so incredibly slim that it would be better to be thrown from the car. Remarkably, Jones made it out of this era alive and relatively unscathed and lived a life surrounded by racing and speed.

The true passion for speed could never die in a man like Parnelli, and in his older age, he was looking around for a modern vehicle to satisfy his itch for speed and performance. He opened discussions with the notorious Ford tuning company Saleen. Working together, Parnelli and Steve Saleen took a stock Ford Mustang GT and turned it into a whole new animal. The engine increased in displacement to 302 ci and was completely reworked and rebuilt to allow it to rev more freely as well as to make 400 hp at 6,000 RPM and 390 lb/ft of torque at 4,000 RPM. The transmission was kept as the stock 5-speed unit while the exhaust was switched out for a high-performance unit. The suspension was upgraded to match the performance of the engine and the front brakes were switched out to 14-inch slotted and vented rotors to provide ample stopping power. Visually, the Parnelli Jones edition Saleen cars were built to mimic the 1970 Ford Boos 302 that Parnelli raced in the Trans-Am series at the time. This included the iconic grabber orange paint, boss 302 graphics, and custom Saleen Minilite inspired wheels, as well as a functional shaker-style hood scoop among other things. The interior received a number of Saleen badges as well as custom Black and Grabber Orange seats to compliment the exterior of the car. A total of 500 of these unique vehicles were produced by Saleen, with Parnelli acquiring 2 of the 500 for his personal use. The list price for these heavily upgraded specials was $59,015 with delivery MSRP coming in at a little over $60,0000. All 500 units were sold through Saleen with ease and today these cars remain as wonderful tributes to a bygone era as well as providing incredible all-around performance for the money.

The example on offer here, chassis number 1ZVFT82H075264901, is a 2007 Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones Edition. It is number 038 of just 500 special editions ever produced and has a clean CarFax showing 2 total owners, the original purchaser, and the current consignor. This particular car was sold new out of Chapman Ford of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey to its first owner on January 13, 2007. It appears that this owner resided in the New Jersey area and drove the Mustang very sparingly, adding just 892 miles before the car shows up as dealer inventory at Porter Ford Mitsubishi in Newark Delaware on August 25, 2009. From here, the second owner and current consignor purchased the car on January 8, 2010, with just 1,050 miles on the odometer. Since the time of purchase, the car has been driven sparingly and maintained regularly by the Ford dealership at Town & Country Motors in Ligonier, PA. This Parnelli Jones edition Mustang currently has just 5,838 miles on the odometer and remains in fantastic condition throughout. Today these Saleen Parnelli Jones Mustangs represent an extremely well-done tribute to a bygone era and provide massive amounts of performance for the money.

Included in the sale of this vehicle are the original window sticker, factory books, as well as the magnetic number 15 vehicle decals that originally came with the car.

The Details


body and paint

All Saleen Parnelli Jones editions were finished in the iconic Grabber Orange paint as an homage to Parnelli’s 1970 Boss 302 that he ran in the Trans-Am series. This Saleen PJ has been well cared for thought out its life and shows as such in the excellent cosmetic quality of the exterior of the vehicle. The paint on this car remains in excellent original condition throughout with a smooth and consistent finish on all surfaces. This car has never had any paintwork done on it to our knowledge and remains in all original condition. There are very minimal signs of wear, limited to a few small chips in the paint on the driver's side door. The body is also in excellent condition with smooth and issue free metal as well as consistent and tight body gaps. There is some minor scuffing on the front lip but nothing that takes away from the overall appearance of the car.

glass and trim

All the glass on the car remains in excellent condition while appearing factory correct. Headlights and taillights are can and clear and operate as they should, same with the centrally mounted fog lights. Trim pieces all retain excellent color and structure with no issues to report.


The Saleen Mini lite style wheels remain in good condition with the exception of some minor curb rash on the passenger side rear wheel as well as a small spot on the driver's side rear wheel. These small blemishes could possibly be fixed by taking the wheels to a professional wheel refinisher but in our opinion, they remain fine as they are.

notable flaws

Although the mileage is low and the car has been cared for in a meticulous manner there are a few very minor chips in the paint scattered throughout the body, a small scuff on the front lip as well as some minor curb rash on the rear two wheels.


seats and surfaces

The interior of the car remains in outstanding condition. The two-tone black and grabber orange seats compliment the exterior of the car superbly and remain in excellent condition with smooth seating surfaces and solid bolsters showing very minimal use. All plastic surfaces in the interior retain fantastic color and smoothness. The carpets have great color and fitment as does the remaining leather trim scattered throughout the cabin. The steering wheel is fitted with a Saleen “PJ” badge as a nice trim piece to differentiate the interior further from a stock example. The dash is signed by both Steve Saleen and Parnelli Jones, as an excellent homage to the brainchild of this special edition.

functionality and accessories

Given the caring nature with which the only 2 owners have maintained this Saleen PJ, the interior remains in excellent order both cosmetically and mechanically. The doors and windows open and shut as they should. The gauges are clear and easily readable. All buttons switches, nobs, etc. all appear to function excellent. All in all, there are no real faults to point out here.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The condition of the engine falls squarely in line with the excellent nature of the rest of the vehicle. Plastic surfaces contain excellent color and fitment while painted surfaces are smooth and consistent. Mechanical components appear properly looked after with no aging or cracking apparent and no signs of any issues past or present. The front radiator shrouds adorned with Steve Saleen’s signature. It does show some very light scuffing in the painted surface but nothing that takes away from the overall excellent appearance of the engine bay.

trunk area

The trunk is trimmed neatly with black carpeting that retains excellent color and texture as well as fitment.




The Saleen built 302 cubic inch V8 fires right to life with a quick turn of the key and both sounds and feels very healthy. The built nature of the motor is apparent as it feels distinctly different from the standard V8 found in the Mustang GT. It rev’s very freely and makes fantastic power through the RPM range. The exhaust note is fantastic as it emirates from the rear of the car.


The 5-speed manual shifts easily through the gears and the clutch feels responsive with good feedback as well as appropriate travel and pickup.

brakes and suspension

The upgraded Saleen front brakes work fantastically, bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop. The suspension feels very compliant and tight while at not being bone shockingly stiff. It provides excellent road manners and feedback.


driving experience

The combined knowledge of performance and speed that both Parnelli Jones and Steve Saleen brought to this platform is truly outstanding. They were able to take a mundane Mustang GT and turn it into a truly fantastic all-around performer. In addition, the performance of the car is matched superbly by the aesthetic homage to the past provided by the exterior appearance of this car. Although its name is a mouthful, the 2007 Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones edition truly shines as a unique and limited edition, homage to the heritage of both the man Parnelli Jones as well as the iconic Blue Oval of Ford. Given its fastidious ownership as well as its low mileage, this Saleen PJ would be an excellent addition to any pony car or even historic American racing car collection.