The Overview

Ferrari has always had racing at the heart of its purpose and being as a manufacturer. The road cars were simply sold to fund the racing cars in Scuderia Ferrari’s efforts in capturing F1 championships as well as other championships across the motorsports world. Since 1948 Ferrari has always seemed to build a racecar, then a road car variant for mass production. All the way up through 1969 Ferrari tended to build what they thought the public liked, mostly GT cars of different variants with only mid-engine cars dedicated to the track. When Fiat became a major influence with ownership interest in 1969, a more cohesive plan became evident as a more defined model line up began to evolve. The Dino, in many ways, was genesis for what was to become the platform for a sales evolution for Ferrari. On to the 308, then 328 and production numbers were soaring.


It was the culmination of racing, road cars, and customer interest that became the fundamentals and recipe for the Ferrari Challenge Series. A brilliant marketing effort but also a research and development effort to continually improve upon the platforms for the mid-engine flagships that began to define the company’s financial status and buyer base. 1993 marked the inaugural start of the Ferrari Challenge Series with the 348 Challenge Series, though limited to Europe for the first calendar season. Then debuting in the US with the 355 Challenge Series, onto the 360, 430, and today the 458 Challenge series, soon to be replaced by the 488 Challenge Series. As such, a limited amount of cars for each series have been built. For instance, an approximate 142 units were built for the 430 Challenge Series with many of them being raced hard, wrecked, written off, and/or modified for post challenge racing. It is a circumstance that allows for those cars that have not been used and are still as delivered, to be considered a rarity and thus valuable to anyone with a stable full of horses. A Ferrari factory race-car that is still nearly new and representative of that models perfection on the race track will become more and more rare as the years go on.


This brings us to the example on offer. A 2006 Ferrari 430 Challenge, Chassis # 145769 fitted with its original engine, numbered 101685. This particular example is believed to have been produced in February of 2006 with the Ferrari MSO present and stating a 3/9/2006 date. It was distributed/imported when new by Barchetta Red, Inc. of Glen Cove, NY. While exact history is not fully known, we know that the car has seen very little use and was likely either a back up car or practice car on occasion. The ownership chain seems to be that it was sold from Barchetta Red, Inc. through Ferrari of Long Island in February of 2007 to a Robert Fata, and then shortly after to Pugliese Motorsports, Inc. From there the history is not fully know before appearing again in a prominent South Florida Collection and then onto LBI Limited via a current 458 Challenge race team who briefly owned the car. Mileage shows to only be about 2,500 from new and overall the car exemplifies that of a very low use car still retaining its original paint, interior, equipment from the factory (such as jacking system, wash bag, pins, releases, and radio equipment) and overall a well preserved example.


Cosmetically, the car shows as expected for 2,500 miles of track time. There are a variety of blemishes up front on the hood and bumper, the rockers show peppering just behind the front and rear wheels, and there are some blemishes to be found on the wheels and a few other places. However, compared to the other 141 430 Challenge cars in existence, this is likely the cleanest and newest example extant. For certain it retains its original paint per our paint meter readings and inspection. It appears to have never been in any accidents at all, a seemingly inevitable event when racing. All of the emblems and factory exterior equipment specific to a 430 Challenge are all present and original. In total, the exterior cosmetic condition reflects the mileage from track use but excludes any conclusions as to abuse or cosmetic work ever needing to be performed.


The interior is of the same consistency with factory seats still in place, absolutely no modifications of any kind beyond some timing equipment and a GoPro mount. The door panels, dash, instrument cluster, steering wheel, seat belts, roll cage etc… is all Factory Ferrari from new to the best of our knowledge. There is consistent wear considering the use but by far it likely presents much better than most track worn 430 Challenge cars. Granted these cars are for pushing the limits of performance and there use defines their desirability in most cases. However, it is an extreme rarity to see one with little-to-no use and as such the preserved nature of the car should be valued accordingly.


Mechanically, the car is spot on having just received a proper inspection and annual service by Exotic Motorcars Midwest, which included a total fluids and filters change as well as an inspection of all systems. The car has had approximately 50 miles of track time since for photography and videography but has been started regularly since April of 2016. There are no known mechanical faults with the car and all systems are in correct working order. 430’s in general are very “bullet-proof” cars, and with the Challenge car nearly identical to a 430 Scuderia (mechanically) it makes for ease of service and care. The car starts instantly and once warm revs freely to redline. It pulls strong, shifts with precision, and is very exhilarating to drive from every aspect. While this example is ideal as an investment grade example it should be noted that if track use is desired, a new set of tires and racing belts should be considered to call it up-to-date for any outing.


While the Ferrari Challenge Series is a seemingly contemporary aspect of customer experience for Ferrari Owners, it is quickly becoming a legacy of Ferrari’s effort to satisfy the clients urge to go faster in the best of the best. That said, as the years go on, the Ferrari Challenge cars will inevitably remain in their own category of performance, intrigue, and collectability. Those cars fortunate enough to have been well preserved, such as the one on offer, will become rarities. Ultimately propelling their value upward as a piece of Ferrari history and the ultimate of variant of the Ferrari 430. Offered with the sale is a recent service receipt, original Ferrari MSO (very rare), and a recent Platinum Award from The Reading Ferrari Concours 2016.