• Chassis # SCFBB03B47GC03916
  • Showing Just 2600 Miles From New
  • Equipped With Desirable 6-Speed Manual-Transmission
  • Featuring A Fresh Service And Ready For Enjoyment
  • Finished In Aston Martin Titanium
  • Sale Includes Factory Manuals, Window Sticker, Tools, Umbrella, And A Clean CARFAX
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The Overview

Though the Vantage nameplate was spread across a variety of other Aston Martins, such as the DB6 Vantage, DB4 Vantage, etc.. The name didn’t fully secure its own model until 1972, when the DBS switched over to a V-8. The straight 6 versions got new bodywork and became the Vantage, it was the least powerful and least expensive Aston Martin one could buy. By 1977 however, the Vantage would receive Aston Martin’s 5.3 liter V8 making 385 hp and immediately take the record of fastest production road car hitting 170mph. Essentially becoming the flagship model overnight. 

Fast forward a few decades and the Vantage is still around, using the same formula that it used in the late 70s variant. A front-mounted V8 engine and rear-wheel drive being the hallmarks. Out was the notion that you must have a red Ferrari, or a lime green Lamborghini to have an exotic, high-performing machine. The V8 vantage held up with mid-engine cars from those brands with class and sophistication. All while feeling like a car you’d daily drive, and you could!

The example on offer here however was no daily driver however, and hardly could be considered even a weekend driver. Chassis #SCFBB03B47GC03916 has just over 2,600 miles and ironically was originally sold only about 15 minutes from our Pontiac, MI location. Seeing such little road time over the past 15 years has led to some much-needed service, which we carried out upon its arrival here, costing over $3,000. In servicing this vehicle, we went through all of the fluids and had them replaced as well as 4 brand new Bridgestone Potenzas. Easily one of the prettiest contemporary Aston Martins, an example such as this one is surely a rare find. This generation of Vantage marks the final naturally aspirated V8. Paired with a 6-speed manual transmission provides the driver with a GT experience like no other, while contrastingly having a sporty side due to size, nimbleness, and front mid-engine placement. 

Included with the sale of this vehicle are the factory manuals, radio manuals, period sales literature, a clean CarFax, factory tools, umbrella, service records, and a copy of the window sticker.

The Details


body and paint

Given its low mileage and careful ownership, this V8 Vantage remains in excellent cosmetic condition. The paint all around the vehicle is smooth and consistent with no major blemishes to note with the exception of some minor stone chips in the front area of the car that do not warrant concern at the current time. The body is straight and panel gaps are all consistent.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car is clean and issue-free. Rubber trim and window surrounds are all a nice dark black color and appear structurally sound. Headlights and taillights are also in excellent condition with no cracking.


The wheels remain in excellent condition with smooth surfaces, clean center caps, and bright mounting hardware, with the exception of one scuff on the front right wheel.


seats and surfaces

The black leather seats remain in great condition with rich color and smooth seating surfaces. The black carpets retain great color and fitment while showing very minimal wear. The leather dash top remains tight and smooth as you'd expect from a 2,600-mile car. The steering wheel is smooth and clean with nice tight stitching around the rim. Additionally, the plastic around the shifter that typically gets worn very quickly looks virtually brand new. The rear seats are in excellent shape and appear to have seen little to no use. The headliner remains tight and free of staining.

functionality and accessories

The doors open and close as they should and the power windows roll up and down with ease. The white gauges faces are clean, clear, and easily legible. All buttons, switches, and knobs appear in good cosmetic and mechanical order. The 6-speed shifter moves easily through its range of motion and the emergency brake holds the car firmly in place. The 6-way power-adjustable seats appear to function as they should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay overall is clean and tidy, with well-fitting black plastic shields covering most of the area. Both cosmetically and mechanically, the engine bay appears well looked after with no outward signs of any issues.

trunk area

The rear trunk is trimmed neatly in grey carpeting that fits well and shows minimal wear. The factory Aston Martin umbrella is tucked neatly on the underside of the trunk lid and the factory tools reside in the storage compartment at the bottom of the trunk.


The underside presents as one would expect from a car with this mileage and history. It appears dry and well kept with no outward signs of any issues past or present.



The engine fires right to life with a quick turn of the key and settles into a smooth idle. Out on the road, the 5.3 liter V8 makes excellent power in a very linear and exciting fashion.


The 6-Speed manual mated to the naturally aspirated V8 makes for an exhilarating driving experience. The transmission shifts smoothly between gears and holds power without issue. The clutch take-up is smooth and precise while providing appropriate feedback to the user.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension is firm but not harsh and provides excellent control out on the open road. No odd road manners or noises were experienced during our brief testing.


The tires are brand new Bridgestone Potenzas. Staggered 235/35R19 in the front and 275/35R19 in the rear