• Chassis # ZFFBV55A620127767
  • Showing Just 16,290 Miles From New
  • Finished In Argento Nurburgring
  • Recent $5,000 Mechanical Refreshment
  • 1 Of Just 2,056 575M Models Produced
  • Includes Original Sales Literature, Factory Manuals, Available Service Records, And Clean CARFAX

The Overview

For a sports car to be considered a grand tourer, it must have a few essential elements. These include a powerful engine mounted at the front, a comfortable interior and ride for long journeys, and power being sent to the rear wheels. In the past, Ferrari has gotten the grand tourer recipe just right with cars like the 275, Daytona, and the adored 550 Maranello. So, when it came time for Ferrari to come up with a successor to the 550, expectations were high with Ferrari lovers eager to see what Maranello had in store for their new model line. Rewind back to 2002 and at last, the wait was over with the brand new 575 hitting showroom floors. Although, aesthetically the 575 appeared identical to the 550 otherwise it was a completely different car.

The styling was left largely intact and to truly notice the changes you have to peel back its skin. Under the hood, the previous 5.5L V12 was replaced by a larger, more rambunctious 5.7L V12 which produced 503bhp and went 0-60mph in a touch over 4 seconds. The option to have a paddle shift F1 gearbox was added as well, a first for a road-going V12 model. The suspension was revised with adaptive dampers, which gave drivers the choice to make things sporty when they arrived at their favorite roads, or to keep things tame on their commute to work, which is really what a grand tourer is all about! In addition to the gearbox and suspension updates, the brakes were upgraded, as well as improved aerodynamics by way of redesigning all of the undertrays. The 575 was meant to be a road car that one could comfortably waft through the hills of Tuscany in and still have the ability to engage sport mode and access the performance of an amazing V12 power plant. All in all a total of 2,056 575M Maranellos left the factory, compared to modern Front engine V12 Ferrari production numbers, these 575Ms are quite rare, regardless of gearbox choice. 

The 2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello on offer, chassis #ZFFBV55A620127767, finished in Argento Nurburgring, is an excellent example with only 16,290 miles equipped with the F1 gearbox. Originally delivered to Spring Valley, NY the car traded hands only a few times before landing in Ohio, where it remained from 2015 to the present-day accumulating minimal miles.  Although it was cared for properly, there were a few minor maintenance items we had attended to before bringing the car to market. We had the entire braking system gone through and checked, replaced fluids and hoses, as well as a flush of all other fluids throughout the car including the power steering and transmission fluids. Finally, the hood struts were replaced and 4 brand new Pirelli PZero Rossos were mounted, totaling the cost of its recent refreshing to a little over $5,000. The mechanical work, plus the professional detail job results in a wonderful driving experience as well as some wow-factor when approaching the car.

Included in the sale of this Ferrari are a clean carfax, service records, and original sales literature and manuals. 

The Details


body and paint

The paint on this 575M presents in overall good condition. We do believe the front and rear to have been repainted at some point but it was obviously carried out professionally and looks the part. There is a small ding on the driver’s side door near the handle, and a 1-inch long, fairly deep scratch just below the trunk on the left side.

glass and trim

The glass is all the correct matching glass from the factory. The trim overall is in excellent condition, is not faded and the rubber is in excellent condition as well. The trim is an area on 575s that can often see sun fade or damage if not cared for correctly. However, the trim and rubber on this car are all in excellent order.


The original wheels are in excellent condition showing no signs of wear or curbing.

notable flaws

On the driver-side door, there is a ding near the bottom of the side window, light peppering on the front end, and a 1-inch scratch just below the trunk on the left side.


seats and surfaces

The seats are in nice condition given the mileage and age. Some creasing will be found on the high traffic areas such as the thigh and torso bolsters. Some scuffing on the door sill is present. The rear leather-wrapped shelf appears to be unused and in great condition.

functionality and accessories

All interior functions work as they should. Some of the A/C controls have gotten slightly sticky as many Ferraris of this period do, an easy and commonly remedied issue. Two of the three air vents do not open in the center console. There is some fading present on the buttons as well, but all work as intended.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay again shows some minor signs of use, most notably on the hood pad which contains some discoloration. There is also some minor paint bubbling on the underside of the leading edge of the hood. The paint is not cracked here but the bubbling is apparent. Otherwise, no real flaws stand out and the engine bay appears complete with the correct equipment, coatings, and finishes throughout. Overall, a clean and correct engine bay.

trunk area

The trunk area is complete with original manuals in the pouch. The carpets are well-fitting, clean, and tidy throughout.


The underside of this car matches the mileage and overall condition of the exterior very nicely. It is clean and tidy, well cared for, and shows no signs of issues past or present. There is some minor scraping on the underside of the front lip and front bumper, a common issue, and most of which is not visible unless physically under the car.

notable flaws

There is some paint bubbling on the underside of the leading edge of the hood. There is also some scratching on the underside of the front bumper and lip, most of which is not visible unless physically under the car.



The engine fires up with no hesitation and works its way perfectly through the rev range with no issues to report.


The F1 transmission works as it should with no problems engaging each gear.

brakes and suspension

The brakes work properly with no shuddering and consistent pressure all the way to a stop. The suspension is in good order with no odd noises present.


The tires are brand new Pirelli PZero Rosso. 255/40R18 in front and 295/35R18 in the rear.

driving experience

The Ferrari 575M presents an overall fantastic driving experience. In many scenarios, we’d rather shift our own gears but in the times you just want to cruise this F1 handles that nicely and truly shines once the road opens up and you can let the engine rev freely. The lack of a 3'rd pedal also quickly fades into oblivion as the tachometer spikes upwards and that glorious V12 sound begins to fill the cabin!