• Chassis # JM1FD3312P0201851
  • Two Owners And Just Over 15,770 Miles From New
  • Desirable And Rare R1 Specification
  • An Unmodified, All-Original Example with Clean Carfax
  • 1 Of 1,177 R1 Examples Finished In Vintage Red
  • A Rapidly Appreciating Modern Classic
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The Overview

Introduced to the public in 1992, the third-generation Mazda RX-7, dubbed the “FD” series, improved upon two previous generations of successful rotary-powered sports car platforms. The FD RX-7s were the first mass-produced cars to feature a sequential twin-turbocharged system. This system was mated to its 1.3L rotary-powered engine to produce 252 horsepower. Unlike its piston-powered counterparts, the RX-7s rotary design allowed for high-revving, smooth power delivery that took drivers by surprise. Coupled with a lightweight, minimalistic body design, the FD RX-7 made a huge impression among sports car enthusiasts. Weighing in around 2,800 pounds with a near 50/50 weight distribution, the FDs handling capabilities were off the charts making it a complete sports car package. Not only was the RX-7 fast in every way, but it was also one of the prettiest designs to come out of Japan at the time. The long nose and shorter tail design was in keeping with Mazda’s LeMans Racers and also featured one of the best design cues of all time- The subtle “double bubble” roofline commonly found on Zagato Bodied Ferrari’s, Alfa-Romeos and the like.

Mazda offered the FD RX-7 to the US market for 3 years; 1993, 1994, and 1995. All told, approximately 13,879 cars were produced for the US in total throughout the three-year production run. Four trim packages were offered for the series, a base trim with cloth seats, LSD and tape player, the touring package which featured leather seats, sunroof, Bose Wave Stereo, fog lights, and rear wiper, then there was the R1/R2 packages available for those hardcore drivers. The R1 package was offered for the 1993 cars with the designation changing to R2 for the 1994 and 1995 cars. The R1 package provided owners with a race-ready car that was stripped of nonessential items like sunroof, cruise control, and CD player and had suede seats, stiffer springs, Bilstein shocks, front strut bar, additional oil cooler, and front/rear spoilers. The R1 was considered the rawest form of the RX-7 that Mazda could offer. After complaints of harsh ride quality on the R1s, Mazda softened the suspension set up for the R2 package, which is the only difference between R1 and R2. All told, about 2,600 FD RX-7s were produced in R1/R2 format making these cars relatively rare with respect to other mass-produced Japanese sports cars of the time period and will thus be the cars that collectors flock to in the coming decades.

The 1993 Mazda RX-7 R1 on offer here, chassis number JM1FD3312P0201851, is an all-original, unmodified example with only 15,770 miles from new. Finished in classic “Vintage Red” only 1,177 R1s were painted in this color. This R1 was sold new out of Ryan Oldsmobile-Mazda of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on December 9th, 1992. Included in the owner’s manual booklet are the original business cards for the salesman at Ryan Mazda. The car traveled a mere 7,743 miles for the first 11 years of its life and remained with the first owner until 2015- A total of almost 23 years! During the first ownership, it was regularly serviced at Eich Mazda of Saint Cloud, MN. The Carfax details every service entry and what was performed. Unfortunately, all of the records for this car were purged from Eich Mazda’s system so no repair orders/invoices are present. The second owner acquired the car in November of 2015 and it lived in North Carolina where it was routinely serviced at Mazda of South Charlotte. We have 13 pages of service records from Mazda of South Charlotte that are viewable by following the “View Documents” tab.

Most FD RX-7s have been modified, heavily driven, raced, and abused. We would venture to say that 5% of all RX-7 production remain in stock, low mileage condition today. Collector grade examples are few and far between especially those of the most desirable R1/R2 specification. Values have been climbing for such examples as the Fast and the Furious generation of car enthusiasts start making their mark on the collector car hobby. Here at LBI Limited, we are often asked for our opinion as to what cars to invest in with a budget of $50,000? The FD RX-7 is always high on the list of answers to that question as it checks many collectability boxes at an attainable price point. The FD RX-7 made Car and Driver’s 10 Best Sports Cars list every year it was offered in the US. In our eyes, it is one of the greatest mass-produced Japanese sports cars of all time. Awe experience a generational shift in the classic car hobby, hero cars such as the MK IV Supra, Nissan 300ZX, Skyline and the FD RX-7 will only continue to rise in value but only examples of the lowest mileage, quality, and originality will be in demand.

The Details


body and paint

This 1993 FD series RX-7 wears the same “Vintage Red” paint that it left the factory with. Overall, the original paint still shows very well with a smooth and consistent nature throughout the car. There are a few spots in the front area of the car where some paint chips have been touched up in the correct color. There is also a small chip in the paint above the gas flap that has not been touched up. The body of the car presents very nicely as well, with smooth and straight panels. Body gaps are consistent and tight throughout the car, displaying as having never been apart or replaced, just as one would expect from a car with this kind of originality.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car appears in good clean condition. Many of the windows have period correct and factory stickers on them, supporting the excellent original nature of the car. Headlights, marker lights, and turn signals are all clean and clear appearing to work as they should. The pop-up headlights operate smoothly and are timed nicely, moving up and down in unison. Rubber trim throughout the car appears well looked after and remains supple with good color. The front lower lip shows some scuffing and scratches from normal use but nothing that takes away from the overall appearance of the car. The lower lips are relatively cheap and can be bought directly from Mazda though we chose not to replace them in an effort to keep the car as original as possible.


