The Overview

When the name Ferrari is mentioned, there are a few key cars that automatically come to mind. The 250 GTO, the Daytona, the Testarossa, the F40, the Enzo, all iconic Ferraris that have solidified their place in the history of the brand. On the other hand, going through the lineage of Ferrari there are a few cars that are overlooked and not given the credit they deserve. For example, the Dino was undervalued for quite some time but just within the last several years, they have caught the enthusiast’s eye, now doing significant figures on the auction block. Now let’s take into consideration the 348. No, they will not be worth $400k plus anytime in the near future but it does encompass elements that often go unrecognized. A large part of this is linked to when the 348 was first introduced in 1989 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 348 was engineered with an entirely new platform than the 308 or 328. The steel tube chassis was replaced by a more rigid monocoque structure and steel tubular rear sub-frame. The wheel base was longer, the track was widened, it had larger brakes, and now had a 3.4L V8 power plant producing 300bhp which was mounted to a transposed 5-speed gearbox.


The early cars tended to give the driver a lightened front end feeling at high speeds, the gear box was stiff, and users just could not seem to hit the advertised 175mph top speed. These issues translated to the growth of a negative stigma towards the cars, resulting in the 348 being one of the more disliked Ferrari’s of the era. Ferrari worked fast to correct the problems but there was still a sour taste left in consumers’ mouths. In 1993, Ferrari revamped the 348, installing a Bosch Motronic 2.7 engine management system which significantly increased performance, boosting power from 300bhp to 312bhp. The suspension was updated, ridding it of those pesky gremlins. There were also some minor cosmetic alterations made as well as the introduction of a new variant of the car. In addition to the hardtop and targa models, Ferrari introduced the 348 Spider. This was the first convertible platform Ferrari offered since the production of the Daytona. Finally, you could put the top down in your Ferrari again which brings us to the vehicle on offer.


On offer, out of long term ownership, is a 1995 Ferrari 348 Spider chassis number ZFFRG43A6S009362, engine number 36808 , finished in Rossa Corsa over tan with black soft top. This example has had an uneventful history with only 2-owners with the second and current owner having the car in his possession since 1999. This car has been garage kept since new having encountered no misfortunes during road use with a clean CARFAX report to validate. The car has always been located in the Pennsylvania area, responsibly enjoyed on the road, and meticulously maintained throughout its life.


Upon your approach of the car you are greeted by the classic Rossa Corsa exterior that still obtains its original paint however, the front bumper does look to have been repainted likely due to stone chips. The black soft top is in excellent condition with no blemishes to report with the tan boot in good shape as well. There are some minor nicks and scratches to report justifiable from a 26k mile car. Specifically, a small indentation in the front grill, a small chip above the gas filler cap, another small stone chip above the driver’s side door vent, a scratch that was touched up towards the bottom of the driver’s side quarter panel only noticeable upon close inspection, and the door edges show some small blemishes consistent with use. All panel fitments are excellent and as good as one could ask of an early 90’s Ferrari. The glass is crisp and clear with the only noteworthy item being a couple small areas at the bottom of the windshield, near the seal where there is some delamination beginning to occur that is completely out of view from inside the cabin. The original wheels are presentable with the rear passenger side wheel having incurred some moderate curb rash. The exterior lights are functional including the pop up headlamps which go up and down without issue.


The tan interior shows well with few blemishes to note with wear consistent with the mileage. The door jams are very presentable with the only exception being a few faint scuffs on the passenger side door kick plate. The seats show nicely overall with the exception of some minor wear and creasing. The bolster wear is also consistent with mileage and very presentable compared to most. The dash is free of any fading or shrinking, housing the fully functional gauges. The rugs appear used but are very much presentable for a driver quality example. The center column appears in good condition, with no flaws to report. The original radio and audio system has been tastefully upgraded although has not been used much given the soundtrack the engine produces. Each of the door panels are consistent with the rest of the interior and display no attributes of significant ware. All of the “stickiness” typically attributed to plastic components in these cars has been removed correctly.


Peering into the front bonnet reveals no surprises as expected with correct original black carpeting free of any major stains. The original tool kit is present as is the amplifier for the aftermarket sound system. All compartment covers remain in place and the underside of the hood shows as it would have leaving the factory. Relocating to the engine bay, lifting open the lid reveals a properly maintained 3.4L V8 engine and properly functioning hatch struts that commonly stop working after a period of time. There are still many factory markings present in the engine bay as well as the correct data tags, original stickers, firewall insulation and blemish-free crinkle finishes. The underside of the car is consistent with the engine bay; original with signs of use but overall, very presentable with the exception of a scuff along the left and right corners of the front bumper and scratch along the rear passenger side rocker panel. The suspension system is in proper working order with no noises or issues.


The mechanical condition of the car can be described as absolutely turn-key having an extensive amount of service records since new. From when the car was purchased, the majority of the receipts come from regular service by the professionals at Algar Ferrari. Major services were always executed right on time, including just having received a major service by the marque specialists at Scuderia Performante of Malvern, Pennsylvania. All systems were looked over, belts done, fluids changed, and all items that needed tending to were addressed. To put things in perspective, since new, there is a total of about $52,000 of documented service receipts, almost $30,000 of which have been completed in the last 6 years. There has been absolutely no expense spared and no systems left unattended with this example. The car runs sublimely, the engine purrs happily at idle, and once you engage your right foot the 3.4L V8 promptly springs to life. Especially with the top down, the driver can indulge in the various exhaust notes the car produces and enjoy the open top driving experience. The gear changes are clean, free of the stiffness associated with the earlier cars or grinding. The brakes are solid with no fade or pull at all, once again improved upon from the earlier models produced and it tracts straight down the road. This example has been thoroughly sorted and tediously maintained throughout the entirety of its life, leaving us today with the perfect car to take out on a Sunday afternoon and to a local car show.


Overall, this is an example that is well rounded with an inviting nature as a driver’s car that has seen appropriate use matched with proper servicing. A very presentable car ready for immediate enjoyment, with services current, finished in desirable colors, and cosmetically better than most. Included in the sale are original tools, manuals, and extensive documentation.


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