The original 5-spoke wheels are all in good shape with smooth and clean faces to them. Mounting hardware is all in good shape with the appropriate single locking lug nut on each corner. In taking a critical opinion of the wheels, there are a few very minor stone chips that have occurred from ordinary use.

notable flaws

This car remains in absolutely fantastic original condition however, with an original condition vehicle, there come some inherent minor imperfections. There are some very minor paint chips that have been touched up in the front of the car. There is a very minor paint chip above the gas flap, and the lower front lip shows some scratches and scuffs from normal use.


seats and surfaces

The excellent original nature of the car carries over nicely to the interior. The black cloth/suede seats remain in fantastic condition with solid bolsters and clean, issue free seating surfaces. The door cards are in good order, showing only some very minor scuffing on the driver side from normal use. The brushed aluminum looking door sills appear to be an added accessory with RX-7 branding that have more than likely been installed at the dealership when the car was brand new. The driver's side sill has some scuffing on it from normal entry and egress. The black carpets throughout the interior retain excellent color and show very minimal signs of wear. The plastics of the dash and center console retain great color and smoothness to them with the only issue being some minor peeling and scraping forming around the ashtray in the center console. The factory airbag sticker is still located at the bottom of the center stack just forward of the shifter. All the buttons, knobs, and controls appear in good cosmetic condition and retain nice color to them. The top of the dash retains nice rich color and shows no pulling or waviness. Overall, the interior is an incredible display of originality and preservation in line with the displayed mileage.

functionality and accessories

This car has been very well maintained throughout its life and as such all interior components appear in both good cosmetic as well as mechanical condition. The doors open and close with ease with the illuminated locks still functioning as they should. The windows move up and down with proper speed and the emergency brake holds the car firmly in place. The gauges are all clean, clear, and bright and appear to display their requisite functions as they should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay on this car is exactly what you would expect from a car with the miles, very clean and tidy and all factory correct. There are no modifications present. Painted surfaces are clean and bright with no signs of any bad metal or prior issues. Plastic surfaces are very clean with excellent color. There are factory paint markings on components throughout the engine bay and all hoses, wires, and tubing appear in excellent cosmetic as well as mechanical condition. The underside of the hood contains a clean and tidy insulation pad with the correct factory stickers surrounding it. The VIN is stamped neatly on the firewall.

trunk area

The trunk is very clean and tidy, with well-fitting black carpet that retains excellent color and shows very minimal wear. The black plastic trim around the outside of the trunk area retains excellent color and also shows very minimal wear as well. The tools and jack are tucked away neatly in their respective compartments and appear to have not been used. Lifting the black carpeting reveals clean and smooth body color metal underneath as well as the correct spare tire cover with factory stickers on it still. The spare wheel appears to have never been used and still contains its factory paint line on the tread.


The underside of this RX-7 shows a car that was well cared for and driven sparingly in good weather conditions. Plastic components are clean and well-fitting, painted surfaces retain good color and there are factory markings as well as stickers on components scattered throughout the underside. Mechanical components appear well looked after and show no signs of issues past or present. The exhaust system shows very minor surface corrosion in some spots but appears solid and in good mechanical condition.



Given its thorough service history and minimal miles from new, this RX-7 remains in excellent mechanical condition throughout. The engine fires to life with a quick turn of the key and settles in a smooth idle as the engine temperatures build. Out on the road, the car makes excellent power, with no flat spots or stumbles under acceleration. The engine revs freely and sounds healthy.


The 5-speed manual transmission moves easily through gears and holds power well. The clutch take-up feels spot on with good feedback and a nice pedal feel. This car does not have the typical 2nd and 5th gear synchro grinding that many RX-7s have.

brakes and suspension

There are no issues to report with either the braking system or the suspension. The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with a good pedal feel. The suspension feels tight and compliant with proper road manners.


Currently, the car wears Hankook Ventus V12 EVO tires on all four corners with date codes reading the 11th week of 2011. All tires do contain plenty of tread life and show solid sidewalls free of any cracking or issues.

driving experience

Stepping behind the wheel of an FD series Mazda RX-7 is a very enjoyable experience. The seating position is fantastic, with all the controls easily within arms reach. The visibility throughout the cabin is good and there is plenty of room for both the driver and the passenger. Out on the road, the FD RX-7, despite being almost 30 years old now, is no slouch at all. The combination of the Wankel Rotary engine and the sequential twin-turbochargers provides a smooth and linear power delivery that feels very modern in its performance. The engine revs out beautifully and begs to be driven in a sporting manner. The suspension on the car is very responsive and keeps the driver feeling connected to the road. This particular 1993 Mazda RX-7 is special in that it is the rare and desirable R1 configuration. On top of this, it a truly impressive example with just over 15,770 miles from new while remaining in absolutely outstanding original condition throughout. As the tides continue to change in the classic car world and more people become interested in 90s era sports cars, this 1993 Mazda R1 RX-7 is the exact kind of collector grade example that will continue to be coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike.